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    Quote from Nessarchy »

    Someone effectively did that for me when I was playing my silly tree of life control druid vs his customised grinder mage in casual. We had had an epic match up until this point and just to see if I could live long enough for ysera to work a miracle for me I played tree of life. From a shredder, I had gotten Lorewalker Cho so I gave him a copy of tree of life. I think the game ground on for two more turns and then, and I don't know why, he played tree of life instead of going for lethal. I think perhaps he was just really enjoying the game and wanted to see where it would go. Through some miracle, my ysera had survived this process (the tree of lifes sure helped) and she basically single handedly managed to clear through a fairly full board including Sneeds, thanks to Ysera awakens, then kill the sneeds who spawned a deathwing and then the Ragnaros my opponent played the turn after. My opponent played very well and certainly deserved the win but he essentially gave it to me with the tree of life (although I wasn't sure to win even after it). Maybe I should have conceded at the end.

    Anyway, that was one of the most fun games I have had with hearthstone and the back and forth was definitely more important than the outcome, so its not all about winning.

    wow something similar just happened to me today (actually yesterday 'cause in my time zone it's already past 00:00)

    I was just practicing a little with my demonlock on casual, and was with a big streak, but then, I see this druid, with a deck that i've never seen before, and now that you said it I recognize as a control druid, with ysera and stuff, While I was playing I responded to all the threats he would put against me, like I usually do, because all of them were bombs, and since I haven't used any of my own yet I would just assume he would eventually run out of threats. Damn I was terribly wrong. It seemed like everything he casted on me were bombs, i even had him set for lethal on the next turn several times, but a little taunt here and there and tree of life frustrated my dreams. And then, when I finally think he's done with bombs, and I'm free to just drop down my Mal'gannis or Jaraxxus then he comes with Ysera followed by a streak of legendaryes, I manage do clear his board once more and reach face after losing all my legendaries to his ysera dream stuff, then a tree of life comes, my deck is over, and he starts to put more legendaries on the board.  And there I am, with only my hands, my opp with 30 life AND board presence AND cards in his deck. Then he just concedes.   And i'm like "Holy Shit what just happened here? 0.0"  


    After that I just said "thank you" but thinking that I dind't deseve to win that one, I  still wanted to have noted his name though :(


    PS: I even had to cast Doomguard  from my hand to finish a trade. WITH CARDS ON MY HAND. That's just the worst crime you can make with this deck

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    lets wait for BRM to come and hope it brings more nice stuff too :)

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    Twilight Drake

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    Quote from grimm222 »

    Quick question is the answer in the flavor text of A card because I am confused


    me too i think i've though too much my head hurts



    (just kidding)

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    thank you for the feedback.  well I was thinking of puting abusive sergeants in the deck so that i could use the eggs to hit on things, and maybe a hellfire as a boardclear and egg-popper, or even i could remove these eggs and add a better 1 drop, well i guess it will be Voidwalker time to shine stoping early aggression as well

    and about blood imp i didn't really liked it on the deck, but i though there could be some use to it, but i actually like the idea of void terror, could open space for more tokens and is a strong "5/5 for 3 mana" (and sometimes bigger)

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    Well I might say i'm a little surpriseed by the comments in here. Didn't know the mentality of hearthstone players were the one of 8-years old children. 

    But I know there are some people out there who doesn't rage over points they can't argue with.  And to those who are wise and know how to enter discussions without being complete assholes I give you my arguments:

    To start with, i've been a card game player since I'm a little child, I've already played Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon TCG, and recently Magic the Gathering, and now I migrated from MTG to HS. Well, as anyone who have playeed any card game you guys may know that the meta is really based on the mindset of players, and there will ALWAYS be a cycle of   "1 beats 2 that beats 3 that beats 1"  but sometimes it gets a little awkard when "1 beats 2 and 3", and that is the time a meta is unbalanced, and therefore everyone notices it and there is a need for an outside intervention. in the case of the forementioned TCG's this intervention comes in terms of bans and limits of certain cards, while in Hearthstone is just nerfs. That is the reason the one-sided games with undertaker lead to a card nerf. 

    Well but that is not the main point, I just made a little observation towards meta and alikes, since in every single card game the meta itself is influenced by the players themselves.  In the case of face hunter, there is no single strong card, no single threat "die if you don't answer". Beacuse the whole deck is strong, it synergizes perfectly with its strategy that is "going for face"

    Now for the facts, I DO hate face hunter, but I agree that it requires some level of skill. As ANY deck needs skill, no one gets high rank only by luck, and even if you say that "they only unload their hands and win even making a lot of mistakes" you have to remember that the deck itself is strong, it is very well built, the skill of the deck is not on the board control and stuff that aggro doesn't care. the true strength of it is on its structure, on the build. shame on the netdecks, but still, people use it beacuse it works.

