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    posted a message on 17.2.1 Patch Notes - Balance Changes & Bug Fixes

    The no-duplicate system remembers what cards you've opened, and does not care about whether or not you dust them.

    Thus, for example, if you have all commons in the set and dust Crimson Sigil Runner, you are not guarenteed to get the card out of your next pack because the game still assumes you have it.

    This is specifically to prevent abuse of the dust system in the situation you have mentioned.

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    posted a message on Should blizz delete Priest?

    I like how people are reacting to this without reading the post and noticing the sarcasm

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    posted a message on Altruis has too be changed not nerfed

    I disagree. I really don't think Altruis needs to be nerfed. Sorting by winrate when included into a deck, it's the 15th best card, below offenders like Warglaives of Azzinoth and Priestess of Fury.

    I've said this in other threads, and I'll say it in this one too. Altruis the Outcast is a combo card. Combo cards work very well in specific situations and are near-useless in others. The reason why so many people hate Altruis when there are more powerful cards is that whenever the opponent DH plays Altruis, it's because they have already set up a situation where Altruis is good. What you don't see is all the times when Altruis doesn't have the proper setup and ends up screwing over the DH's hand, because the DH never plays Altruis in that situation.

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    posted a message on Come from behind?

    You're right, to a degree. Interestingly, this isn't so much the case in standard as it is in arena. There is very little comeback potential in standard right now - if your opponent drops a Priestess of Fury or a Scalelord and is already ahead on board, there's really nothing you can do in most situations. However, in arena, it's a different story. Value rules arena - quality currently outvalues tempo for the reason you stated. Cards like Twin Tyrant, Burly Shovelfist, Troll Batrider, and other similar cards rule arena.

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    posted a message on Diamond 1 - What beats Aggro DH and Hunter the best?

    Looking at matchup winrates on hsreplay, Egg warrior seems to bop both of them. This is primarily because neither hunter nor demon hunter have strong enough boards to survive a Risky Skipper combo, and also because warrior's armor gain with Armorsmith outstats most of their burn options.

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    posted a message on Reached Plat 5!

    Good to see that you're having fun!

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds Free vs. Paid = 0.2% winrate diff

    Funnily enough, I disagree with both of the premises in the post.

    1. Going from an average placement of around 4.1 to 4.3 is NOT a .2% increase. It is a flat .2 increase - but that is not the same as .2 percent. A flat .2 increase is a lot bigger, and half a standard deviation does matter - it's double digit percentage points.

    2. A battlegrounds pass is not a "pay to play" function. The pass is unlockable with gold for 2500 coins, which is not that difficult to get - I myself had around 5k gold saved up since the previous expansion, and was comfortably able to purchase both the tavern pass and a sizeable number of packs for the new expansion. I'd like to note that I'm f2p, and only purchased something once - the 10pack + legendary classic bundle, and that was using a gift card I'd earned from playing video games on clickloot (a site which rewards you for playing video games).

    TLDR: I disagree. A tavern pass DOES provide a noticeable advantage, but having one has nothing to do with whether or not you are P2P and everything to do with how good you are at managing your ingame resources and your skill.

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    posted a message on Do we still need constant class identities?

    The problem is that if you remove class identity, you remove much of what the classes really ARE. At its core, each class is an individual class BECAUSE of class identity. The classes also draw from world a warcraft (WoW), and many of the cards that are playable are actually spells/units from world of warcraft. They must, to some degree, stay consistent with the lore.

    The other reason is because gamers seem to like class identity. This could have many reasons - easy to learn for new players, creates imagery of what your class represents, creates rivalries and teams, etc. Look at the top card games on twitch - besides Poker, the top 3 card games, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, and Magic the Gathering ALL have established class identities.

    In conclusion, the idea is interesting, but would cause Hearthstone to lose a lot of its appeal.

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    posted a message on Should I dust Ysiel Windsinger?

    Absolutely not. Assuming that you're a standard player, the only time you should dust a card is when it rotates. Dusting a card - especially one that is released at the start of the new hearthstone rotation - means that you run a very high risk that the card becomes part of the meta due to any one of the 5 next expansions. Don't dust.


    Edit: I should note that "absolutely not" was directed at the post title. You should not dust, because there IS potential.

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    posted a message on notes on RNG

    If it's what got the company to be worth hundred of millions of dollars, sure, why not? If it's not broke don't fix it. 

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