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    posted a message on Wild Overload Jade Galakrond

    Any opportunity to slot in one or two Spirit of the Frogs? (Due to the abundance of cheap spells that can be easily chained together)

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    posted a message on (Wild) Reno Mage

    List as it looks exciting/impressive; looking forward to its Descent of Dragons updated version! :)

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    posted a message on Blast 4.0

    While I'm pleased to see that the list is draw-heavy and properly equipped against Big Priest, Jade Druid, and Secret Mage, what exactly is your game plan for dealing with Mechwarper-based matchups? (such as Sn1plock and Mechbuff Paladin)

    Without Doomsayer+Frost Nova (and/or Ray of Frost), we're putting all of our hopes on topdecking Zephrys in time for a turn 6 Mass Dispel miracle (against Sn1plock). Sure, your current decklist has plenty of draw, but I'm still feeling unnerved by a certain "put all our eggs in one basket" feeling.

    (and from what I've experienced on recent ladder, Doomsayer+Frost Nova is also critical for not dying early to turn 4-5 Evolve Shaman cheese, assuming they don't topdeck Devolve)

    As for Mechbuff Paladin, I've seen board floods of mechs with health higher than 3 and 4 (the thresholds for Flame Ward and Kazakus 5 mana AOE, respectively), thus again requiring a Doomsayer+freeze combo.

    Last, but not least, where is Reno the Relicologist?

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    posted a message on [Theorycraft] Galakrond Keleseth Rogue

    With double Shadowstep, plenty of Lackey generators, and no "odd-only cards" restriction to get in the way this time, is there enough room for Heistbaron Toggwaggle?

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    posted a message on [Wild] Highlander Quest Priest

    Thoughts on possibly including Gilded Gargoyle, and which card to replace in return? (since coins can help test for Counterspell, while also enabling access to your expensive swing cards one turn earlier, and also still enabling the Raza machine gun win condition too)

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    posted a message on Dead Man's C'Thun

    Any room/leeway for Dirty Rat and/or Skulking Geist?

    P.S. Love that you made a Cthun list (in general); that archetype is so rare to see these days.

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    posted a message on REZ Druid

    Interesting list! (Though I’m not sure what to cut for Baleful Banker)

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    posted a message on Legend Rafaam Mage Updated

    Duly noted, but I’m rather curious about which meta you’re laddering with.

    For me personally, the rank 4-5 meta I’m seeing is made up of Secret Mages, Combo Warlocks (Mechathun, Snip Snap, Treachery Mill), other Reno decks (mostly Renolocks), Mech Hunters, Mech Handbuff Paladins, Odd Rogue, Thief/Cutlass Rogue, Even Shamans, Evolve Shamans, Quest Shudderwock Shamans, (occasionally returning) Jade Druids, and (occasionally returning) Big Priests.

    Do you mean to tell me that you laddered your way to Legend without the matchmaker ever pairing you against a single combo/OTK opponent along the way? (Or somehow still managed to beat combo/OTK regardless of your lack of dedicated combo disruption?)

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    posted a message on Legend Rafaam Mage Updated

    Very nice looking list you’ve got there! Quick question though: what should I cut to make room for Frost Lich Jaina, Dirty Rat, and Skulking Geist? (Cards which I consider to be eternal staples/must-haves in any Reno Mage list)

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    Where’s Genn?

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    posted a message on elise->c'thun->floop<---repeat

    FYI: Baleful Banker makes for an interesting Elise cycling backup plan (assuming Floop is milled/disrupted by opponent).
    Here are the steps:
    #1: Play Elise (which copies the first Banker)
    #2: Play first Banker on Elise
    #3: And then second Banker copies the first Banker (allowing this anti-fatigue cycle to be repeated indefinitely, assuming your opponent doesn't use Gnomeferatu, Azari, and/or Mischief Maker)

    And why no copy of Naturalize? (copying with Elise plus Floop/Banker allows for infinite milling)

    Otherwise, I think you've got a cool list in general.

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    posted a message on 17-0 to rank 2 Highlander Shaman

    Your thoughts on Storm Chaser, Sandbinder, Antique Healbot, Elysiana, and/or Kezan Mystic? (and which cards to replace in return?)

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    posted a message on [Wild] Even Egg Zoo

    So you made an even list, and didn't include Genn?

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    posted a message on Aggro Heal Priest

    No room for Obelisk Quest?

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    posted a message on Reno Mage Saviors of Uldum Meta + Guide

    And thank you for graciously taking my advice in return! (which is a refreshing change of pace from the usual stubborn Internet saltiness)

    I look forward to studying your guide in more detail at my own pace; but I have a couple followup questions I'd like to get out of the way.

    E.g. #1: Since Secret Mage (arguably) occupies the most frequently played deck in Wild, so why hasn't Eater of Secrets, Kezan Mystic, or both found their way into your variation? 

    #2: Since many slower matchups will likely be including their own anti-Secrets tech against Secrets Mage (or can discover SI7 Infiltrator from Zephyrs), Reno Mage is unfortunately hurt as collateral damage in today's meta. In your experience, what's your experience on how to time Ice Block as a Reno Mage? (now that the classic tactic of getting Ice Block + Reno max value is no longer guaranteed)

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