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    posted a message on I have 13k Dust - don't know which Golden Cards I should carft

    I would start crafting the ones you play the most already that are possible to open packs, then you can de the non-golden ones for more dust to make more goldens! If you did what i mentioned thats another 1200 dust towards another golden one. Personally i like doing this because its a 400 dust refund to make any one you already have. you can make 4 goldens off the dust you have if you do that and have 400 more dust towards another one.

    I would make the following



    Favorite class legendary if you play it


    Those would be my top 4 if you do not have any of them golden yet.

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    posted a message on The Rank 15 Wall, Please. Help..

    I play grimwarrior and am 12/13 pretty easily with little time to play. Your decks are fine and you could play to legendary with them.

    Personally i would recommend watching some streams of good players and analyze the plays they make. Some times they make really random ones that are great that you would never think about considering. Try to think about what you would do and why they did something else, and then how would of your plan of played out if your opponent did the same thing they did. It is really eye opening when you start doing that.

    When you win or lose a game think about what happened and how you could of played better. Sometimes it wont matter what you did you will just lose, but 95% of the time you lose because of your mistakes.

    Think your plays out at least 1 turn ahead, try for 2, more than that gets hard at times and is pretty complex to do and understand properly.

    before you make a play, think about the worst thing that could happen if you made that play and how that effects you, chose what the best option is at that point. Playing 3 minions on turn 7 against a mage and having an empty hand probably means your getting flamestriked and lose on the spot (not all the time depending on the deck they are playing)

    think about what your opponent might have and what they might play each turn, then once they play something think about what that means for you and your future turns. you can use bate cards (bad for your opponent to deal with, but you have something better to play if they can deal with the bate card)

    Understand tempo- who has control of it and what are you trying to do

    these are some basic things and can get very complex at times, but you really should know and try to do these things.

    If you always jump on the salt train after you lose and blame everything else but your game play you will never get better. Good luck man

    Oh, see if you can get ahold of TideofTime, he does coaching for like 100 bucks an hour, its totally worth it. I have watched him coach and i think he does a great job at it if he can fit you in.

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    Then those would simply be different cards, star wars tcg had pretty much the same thing. MTG does as well with the planeswalkers, they combated it by making it so you couldnt have multiples of to powerful cards on the board at one time by placing a name on it such as Jace, then you could have a Jace The Mindsculpter and a Jace Beleron (sp) on the table at the same time because the character cant exist twice in one reality.

    personally i wouldnt like seeing multiples of the same character on the board by the same player at one time.


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    posted a message on Future "Core Sets" question
    Quote from thepoxbox »
    Quote from Asuryan »
    Quote from Stealpulse »

          I kind of hope they don't reissue old cards with new art.

    Me too.  While I'm playing, I like to be able to immediately recognise cards based on their art.

    I've been suggesting for months that alternate art cards could be cool ranked rewards if they don't want to hand out more packs/dust. 
    That would be a really slow influx of new art to memorize anyway.

     I like that idea a huge amount. Right now im playing maybe 2-3 hours a week total and really dont care about ranking up. I want to push for legend but if i fall short it sucks and you get nothing for it. I got to rank 5 and had a few days left and might of made it if i was lucky, but at the same time investing that much time to not get there sucks. IF i could of gotten something as a hey, good job then maybe i would of invested, rather i stopped playing.

    alternative arts for ranks seems cool

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    posted a message on Future "Core Sets" question

    I dont play MTG any more, so them ending it is news to me.

    I do not think they need to release something like that now, maybe in a few years or so when we get a ton of new cards out. If they didnt do a "core set" i could see them doing single micro transactions like you mentioned about hero portraits. Something like you need to own the original art for first to buy the new one, then you can select which one you want to use when selecting the card. This would keep people from having to buy cards they already own that they do not want to have the chance at getting the new ones.

    I think it will be interesting how/if blizzard will ever tackle something like this. With the way the game is set up (online only) it makes it even more complex to do correctly.

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    posted a message on Future "Core Sets" question

    So i was thinking the other day about future expansions. It seems like Blizzard is taking things from all the other card games and building on the better parts of them. The major thing is the set releases and this got me thinking and wondering if any one has considered this or what they would do.

    So MTG releases a yearly core set with previously released cards and some good new ones that are powerful some times. Some of the reprinted cards have new art some dont. They are not massively purchased sets because of this though. So i was wondering if Blizzard did this and released a set of cards with reprints with new art on some of the cards, would you purchase the packs?

    The cards could be from any set/adventure that has already been printed, and would include new cards as well to clarify.

    Personally i think a new art for something like Deathwing would be cool, or even something like voidwalker with better art would be neat to have to play with rather than the same ones we have had for going on a year now.

    So what do you all think of this idea?

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    posted a message on Feel the power of the wind!

    Reynad was running something similar to this last night on his stream, it seemed powerful at times, but terrible and just lost on others. I was interested for a little bit then saw how draw order needed it was and how the vast majority of the time was pushed into being a reactive deck and fighting on its back foot. He didnt play it for long.

