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    From the series "adventure bosses we always wanted as a collectible card"

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    Quote from brosNgaming >>
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     Thanks, I'll check it out. I was just looking for good cards in general that many different deck types use
    The point of constructed is to use the best cards for a specific deck. Just slapping together cards that are good in a vacuum doesn't get you anywhere. I sound like a broken record but this really needs to sink in with every newbie, again and again...
    For example, look at Freeze Mage. On their own, most of the cards are subpar. Frost Nova doesn't do anything, it stalls a turn but then you still need to kill those minions. Doomsayer doesn't do anything, the opponent just trades his board into him. For a good reason, both cards are bottom tier in arena. ... Now play them together.
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    posted a message on Went from rank 13 to 5 now I want to try something new with limited dust.

    Decks fall out of the meta all the time. You have about 4 months, then the next expansion hits and who knows what will happen next.

    Once you have a competitive deck, the focus should shift from aggressive dusting to collecting, because you need to be able to flexibly adapt to shifting metas.

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     By the way, about your card, it's definitely clean and simple. That Onyxia into Roar of the Dragonflights is simply glorious! However, I'm concerned that it'd be added to most decks whether they have Dragons or not, just for the cheap cycle (as was the case with Flare when it was 1-Mana), while having limited value for Dragon decks in most cases.
    I don't know if raising the cost to (2) could be a good idea - drives it out of non-Dragon decks, but makes it even harder to put to use, not to mention that it kills the Onyxia combo... May I suggest adding the effect to a minion (possibly another Dragon) or weapon instead? That way it'd be easier to provide better value in its intended archetype.
    Another option would be removing the universally useful Draw in favor of a greater buff, preferably, for Dragons too.
    I see your point about the 1-mana cycle card but I'm not too concerned. Warrior already has excellent cycle potential in Acolyte of PainBattle Rage, Slam and Shield Block, or even Commanding Shout, which can either draw a lot more or do something useful on top of giving a card. The main issue with Flare was that there just wasn't a lot of other card draw in Hunter (post-Buzzard nerf).
    The idea of making the effect a weapon or a minion is interesting. It's certainly an option. For a weapon, it would be something like a Coghammer that only targets dragons.
    So far I like the idea of a cheap spell that you drop after playing, say Twilight Drake + Azure Drake or a single big threat more though.
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    @SWGolgoth: I think the simple, clean version (#3) is the best.

    First of all, it avoids the very confusing 4/4 that's really a 6/6 thing. Is the aura even active when this card is in hand? Can it be pulled by Voidcaller? And so on...

    On top of that, "also counts as a demon" is just bloat. It's the sort of thing game designers try to avoid like the plague. Why? Because once you have such a card, every effect that targets either demons or mechs needs to be balanced against both mech and demon synergy. Maybe right now a card that can be played cheap by Mechwarper and gets the Mal'Ganis buff isn't broken, but what about 5 expansions down the road?

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    Quote from eliasfajardo >>

    Seriously? There aren't any problems with 4 toughness minions.

     Yes there are. Warriors do have a problem with removing 4-health minions easily. How much depends on your decklist of course.
    Death's Bite was a huge help there, but in Standard, you often have to rely on dealing 3+1, with effects like Whirlwind, Blood To Ichor, Inner Rage and Cruel Taskmaster.
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    I don't see a big problem with your list. I don't think it's a great idea to run tons of end-game legendaries AND Elise, and you should decide on either or, but then it seems to work for Kolento so if you're as good as him this deck should take you to legend.

    This may sound counterintuitive but I would consider playing Zoolock and Secretdin for a while. That way, you learn how these decks think, what their weaknesses are, and how to counter them. Then, when you come back to CW, beating them should be much easier. (Pros do these things all the time)

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    The basics of crafting are very simple:

    Cards you play >> 1600 dust >> cards you don't play.

    Craft the cards for the decks you want to play. Don't just consider legendaries, think about epics and rares too. There's no point in having a card like Deathwing, Dragonlord in the gallery unless you're really totally into slow control decks with fat end-game legendaries, and you've already unlocked BRM and crafted a bunch of dragons.

    That also means that there is no ultimate authoritative crafting list because every player is different.

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    Quote from johnnycentral1 >>

    The Last 2 important legendarys I need to craft are Bloodmage and Harrison.

    Which one is more important in your opinions?

     As always the answer is "depends on your decks". No point to craft Bloodmage if all you play is Control Warrior. Harrison is pretty useless if you've set your eyes on reaching legend with Aggro Shaman. Take a piece of paper, open your collection, make a mark on the left side for each deck that wants Harrison, make a mark on the right for Bloodmage. Compare. Craft the one with more checkmarks.
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    "aggro makes no decisions, aggro always goes face, aggro no skill"

    Sorry kid, if you're still repeating that BS, you don't really know much about how to play aggro decks properly.

    Which means you don't know how to counter them properly.

    Which means you'll lose to them even with decks that don't easily lose to them.

    Which means you'll go to an online forum to complain how annoying aggro decks are hurr durr durr.

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    I was tempted to submit an old finalist again...

    ... but that would be a bit boring. So I went through my notes pile and found this one. Dragon Warrior is my favorite deck, ever, so hell yeah, let's go for it.

    So here is my entry this week. 7 words - this must be the simplest card I ever created. But whoa I want this in the game. Dragon decks have Twilight Guardian and Chillmaw, but with just a few big threats you always struggle against decks like Zoo to shut them down. This card forces your opponent to deal with your big fat dragons instead of just SMOrcing it out. At 1 mana, you can still drop it the same turn as Ysera, Nefarian or Onyxia (yes, the whelps are dragons!!). I had an alternative version that was 3 mana and gave +1/+1 and taunt, but that version is less useful because you really want to drop a big dude the same turn as you play this.

    There's also the Bolster synergy... but no, I don't think this will make Warrior's worst card viable either.

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    What's better than a stone wall? A wall that can breathe fire.

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    Submission rules question! Do C'Thun buff cards (give your C'Thun XX, wherever it is) count for this competition?

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    I'm 2-1 with King Mukla + Silence Priest now, after already scoring wins with Mechwarper + Mimiron's Head and Buccaneer + Skycap'n Kragg. Clearly enough Hearthstone for today.

    Mukla + Silence Priest
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    Man, I'm pissed. Sure, I never expected my card to make final round this week. But I lost to a broken shit card that would make me uninstall the game if it was ever implemented. And to rub it in, I lost by 1 vote! Ugh.

    What a week - janky rules, few entries, terribly broken cards, braindead voting.

    /rant over

    Next week can only be better.

    Here are the cards I voted for:

    Mystical Sheep: Cute idea, roughly balanced vs. Pit Snake. Also Hearthstone needs more sheep.

    Moroes: Interesting synergy potential with Rogue's coin generation cards. Plus, Nice to see spell damage in Rogue, not just Mages.

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