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    posted a message on Clockwork Card Dealer - Standard is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Easy wins, play as no minion mage, ensuring that:

    • You have 2 copies of Incanter's Flow as the only 2 cost cards in your deck
    • You have 1 copy of Deck of Lunacy as the only 4 cost card in your deck

    The other cards don't matter, just make them the highest cost spells available.

    You will always be able to play Deck of Lunacy on turn three.


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    posted a message on Playing Standard after Playing Wild

    I kinda went the opposite way - I played Standard for a long time, and now have started moving towards wild after having the dust for some of the legendaries I need. And I've got to say, I prefer wild a lot more. I've hit legend in wild the last 2 seasons, but not standard. Before then I would typically hit legend in standard most months, or rank 5 diamond at a minimum.

    Standard now feels like it has so little variety. And when you come across a class, most of the time you know almost exactly what's in their deck. Deathrattle Demon Hunter. Face Hunter. Aggro Shaman. Menagerie Priest. And more recently, Control Warrior. 5 out of 6 games would fall against those opponents.

    Yet in wild, there is a lot more diversity. I'll come up against a druid. It is an aggro druid? Is it a jade druid? Is it a togwaggle druid? Is it a celestial druid? Is it a malygos druid? I have no idea until at the very least they play their first card.

    Wild does have some matches where an aggro opponent can have a near-perfect opening hand and run you over by turn 3, but that's part of the fun with those all or nothing decks. And I'd rather that than a drawn-out game against a priest any day.

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    posted a message on Are the star bonus rankings based on your final rank before reset, or your best rank across the month?

    I am curious about the bonus star ranking.

    Assume that I power level to Legend immediately upon reset, which propels me into high legend, therefore assuming 11 star bonus.

    Assume then I squander that high legend rank by playing non-competitive decks across the month, falling into the 10 star bonus range.

    After the next reset, does it determine my bonus star value based on my best rank (high legend, 11 star bonus), or my final ranks (legend, 10 star bonus)?

    Many thanks


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    posted a message on Is It Worth It to Craft Last Year's Legendary?

    In my experience, C'Thun, the Shattered is never as good as you think it will be. It puts 4 situational cards into your deck, meaning you are less likely to draw the cards you actually need.

    My thoughts are that unless you've got a deck built around him as a win condition (eg Celestial Druid), then he's usually not worth running. That's my opinion only, of course.

    But then again, I am also in favour of crafting neutral legendaries, so if you have some interest in running the card, then why not? With the new ranked system and no duplicate rule, it doesn't take much time at all to save up the dust to craft a legendary card.

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    posted a message on Legend in Standard vs. Wild

    I am a bit late to the topic but I will throw in my observations.

    I have primarily been a standard player, getting at least Diamond 5 every month (but often legend), but I have also recently started playing around in wild, and I can say that I am enjoying wild more. It seems to be less toxic (I can't remember the last time I played a roper or emote spammer), and the games feel much more consistent.

    I find standard to be infuriating, getting long losing streaks (and winning streaks), and find it hard to get a deck to feel comfortable with. Yet in wild the decks seem to be more stable and therefore if you pick a strong deck the wins come in a much more predictable manner and the climb seems to be easier overall.

    I am already Diamond 4 in Standard, but I have switched my focus over to wild. The climb will be harder the first time around, on account of not having much of a star bonus, but I think I enjoy the experience more.

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    posted a message on [Wild] Aggro Druid (69% WR / 39 games)

    I just went 13-3 with this deck.

    To be fair, that was at rank 20, I just thought I would have a try in wild at the end of the season. But then again, I have no experience playing against wild decks.

    My favorite moment - Lethal on turn 3:

    Lostkiwi vs. Morfanos - HSReplay.net

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    posted a message on Two New Golden Standard Bundles + Sparkles Card Back Have Appeared On The Shop

    I'm not usually vocal about the cost of packs in Hearthstone, however I think the prices for these two bundles are just absurd.

    At this point, I think Blizzard are just testing what they can get away with.

    In Australia, the price of two golden legendaries and 10 golden card packs is almost $70. Last week I purchased a brand new game that I was highly anticipating (Subnautica Below Zero) from the PlayStation Store for under $50. That game has been in development for approximately 3 years.

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    posted a message on When (or if) do you think they will release Curse of Naxxramas for classic?

    I presume that they will continue to roll out the expansions for Classic, similar to what they are doing for Vanilla World of Warcraft.

    Has there been any word if, or when Blizzard might release Curse of Naxxramas for Heartstone?


