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    When you are at 10 mana, just use hero player and play this card for random 8 mana ragnaros or something.

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    Get 3 random thing (in this case hero powers) and chose one of them. Like Tracking .

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    You want nerf for Bane of Doom ?

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    I would put this in Zoo, if I don't win early with my junk of cheep minions, turn all those flame imps and spiders into legendary cards in late game. (Also warlock hero power, anyone?)

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    But this way you can get double copies of legendary cards, which is fun.

    Also problem with legendary deck is that you have very bad early game. This way you can have low cost minions in early game, and if you don't win early late game change all those cheep guys into legendary cards. Which can be good and fun.

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    Dreadsteed is op in this mode.

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    -You can give opponent minion taunt, and kill it that way (for example Flametongue Totem behind taunt).

    -You can combo it with The Black Knight for assassinate effect.

    -It create taunt on empty board.

    -You can play them both if you are going for this new taunt warrior.

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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Druid of the Saber

    Early game ok 2-drop if needed. Later both forms have synergy with savage roar stealth/charge.

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    posted a message on New Card - Eydis Darkbane

    I like those low mana cost legendary cards, reason:

    Current state:

    70% of player base are poor, and they have next choice:

    -play cheap control deck and get destroyed

    -play cheap aggro/rush deck same as players on tournaments and win games

    result is that 80+% player base play aggro.

    Bright future:

    Blizzard will release more cheap high mana cards like North Sea Kraken and more low mana legendary cards that will make their way into aggro/rush decks for tournaments, than, and only then 70% of poor player base will have next choice:

    -cheap average control deck

    -cheap average aggro deck

    Which will result that control vs aggro become mater of preference.

    You can argue that it could result into "pay to win" game, but not at all. This is where blizzard will must introduce us new ladder system with ELO ratings that don't reset every 30 days. Like in league. So basically strong players will play vs strong, and weak (poor) vs weak (poor).

    Future of this game can be very bright, nice step in that direction!!

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    posted a message on Legend Watcher Paladin

    Ok, funny deck. But I have feeling there are too much of 3 drops. Had to chose [card]Aldor Peacekeeper[/card] or Muster for Battle out. So I kept Aldor Peacekeeper and made few changes:

    - [card]Solemn Vigil[/card]

    - [card]Quartermaster[/card]

    -2x [card]Muster for Battle[/card]

    + Harrison Jones (Optional, because there are lot weapons in current meta.)

    + Loatheb (Additionally protects your nice board.)

    +2x Abusive Sergeant (This one is funny in this deck. It is another activator for eggs, help trades, combo with Big Game Hunter to kill 5+ attack minions or if you want to execute your Sylvanas Windrunner against enemy minion and also can be 1 drop against aggro.)

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