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    Is there something im not seeing or is this a worse khartut defender?

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    Interesting you should mention chess and that its a skilled game. Sure there is no RNG but just because RNG exist in HS does not mean HS is devoid of skill, cause if that was the case anyone could gain rank 1 right? Or at least if it was RNG that decided who won whoever hit the top-lists would fluctuate way more.

    This is not the case and theres a very good reason for that.

    Coming back to chess:

    To an amateur it may seem that chess is a game with near endless potential moves, and when you learn that to become a high level chess player you need to eventually learn all the moves and chain moves; that if I move piece A to spot B I also need to be aware of the chain-reaction of that move.

    That stuff can be quite intimidating, and if you are an amateur you could even attribute those moves to luck or like you said RNG. "Hah Bob.. you were lucky to see that my king was compromised and get CM on me) Well.. you only need a modicum of knowledge of chess to understand that it leaves nothing up to chance.

    So AI and algorithms aside. Although it may seem that every move is random and chain-reaction is out of your hands. Its like with chess, that when you realize the potential moves (or draws) and developments are finite. That you can start to map how many potential developments there are, and to plan the ideal move to set up a win.

    Im not a good hearthstone player, but I would imagine if you asked a pro, they would agree to my assesment.

    That aside I agree with you that having a more casual attitude may very likely make the experience more enjoyable. Afterall we play the game (hopefully) first and foremost to have fun. Whatever else comes is just a bonus.

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