    And there's the argument that "limits deckbuilding" well that is at the same time true and false. it DOES limit beacuse you have to adjust your strategy to a current popular strategy, but again, when is the time you don't have to? what about the tech cards running in almost every deck? the BGHs to counter Boom, Kezan Mystics to take on mages, Harrison Jones to annoy warriors and rogues, MCTs to punish the field swarmers? what would be of you if you didn't have these on specific times to counter specific gamebreakers? You DO have to "limit" your own strategy puting some of these on your deck. I personally don't like to neglect synergy for a BGH, a situational card.... then again, that is the meta itself, you "limit" your deckbuilding now with the healbots and belchers because of the facehunters and stuff but you are just adjusting to the current meta. So the limiting of deckbuilding is an illusion, since you will ALWAYS have to adjust to the meta if you really want to be sucessful

    Now the main point. The reason why I REALLY hate face and aggro-ish stuff, is that old argument of interaction. Mostly Hearhstone is a fun game. It was designed to be fun, and Blizzard made a real exceptional job (like they always do). And the main point that makes it fun is the emotion, the though of making an optimal play, outsmarting your opponent, predicting his plays, and even his hand, and try to make the single best play everytime using logics, the fun is on the unpredicted outcomes, turning the situation on some crazy plays,  all of these are based on INTERACTION. The same goes for yu-gi-oh, pokemon, MTG and every other card game there is. The real fun is on the interaction. Well, recently I've read a post about competition vs fun, and I pretty much think it  fits on here, beacuse every deckbuild has an essence, like the control has mostly the essence of "futuresight", with lots of different outcomes depending on your current decisions, Midranges have the essence of optmizing every play to outbest what your opponents can do, while the aggro essence lies on the speed. The point is, doesn't matter the situation, anything based on quickness just tends to more competitive levels rather than fun, making the deck so competitive that it ensures wins, but loses the main attractive in the process, the reason why people actually play the game: the emotion.   Well actually this is the main reason why i quit MTG. Well I should say that the thing I like most on each card game that I play is deckbuilding. I really have loads of fun making out things that no one expects, and taking opponents off-guard, but nothing that can't be dealt with if you know how it works, and I got some 1st places with my inventions, but after that I got some last places too because everyone would know how to counter. And I just went to stores to play to have fun, but then the environment became super-competitive with aggro-heavy atmospheres and players who would not even look into your face and would only think about the win and nothing else. Well, I should say, that is NOT fun, it doesn't have a single track of fun in games that wouldn't last even 5 minutes with you just standing there being crushed not being able even to do your strategy, to make your stuff, to actually have fun.  

    The same happened in yu-gi-oh with the dragon lords, in pokemon with blastoise, and in MTG with rablewins,   they are all the same thing: the same reason why people hate so much face hunters, the thought of impotence, of not being able to deal with it

    shame on the comments trying to find an excuse, trying to say that is "no skill cancer-shit" or that it limits your deckbuilding, or that people that play it don't know how to play another stuff. None of these comments have any real basis. But I will tell you my reason that HAS a basis: people hate it because it sucks the fun out of the game


    actually winning with everything needs skill, and facehunter is not different. But winning AGAINS'T facehunter is one of the things that require more than skill, needing in fact a bit of luck (i mean A LOT of luck), and it really makes you feel bad even struggling with yourself cause you can lose even if you make the absolute best optimal play if you aren't lucky enough with the card draws




    I hope someone reads it :)

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    dude this is simply sick. thanks for posting, awesome deck, brings a lot of fun and a lot of awesomeness in each play

    but still I'm missing Boom and Sylvanas.   Any ideas?  :(

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    Silentstorm doesn't agree. He actually beat a huntard for the finals with this deck

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    Ever wonderer how much dust you needed for having the full set of hearthstone cards?


    So come along with a little math.

    I did this out of curiosity. I counted the cards, by rarity, excluding the basic ones (but including naxx cards, cause you can craft them too)

    and did it for each class, for all non-legendary neutrals, and all legendary neutrals


    To have each card of each class, is the same for all the classes, since they have the same amount of rarities each.


    Dust needed for:

    -All cards of a single class: 6320

    -All cards (2 of each) of a single class:  since you don't get to use double legend, it's 6320 x2  -3200 (value of 2 legends) wich equals: 9440

    -All cards for each class (2 of each,, and 1 legend of each): Since there are 9 classes 9440 x9 = 84960


    so for the neutral:

    All non-legend neutral: 15120

    All non-legend neutral 2 of each card: 15120 x2 = 30240


    and for the legendary neutral cards:

    We have 43 so far, so all the legendary neutral cards require  1600 x43 = 68800


    And finally, if you want to craft every card, two of each, and still have all the legendaries, you would need:

    68800 + 30240 + 84960

    wich is 184000

    And therefore, having all golden collection would require  68800 x2 (the crafting cost is double for legendaries) + 30240 x4  + (84960 - (3200 x9)) x 4  + (3200x9) x2,   wich is:   137600 + 120960 + 224640 + 57600 = 540800




    Well, maybe a useless thread, but stiil, is only for curiosity, and now all of you know how much dust the whole hearthstone set is worth :)

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    what about nerfing unstable portal

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