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    It was also hours after the master's tour was over before they updated the brackets.  hpwn is ded.

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    For sure. 

    Shaman has some experimenting to do because token, aggro, and control all seem to have potential.  thunderhead was already strong and now it's the nuts.  stormbringer can instawin against decks that don't have board clears.  People have been hitting high legend with some of the token decks (someone just hit #1 a few hours ago)

    mech pally seems solid and is probably a real deck now.

    mage is playing around with luna's, and that is probably going to be a thing.  

    warrior is not enjoying the classes that got buffed.  I'd say it's the class that is enjoying the patch the least at the moment.  but all these bomb hunters and mech pallies lose to decks that get on the board and hurt them faster, which warrior beats, so it could all come back around.  

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    It's funny how posts like this age now that the expansion has been out a while.  Token druid doesn't have a very polarized matchup spread for wins or losses.   You know their strategy and there is counterplay to it for every single class.  The deck is just fine, don't be mad because you got savage roar'd.  classes like mage, hunter, rogue are doing so much more broken things that are harder to counter than druid.  token druid is a pretty good deck but it is a notch below being one of the top decks, and some people enjoy its style of play, like myself.  It's not that easy to play either, the only time it's easy is if your opponent isn't doing anything to stop you.  

    In fact, the decks linear and predictable strategy make it less successful at higher levels of play which is why it's winrate is inflated on sites like hsreplay.  It isn't a tier 1 deck.  

    Quote from C_A_W >>

    Token Druid is not hard to counter, everything except Cyclone Mage wins against it.

     You're actually unfavored against Cyclone mage as token druid.  Trust me I play a lot of token (and trust the stats), you don't want to queue into mage.  Outside of their conjurer's on giant combo often locking you out of the game completely, they have all kinds of disruption for you.  Sea giants, mirrors image, freeze effects, mana cyclone turns and just magic trick in general will ruin you because so many mage spells are good against token.  That's not to mention the techs that not all the lists run but still ruin you that you don't even know to play around like rabble bouncer, doomsayer, mc tech, etc.  

    The mage needs to know how to play the matchup though.  The only way they lose is by being to greedy and not fighting for board early or by having a terrible hand, but anyone can lose with a terrible hand.

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    Is hearthstation going to be a replacement or are you guys calling it quits?  It seems like the later by the way it's written but i thought I'd ask because I'd gladly follow if so.  Regardless, thanks for running this site well.  

    RIP hearthpwn.

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    posted a message on Why is Echo keywording so inconsistent?

    When it comes to updated older cards like Charge and Y'Shaarj I can understand not going back and changing those.  

    When they said Witch's Brew didn't have Echo because it wasn't from witchwood and it isn't an eternal keywoard, I said fine.  I don't like it but sure, it actually interacts more powerfully with Krag'wa that way.

    But Snipsnap having echo? what the actual fuck? not only is it not a from witchwood nor are any of these buffs but it has no flavor to match echo.  I'm not against it because I think using keywords is fine and simplifies things, but it really makes the choice of Witch's Brew not having echo look dumb.  Especially because wasn't Witch's brew shaman's "callback card" where they brought back an old mecanic?  Priest had forbidden words, warrior had omega, warlock had...idk who cares about warlocks, and shaman had echo, but there is no echo on the card.  Seems dumb.  

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    posted a message on How to spot a bad player in Hearthstone

    This thread just looks like you're trying to stroke your own ego, nothing really interesting or funny in it.  Yeah, playing cards completely incorrectly means you're bad, clever stuff.

    This post comes off super condescending and insulting and isn't in good taste.


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    posted a message on I reach legend every season but only with control warrior, help me figuring why.

    Control warrior is overtuned and pretty easy to play.  It's also really polarizing and a lot of the decks people climb to legend with are vulnerable to it despite it being so common because decks that counter warrior usually suck against everything else so it isn't always better to target warrior.  

    Just like with any deck you need to know what to play around, what to save cards for, etc.  Hearthstone skill is universal and I feel like few decks really break the skill ceiling.  That said, a deck like control warrior is easier because your gameplan is set in stone in almost every match.  When you're playing an aggro deck, you have to say "Do I develop onto the board, do I trade, do I push damage now or do I win with value" etc.  When you're playing warrior it's just like a flow cart puzzle thing.  If they have minions, you remove them efficiently.  If they don't have minions, hero power pass.  You just win eventually, the gameplan is always the same.  You don't lose a warrior game because you didn't go face when you should have or because you didn't go all in, you lose because you didn't have the answers or didn't use your answers efficiently.   Control decks are generally reactive, and not very proactive.  Some people are better at one than the other.  I think that even though I prefer proactive decks I'm probably better at reactive ones.

    I was bouncing around rank 2-4 with token druid, big shaman, and midrange hunter but never getting over the hump.  I dropped down to rank 4 so i just crafted bomb warrior and went 18-3 to legend.  I had never played a warrior once since I started hearthstone, and i jumped straight into ranked and just cruised to legend.  I couldn't believe how easy it was. 


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    Quote from MProdigy >>

    Be prepared for “tinfoil hat” idiotic comments bro.  

    But, as a statistician, I can attest that it does seem awfully suspicious when it happens with 60-70% consistency. Numbers don't lie, but no one is going to spend time compiling these types of stats on a stupid game.  Oh well.  I feel ya mate. 

     oh dear god thank you for this.  haven't laughed that hard today.

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    posted a message on How to truly make Beast Hunter top tier viable again

    Hunter shoehorned into one playtype? Hunter has more high tier decks than any class in the game right now.  Bomb hunter, secret hunter, and midrange/beast hunter and even mechrattle hunter is flirting with being good (the nechromechanic buff might put it over).  One thing I do miss from pre-rotation was that almost every class had a ton of archetypes, now some barely have one. but hopefully another expansion or two will fix that.

    The first couple cards are great hunter cards.  Zul'jin and Dire Frenzy are already great cards that in no way need a buff.  Zul'jin to 7 mana is kind of absurd if you consider the power level of that card and the fact that genuinely terrible cards like Dr. Morrigan got a 2 mana buff, and you want to give Zul'jin 3, lol.  Marked shot going face I don't think matters, Spirit of the Lynx being a beast probably makes it too good.

    I do like the hunter party suggestion.  It might be too overtuned but the idea in general is cool.  I really liked big beast deathrattle hunter from previous rotation.


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    They should have added the "Cost can't be reduced..." text to Snippy, not Reckless Experimenter.  Reckless Experimenter's interaction with >4 deathrattles was completely fine, they just decided to jam a bunch of keywords on snippy.  I was hoping Reckless Experimenter would be good eventually so nerfing it kind of sucks.  

    Pretty dumb way to handle it.  Snippy was the problematic card here.

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