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    posted a message on Rogue must have crafts in wild?

    Kingsbane hovers between nuts and insane in wild... but you'll definitely need x2 Squidface

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    posted a message on Share Your Boomsday Pack Opening Screenshots & Results!

    Best pack was golden zilliax and whiz

    Did pretty well overall

    Free ledge: Morrison, pre golds: Myra's & pocket galaxy, other pack stuff: gloop & gloop, zerek, luna, dr & ship, boomzooka so that's nine over 150 packs

    Apart from that was really happy with how many epics I got, notably opened 5 epic packs in a row

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    posted a message on dr lame...

    BAAAHAHAHA as if noob, try making a better deck :p

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    posted a message on New Legendary Shaman Spell - The Storm Bringer

    Lol u guys seeing this wrong. Doesn't matter what legendary minions you get, they are all better than 1/1's. Sure bloodlust is better when you have a board that can attack but can you not remember a time when half your board was  summoned that turn, making bloodlust quite a weak play?

    Not saying this card is excellent by any means but it's a tad better than what most are making it out to be. If I get this from a pack I'll give it a go for sure

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    posted a message on New Rogue Spell - Necrium Vial

    Veeery expensive.. dunno what death rattle is that good :/

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    posted a message on New Druid Spell - Juicy Psychmelon

    not as great as it seems. druid doesn't really have any stellar options for 7 and 10

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    posted a message on New Hunter Spell - Cybertech Chip
    Quote from Mercynary9 >>
    Quote from GokugoestoLA >>

    hunter has insane beast synergy but infest still wasn't good enough.... do you think hunter will have better mech cards than beast after this exp


     That's because there are a lot of bad beasts that cost so much or useless beasts that don't help hunters' current archetypes at all. Mechs are a different story, as they can be magnetized and I think they're much better than beasts.

    On point mate, the average mech is gonna be so much better for mech-hunter than the average beast is for beast-hunter, on top of the average mech just being straight up better. Also, the difference between 2 and 3 mana for this kind of card is huge

    I think one of the reasons infest never made it to constructed in its time was that beast was, is and always has been a pretty tight deck that didn't need a card like infest. Mech-hunter is relatively* new and will need cards like this to keep synergies close to hand.

    If mech-hunter is played, this will be in it, full stop

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    posted a message on Even Prince Paladin - enjoy something new before xp

    Don't have kele or glass knight, would definitely try if I did. I can see how zoo and odd pally can be a problem, especially if you can't play anything til turn 4

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    posted a message on New Legendary Minion - Whizbang the Wonderful

    Honestly this is a great card for anyone not planning on opening 300+ packs day one on any expansion. I have a pretty good collection with almost half of all legendaries and I may just craft this alone to try out some new decks, because

    1. At least 1 deck from each class will be themed around new expac synergies, with new cards (especially legies) one might have considered crafting anyway. This way you can test them before commiting

    2. While not being tier 1, teched and ultra competitive, the recipe decks are generally pretty alright and often form the basis for top decks e.g. miracle or cubelock

    This isn't the card you'd use for actual climbing (unless memeing or no collection) but is the perfect craft for figuring out your other crafts. Hopefully it inserts a bit of fun into the ladder and casual as even high competitive players may get bored of their climb deck

    Overall 10/10 possibly the best card they've ever printed for the game, in regards to it's health, sustainability and bringing in new blood

    Edit: actually I'm definitely crafting a golden copy day one, it's the perfect card for reaching my personal goal of getting all classes to 500 ranked wins at the same time. I'm sitting at around 457-461 for all 9 so not long to go but this will make the rest of the way really fun and interesting. Will also craft for my alt account, make it easier to play some neutral quests and still have some fun

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    posted a message on Dire Mole is Ruining Hearthstone - Please Nerf!

    Guys can we please take this thread serious ive been playing this game for for 10+ years and have NEVER encountered a card so horribly op as dire mole it is essentially a 3 mana minion (+1.33 mana for beast tag) playable on TURN 1 like how is tgat even fair! 

    Everyone going on about paladin and warlock need to check their dust privilege cause this is getting out of hand dire mole is craftable for only 800 dust (×2 golden is even more op) basically any noob can get a hold of this card and ruun the meta!

