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    Today I was offered Reno the Relicologist and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza in the draft, where HearthArena suggested I'd pick Reno. No way Jose :) 

    Thankfully I only had to give up one double card in the deck, and included a single double (3 mana) which I always managed to get out early. I've gotta admit Alex made me win in 7/12 matches

    Draft results

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    Quote from ChrisRex >>

    They have a massive esports following... If they were discovered to be manipulating winrates, They'd be ripped a new one... I can't imagine any scenario where rigging outcomes for random players would be beneficial enough to risk the backlash of being caught rigging the software. It's pretty silly. 

    I hope most of the people who post about the game being rigged are just coming down off a rage quit, and can think more reasonably once they've cooled down... Otherwise they're likely also against vaccines, and hide from airplanes.

     Agree with above post. Additionally, why would a company go through all the troubles to do the required analyses every time. It requires a good understanding of the meta, since that constantly shifts. That would ask a lot of Blizzard, without a clear benefit.

    Occams razor is indeed applicable here; the easiest solution is that Blizz wouldnt go through the trouble. 

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    In my humble deckbuilding experience I've often had 25/30 cards filled with class cards only, before realizing that many neutral cards would've been better. Just the order of your library makes me select way too many class cards

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    Arena when I feel like thinking a lot. Spend time doing the card selection and evaluate all options each turn.

    Ranked standard when I want to grind a lot. I play a lot more on autopilot. No real objective there, except for reaching the highest rank with the least effort (in quality).

    Ranked Wild for questing at ranks 20-16.

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    Pirate warrior with the non-nerfed Patches the Pirate

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    Already pretty annoyed by its enthusiastic attack sounds

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