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    posted a message on Tweaking the Overload Mechanic

    Yeah the variance is what massively hurts the class, you lose to a coin flip a large majority of the time and that is insanely frustrating. The hero power is by far the worst of all classes hands down. I have played a total of 4 ranked games with shaman since i started and hundreds with other classes, thats an issue on its own

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    posted a message on Why is Hogger not in the meta?

    Silver Hand Knight is pretty much the same card, would you play that? probably not

    it also contends with the other powerful 6 drops in the game

    Cairne Bloodhoof

    Emperor Thaurissan

    Sylvanas Windrunner

    The Black Knight


    Piloted Sky Golem

    Why would you play Hogger over any of these for the most part. If anything he is less situational the TBK, but less powerful than the other 6 drops. Hogger is fun at low ranks, i remember opening him early on and thinking he was just nuts, but now he is really underwhelming compared to the other things the opponent does. I wish he would be playable because he is pretty cool, but overall it is going to be really hard to fit him into anything. You kill the 2/2 and ignore him entirely if your facehunter and any other agro deck, he just isnt enough to do what you want him to do overall in the whole scope of things.

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    posted a message on Best professional Hearthstone player?

    MY favorite to watch would be Tides Of Time when he streams, which is almost never lately. Does any one know what is going with him and why is not playing/streaming often.

    If he isnt on i like watching Reynad for the 20 minutes he streams before he flips his shit and leaves

    Then its StrifeCrow before any after than


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    posted a message on options for the Dragons

    Afternoon friends! So ive been thinking about dragons (like most people have) and I am wondering what is being overlooked with the option for a dragon deck. Most went pally because of the consort being pretty good. Priest was attempted but i think as a class priest really could be good for it but overall i think its just a weak class.

    My first thought though, dragons really want to be a control deck.

    Second is that there are to many powerful ones to just toss all of them in and still have a good deck

    third what are the "must haves" outside of the dragons

    forth what are the best dragons

    fifth who can build around these properly and still be powerful overall


    So With those questions outlined i am thinking these 3 classes

    Warlock, Warrior, Shaman

    Warlock- Is handlock better than dragonlock is my first thought with this. I think it would be hard to fit all the dragon cards in this mold and be better than handlock is overall. I dont think this could be the right class because of that, but could be powerful regardless with all the board wipes and power options to build around.

    Warrior- This is probably the best control deck possible and im leaning towards playing this class with it, but is grimmwarrior better than the control deck? I am not sure, i have not seen control warrior on ladder in a very long time, can it beat zoo as well?

    shaman- yeah crazy thought, but has it really been investigated well enough to say yes or no. Shaman is a "weak" class right now so people are ignoring it. Could this be the hidden class dragons fit in?

    Thoughts any one, just curios if something could be looked at as a group and possibly build something new together rather than just go oh trump or whoever is playing this, ill play that as well.

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    posted a message on Dragon Paladin is an exercise is pure frustration

    The little i played around with it, i feel like the deck is powerful in so many ways, but has some major spots that can be exposed. I am wondering if we just havent found the build that works in the meta. I was thinking about playing watchers, defenders and the other give taunt card. but thats six cards that take some really important slots while still trying to fill the dragon spots.

    maybe it needs to turn into something that you play control, but with only some of the good dragon cards. clearly we cant run all the best dragon cards. maybe something like the following

    cromiazure drake
    and another of you choice
    That makes 7 dragons and you should usually have one in hand

    support cards
    dragon tech
    blackwing corruptor

    Thats 21 cards so far

    How could you round out the last 9 slots?

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    posted a message on Hungry Dragon vs. Piloted Shredder (in Druid)

    Doomsayer when your winning is the worst though. You cant simply take a couple good aspects and say it is better 100% of the time while ignoring the bad. You mentioned silence a couple times but ignore it because it might not happen, if it gets silenced, well your 4/3  sucks and dies to a ton of things and you lose massive ground. that right there is a massive reason for why it isnt better

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    posted a message on Hungry Dragon vs. Piloted Shredder (in Druid)

    take the best of one and compare against the worst of another, yeah that makes sense.

    You also could get a 0/4 taunt for your opponent or 50 other terrible 1 drops for your opponent with a hungry dragon. just like you could get a lorewalker off a shredder and be like, damn no more spells for me to be casting anytime soon i guess, or even an egg that you cant activate or a doomsayer or manawrathe (sp). If your going to compare the cards you cant look at only one aspect of each card.

    one will fit in a deck that can deal with the negatives much better than the other could. Combo is going to be better with shredder because it has to die twice unless silenced, dragon will be better as a card that is a massive threat and can win the game on its own in decks that can answer threats or ignore them all together.

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    posted a message on Hungry Dragon vs. Piloted Shredder (in Druid)

    The little bit I have played it (dragon) has been pretty awesome and powerful. I so far think its best in any weapon class. Shredder is good most of the time, but vs raw power the dragon kills most things up to 6 drops and is an immediate threat that takes resources to handle. i would probably play shredder in decks that need to have sticky creatures and develop around it for combos such as rouge or druid, and dragon in anything that can ignore most little things or deal with them in previous turns through value.

    Personally i think the two cards cant really be compared easily because they belong in different decks for different reason.

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