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    Kelseth getting bounced back into your hand and played again on turn one is so skillful and balanced.  Great card.

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    Quote from TallAr92 >>


    Quote from Infirc >>

    elder scrolls legends has double the amount of face decks hearthstone has,  the Prophecy mechanic ended up helpping aggro strategies waay more than it intended to stop it, if you guard one lane people jsut go face in the other lane...HS is not perfect but to compare it with that aggro ridden fiesta isn't fair either, like at least in HS aggro finally has the decency and need to trade.

     Don't provide for a game you've haven't been tuned into lately please... because you haven't got a clue :)
    Just because You've found some tools to be "unfair" in your opinion in this game... Doenst mean they're actually broken. Why did I mention it? Because its half of the HS community opinion. Sth mess with your plan = deserve to be banned.
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    Insane value for a two drop and pretty versatile.  Use it after you blizzard or your voidlord dies and leaves three mini taunts behind.  Your opponent won't always have an answer for it, especially on an early turn where they often wont even have the 7 dmg to kill it.  

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    It could do 21+ battlecries before, now it cannot.  That is a nerf. 

    It is a nerf that doesn't actually affect the cards strength in any meaningful way, however.  I wouldn't mind some free dust because it was in the first pack I opened but the card isn't weaker in any of the ways it is actually used, just a nerf on paper so I understand the no refund.  

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    I feel like a lot of the hate for this is a bit misdirected.  The deck doesn't suck, it just isn't strong against the meta.   You shouldn't craft it thinking you're going to climb very far up the ladder.  I don't use it on the ladder because it gets stomped by Pally (especially odd pally) and generally loses to cubelock but if those are your standards then every deck that isn't t1 or t2 sucks.  It can be strong against any deck, it just isn't consistent which is what makes it bad for the ladder.  

    I run a somewhat different version of this deck based on one of the earlier versions but it has a majority of the core cards and it's my favorite deck to play.    The deck can be punishing because you have to make good trades every turn because you don't have many spells to help control the board.  It's a ton of fun though, thanks for posting it.  I love filling my hand with cards from a spellstone/arugal then discounting them all with leyline for a ton of value.  I have a lot of fun playing this in casual.  I might try out the version you have now with the dragons, the even version by Thijs looks neat, as well.

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