    I think we should get a petition going to send to blizz they never listen to us but if there's at least 71 signatures that might get there attention to finally address thiss game breaking minion


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    posted a message on 40 dust... again

    has anyone gotten anything more than 40 dust from any of these extra packs? like seriously I've cleared all the quests off both my accounts and every single pack has been exactly 1 rare

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    posted a message on New Card Reveals - Muck Hunter & Redband Wasp

    I've been playing a tempo enrage warrior lately  that can be suprisingly effective, the only thing it really lacks is a good 2 drop to contest the board against faster decks

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    posted a message on Archetype Definition

    So  I had a thought the other day and want people's feedback. I've read a lot of theoretical stuff about hearthstone over the years and one thing that has always seemed hard to define is archetypes, i.e. aggro, midrange, control and combo, along with sub-archetypes like zoo, tempo, burn etc.

    So the thought I had was:  what if we define archtyps based on what kind of pressure they applied to their opponents. Every successful deck focuses on trying to do something, it's not just a random selection of cards bundled together but a carefully concocted combination trying to achieve a certain goal. So considering this, I suggest defining the archetypes as thus:

    Aggro: puts pressure on opponents health total, by whatever means, and seeks to limit their opponents plays by threatening lethal as early as possible. Countered by denying the means through which they apply damage or just straight up healing or otherwise mitigating that damage. Typical examples include face hunter and aggro pally

    Midrange: pressures the board, threatens the enemy through accumulative damage and board resources. Countered by denying their board advantages or overwhelming them before their accumulative advantage can secure them the game. Typical examples include jade druid and beast hunter

    Control: applies pressure to the opponents resources (card advantage), tries to bleed the opponent dry, while keeping their resources high, before playing their own scarce but high value cards. Countered with good resource management and consistent board pressure. Typical examples include control pally and jaina mage

    Combo: everyone knows combo is a tricky one to define but by this metric it's actually pretty simple, combo puts pressure on time or, more aptly, turn count. All combo decks need to do is collect the right cards in hand to just finish the game. In order to do that they either stall, draw a ton of cards or both. Their counter is literally just applying your win condition before they get theirs. Typical examples include exodia mage and the now defunct razanduin

    So just by these definitions we can see the balance between the main trifecta of deck types. Aggro applies too much pressure for midrange, which typically doesn't have room for healing or aoe, to build their board advantage. But aggro dries up against control, which in turn doesn't have enough tools to deal with midrange's consistent board synergies. Combo lies somewhere around control, trying to pressure the opponents resources somewhat but ultimately just trying to reach their own. Due to sacrificing a portion of their deck for the combo itself, they have reduced consistency against aggro and midrange in exchange for crushing other control decks

    Yet that is not the full story. The sub archetypes detail alternate or secondary win conditions within the main archetypes and can pull a deck away from a pure archetypal definition. A few examples would be:

    Tempo: sacrifices card advantage to accelerate other advantages like board control. Tempo mage, which I'd define as tempo-midrange, is a classic example of this. I'd also say that old ramp druid is an example of tempo control, exchanging typical control resources for an accelerated win condition.

    Zoo: A midrange variant, zoo looks to use as many low-costed board centric minions it can in order tonot only take board control but also apply as much face pressure as possible. Typical examples include zoolock and murloc pally, both of which lie somewhere between aggro and midrange 

    Burn: not often defines an entire deck but a portion of it, it usually function as a secondary win condition in that it supports the archetype it's in (usually aggro) by removing taunts but also enables a final all-out push if the deck begins to falter. Good examples would be something like the current tempo mage but also face hunter of old, using Kill Command, Eaglehorn Bow and Quick Shot

    And that's it until I get some feedback, hopefully later i can use an actual computer to type this up and expand upon it. I think there's a good chance that combo should belong in the sub-archetype section but I'd like to hear what people think. Also I believe that bit could be bigger, I'm sure there are some I'm missing 

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    posted a message on Deck Building Challenge! Tribal Tribute!

    Nice dude! I will agree that token decks seem to be the way with this challenge, Fire Fly is just such an easy inclusion along with Haunted Creeper. Props on using Jeeves, haven't seen that in an age and a half! Void Ripper is obviously just there for the tag but he's probs the best demon for this deck.

    I'll give this one a go, see how she runs.

    Hopefully more ppl join the thread, I'd like to see what other come up with

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    posted a message on Deck Building Challenge! Tribal Tribute!

    Any cards is fine, the only advantage to using your own collection is to post a winrate. Given however, that each round will have restrictions I doubt any of the decks will end up being stupendoulsy good. I wouldn't worry about it too much generally, it is just a game after all!

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