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    This could slot into weapon rogue. They draw most of their cards anyways.

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    6 mana 4/5 that draws 2 cards is already pretty good. But the fact that it can draw you 4 more cards every time your opponent fails to deal with it is insane.

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    The tradable means that there's no reason to not run this in a shaman deck except maybe dungeoneer.

    Does anybody know if the damage works for overload on non-existent crystals? Like, if you overload 5 on 3 mana crystals, say with Perpetual Flame, would it deal 3 damage or 5 damage?

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    Terrible deck idea: play this card in Hunter. Then you can continually draw it, buff it, and shuffle it back into your deck using cards like Scavenger's Ingenuity and Warsong Wrangler.

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    This card might create a new archetype for hunter if there are some more good cards to support a token hunter. On its own though I can't see this card being played in hunter.

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    I'm glad they brought the Rat King back. His boss fight in the Dalaran Heist was so neat! It looks like the Devs are trying to set up some sort of token hunter, but I'm not really sure if this card fits a token deck, especially in hunter. If you play this on turn 5 and fill your board with the 6-mana spell the next turn, then you can get the value effect of the revive on turn 7, but that's an awful lot of not hitting face for just another 5/5 rush.

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    Imagine if the 10-mana spell gets counter-spelled or if it gets copied from your deck. I can see the ultimate no-U combo-counter now. Southsea Scoundrel to steal a copy of the 10-mana spell followed by Cult Neophyte. Then watch your opponent cry.

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    Stealer of Souls combined with the 1 mana draw 1 effect of tradable cards as well as cards like Backfire could lead to an deck that has huge game winning swing turns mid game. And with several decent healing options such as Blood Shard Bristleback and the new baker card, the quest could act as a 1 mana gain 6 hp and answer control decks. Even if the meta is aggro, highrolling off of Stealer of Souls could still win games.

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    In Celestial Alignment Druid, there currently exists no good way to play cards such as C'thun The Shattered the turn you play the second celestial alignment, giving your opponent one last chance to win. However, with this card returning Innervate and Lightening Bloom to zero, C'thun can now be played 1 turn earlier on the Auctioneer pop-off turn. This card also just makes the pop-off turn easier. It's just a question of whether or not this card boosts the win rate of the deck enough for it to be competitively viable, which I'd certainly like since the deck is fun to play.

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    If the mini set gives shaman a few more great cards like this, especially card draw, Shaman might actually be playable again.

    Also, you could build your deck to tutor certain spells and certain elementals which opens up some options such as Imprisoned Phoenix and burn or Cagematch Custodian and Rockbiter Weapon.

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