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    posted a message on They need rule for First Attack

    I don't think having any scenario that can lead a player to have a guaranteed first attack (other than Illidan) is a good idea, since it would allow the player to adjust the board based on that knowledge.

    However I think tweaking the mechanics so that you are more likely to attack first based on your previous attacks would be a good idea. So, for example when there are two players left, if you attack first in the current round, you would be less likely to attack first in the next.


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    posted a message on Hero Portraits

    I have been hoping for this for a while, I hope they end up implementing it

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    posted a message on Post your infinite combo for beating the heroic solo adventures

    Hello all

    I ended up using a cheese strategy to beat most of the heroic bosses in the Book of Ashes Solo Adventure, made possible by the fact there is no time limit on your turn.

    The combo I used was to play a Knife Juggler, Radiant Elemental & Test Subject, play a Embalming Ritual and then Topsy Turvy on the Test Subject, rinse and repeat until the opponent is dead. It is possible from turn 5, but takes a long time to kill your opponent since the Knife Juggler only does one damage per iteration.

    It goes twice as fast if you can get two Jugglers down, but often you don't have time to find them both. The rest of the decks are around draw, survival and finding the combo pieces.

    I should add, this isn't a combo I came up with though, I read it in a deck listing.

    I know of another infinite combo using Archmage Antonidas, 2 x Sorcerer's Apprentice & Potion of Illusion, but I would imagine it would be very difficult to survive long enough to be able to set it up.

    So, my question to you all, is what sneaky infinite combo do you know of to beat the heroic bosses?

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    posted a message on What is your opinion on the hardest Solo Adventure Card Back?

    Including the Dungeon Run.

    I started working towards the card backs, with the only ones left being the one for Heroic Tombs of Terror and the two Heroic Galakrond's Awakening backs, neither of which I've started.

    Given that I am collecting them at a later date than most, the deck based ones have been a bit easier due to more cards being available; most I cleared with priest built around the Activate the Obelisk quest. Although some fights were still very challenging and required luck. Heroic Free Medivh stands out.

    However the one that stands out as the greatest challenge (so far) for me would be Heroic Dalaran Heist. At least with the deck based challenges you only need to beat one boss at a time to update your progress, yet with this one in the last chapter you need to beat 12. And some of them are bonkers. For example Archmage Kalec's Dragonwrath hero power means that it's not long until Arcane Explosion becomes a 2 mana enemy board clear. And a single loss will set you back the 40 or so minutes it took to get there.

    Fortunately I got equally luck with a combination of passives of Rocket Backpacks (Minions have rush) and Robes of Gaudiness (cards cost half), along with big minions, meaning I was able to react to their board every time they managed to clear mine with their powerful powers or spells - With the last 4 bosses you need to clear their board after every turn otherwise you'll almost certainly lose, and they often have the ability to clear you board and leave minions on theirs.

    I also got lucky enough to have 3 copies of Ironhide Direhorn, as well as set one to always be in my opening hand though the friendly tavern. That means on turn 3, with rush and robes of gaudiness, it always gave me the ability to clear a minion with a 7/7, generate a 5/5, and clear another minion with that 5/5 if necessary.

    However I feel that I got very fortunate with my passives, treasures and draws, and I doubt I could complete the chapter again without many, many tries.

    So, I would put that down as the hardest challenge I've faced for a card back, alleviated somewhat by having a very fortunate run.

    What are your guys opinion on the hardest solo card back to get?

    Also, on a side note, how challenging are the Heroic Tombs of Terror and two Heroic Galakrond's Awakening card backs to earn?

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    posted a message on Report your post-nerf standard experience!

    I am still seeing lots of mage, mostly unchanged.

    I am genuinely surprised that Refreshing Spring Water wasn't targeted in the patch. In most cases it is 'Draw 2 cards and gain a mana crystal' (depending on if it has been discounted)

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    posted a message on How much money have you spent on hearthstone?

    I've only started playing 'properly' again since the release of Ashes of Outland, and since then I've purchased the main bundle for each expansion, as well as the mini expansions, books of heroes bundles,  plus a few of the additional bundles they release. As well as the Tavern pass. I don't ever buy non bundled card packs though.

    My goal is to make sure I have a complete collection from all expansions from Ashes of Outland onwards, which is now much more achievable since the no dups rule.

    All in all it's probably about $150 - $200 (Australian Dollars) per expansion. Which seems like a lot, but then again it's the game I play the most as well.

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