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    Core Hound? Really?

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    Tried it and got destroyed by mech/snip deck on turn 3. Got him down to 2 though.

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    You also don't want to bring out Azari by mistake :(

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    I just crafted this card and the major problem with building a deck around it is the usual one of only having one of these and having to work without it for a substantial number of games. 

    I've only played 30 games or so with it using Zoo and Rogue but he isn't arriving in time (or at all) in most of these games. When he does he is awesome and I've had opponents quit twice as soon as I play him.

    I now try to get him as fast as I can each time by mulligining my whole hand and drawing when I can.

    Overall (if you mulligan hard) he should come out by turn two 26.67% of the time if you go first and 33.33% when you go second which seems a bit low. However, I am not even seeing him that much so far. RNJesus at work I suppose and I probably need to play a lot more games for it to even out.

    If you draw hard (as a Warlock)  you should be able to get him by turn 5 in half the games but this is without playing much else.

    Overall fun and powerful when he does come out but not going to dominate ladder in the current meta. Still happy I crafted him though as I already have most other legendaries I want. 

    So my advise is to craft him if  you love Rogue or Zoolock otherwise save the dust for better legendaries if you still have some to craft.



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    Yes. She has won me plenty of games and I don't have Pyros. Only craft if you like playing mage though. There are better crafts out there depending on what you like to play as she is a class Legendary. Baron Geddon is amazing in the end game so if you have him you could try swapping him in for Pyros.

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    Where are you going where there is no internet? Antarctica?

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    Agreed, my 200g play 75 murloc quest now seems pitiful at "only" 100g.

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    Love it! The new meta: Jaraxxus mage!

    Yeah I played 4 games, the first 3 with mage and got wiped hard, then got pally and smashed my opponent. Anyone else finding this rather one sided?

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    WOW thanks! Only took 3 tries. I've tried about 30 times with other net decks and this was the first that worked. Was at -6 fatigue but got there in the end with a lot of healing.

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    I just got this card from an abysmal Arena run (0-0) and I thought at least it's a legendary, how bad can it be?

    Well the stats suck. For 8 mana for it to be good it would need to be at least 8/8 because right now 6/7 clearly sucks for 8 mana as 13 vs 16 (8x2) equals bad value. You want at least 16 for the stats for it to be OK value card and then the +2/+2 would make it great if you could get it (because it won't last long on the board which is maybe its only redeeming feature). Then perhaps it would be playable. For it to be truly used though for such a late game card I think something more like 8/9 would be more like it.

    I've stopped dusting legendaries but I may make an exception in this case.

    What was blizzard thinking?

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