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    Can we please get rid of Murlocs or revert the buff? Everyone and their mom is trying to get the same stuff and if you went for another route you might as well concede just because of how easy it is to stack them with loads of stats, poisonous etc.

    Okay, it might be because of how little diversity this game mode offers. But it's very annoying that you're basically forced to buy specific minions to keep up with your opponents or kiss your ass goodbye. I stopped counting the number of games where I've been offered few to zero Murlocs early on only to get annihilated by everyone else who went for them.

     It is very rare for me to see Murlocs as a full strategy, it is too hard to get them into the late game unless you get very lucky. I feel like Murlocs are too weak in most games, and the player (or players) that go for them do well in the early game but are among the first to be knocked out.

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     If you think that flare should still get its effect when counterspell is in play, do you also think other spells should get their effects while counterspell is in play? For example, should deadlyshot kill an enemy before counterspell is triggered? Spells should be treated the same regardless of effect after all, it's not yugioh where you have different spell speeds.

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    Quote from LucasPassado >>
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     Dude, it's ridiculous how they print the same card for another class with the same mana cost but WAY better. 

     I don't know if I would say it is WAY better. The lifesteal mechanic is more impactful for warlock than it is in priest.

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    posted a message on Why people see aggro as a no skill archetype

    From my experience I have found aggro (and aggressive midrange) generally easier to learn and a lot easier to teach newer players to play correctly. That's not to say that all of them are easier to play, but in general I have found it much easier to get a player to legend by teaching them an aggressive deck than a more control style deck.  I have found every style to have some skill to them, so I wouldn't call any of them completely skill-less.

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    The calculations they did are useful, but don't show the whole picture. It would be interesting to see how much it cost per year to build the top 3-5 competitive decks as that changes from year to year, and having a complete collection isn't necessary to enjoying the game.

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    Quote from Velrun >>
    Quote from kizlyar >>

    Lean towards free to play.... means you don't spend much.  Anyone who's never spent a dime on Hearthstone but buys the $5 Welcome bundle only, for example, leans more towards being f2p.  Too difficult to understand?  I shouldn't be surprised considering you think 'f2p' is a "word".

     You misunderstand your own words :)

    You can’t ‘learn towards’ a zero sum. Look it up dummy.

    (Or repeat your mistake again and again and be laughed at. I would look it up if I were you.)

     If you spent $1.50 in 2014 to buy an arena run and haven't spent anything since, does that really make you significantly different than a ftp player? Not really. Can you claim to be a ftp player? No. Can you say you are practically one? Yes.

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    posted a message on Why the new nerfs make me happy and the future of nerfs

    I've always seen Wild as a format where I can go and play any old deck that I want to play just like it was played before, but if you start getting aggressive with nerfs to wild then that won't be possible.  If cards are truly "broken" they need to be dealt with, but in the Wild format I don't consider just any card that is overpowered to be necessarily "broken".

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    posted a message on Nerfs - The dust refund policy must be changed as it's not fair anymore

    I could see an issue if these changes were going to make some decks unplayable, but I don't think that is the case.

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    Quote from Velerios >>

    "It's better that it's weak, next year the game will be in a much better place"

    Sorry, but making a weak set is in general stupid

    A weak expansion might be better in an surrealistic picture that a general low power level is better for the game in a grand picture, but in reality it isn't.

     A weak powerlevel or high powerlevel overall is not bad for the game, but making only a limited amount of cards that are a high powerlevel and the rest are lower powerlevel is a problem.  If the divide in powerlevel between the good cards in a deck and the bad cards in a deck is too large then the game will be much more draw dependent and that's not good.

    You need to find the right balance and try to aim for that balance with all sets. If one goes way over that balance you should continue to focus on your previously defined balance and wait for that set to rotate.  Just trying to one-up every expansion with new expansions is a way to ruin a game pretty quickly.

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    The card is class specific and random, so all outcomes should be slightly OP to account for that. I don't think the card needs a nerf at this time.

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