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    Quote from Shipmen >>
    Quote from Shipmen >>

    My issue is opposite. I am not talking about the general situation in HS now, but the approach.

    In general I would like to not see any balance changes after the releases. Game is out and it should be already tested. This approach is frustrating, why have we to always wait adjustments for something that should be already developed. 

    And also this cause me a lot of delays in playing this game.

    After every release I have always to wait the first balance changes to craft something because I already know that they will nerf everything in the first 1-2 weeks, than I have to wait the new meta and at this point I can craft. So, I have to wait nearly one month or more every time to craft something. Is this possible? Can team 5 simply test and stop this bullshit nonsense? They have to test not us. 


    It's easier to scale back the power of a card then it is the buff it. 

     :) I don't care what it is easier for them. I care about the result and it is terrible. I cannot and people cannot wait always more than one month to craft things because Blizz nerfs everything when they want. They sold expansions for the price of a Triple-A game and they even check the easier way to develop with less effort (with no care about the consumers)? What a fantastic world is this. 

     You have no clue how the real world works - just gonna flat out say it. 

    • HS team is hypothetically 100 people playing and testing. Compare that to the rest of the world with thousands/millions of people playing the game and essentially testing it out. Internal testing cannot catch every scenario the public will find. This goes with anything software related - not just friggin HS. Open your eyes.
    • You have to wait for adjustments because they need data to prove there is a problem and not just a reddit post saying X card is broken. Reality (read: data) may show otherwise. If they nerf cards, they have to refund dust. That's not a financially sound business model so they want to make absolutely sure nerfs need to take place. Lets also not forget there are typically big tournaments that happen after launch and pros need to get decks ready. How are they supposed to do that with nerfs/buffs to make you happy right after the launch? Open your eyes.
    • These "delays" in balance cause you delays in playing the game? Sorry, the game isnt created just for you. Open your eyes.
    • Your last paragraph is a big face palm. "They will nerf everything in the first 1-2 weeks" exaggeration to make you sound dramatic - check. The rest is just the limitations of F2P - you are not alone in this boat but not everyone makes a whiny post. Open your eyes.

    I may have been short with you but ignorance on your level is frustrating to deal with. You can only be young and naive with what you've said and, well, I hope you "Open your eyes" after this.

    Edit: didnt touch on your reply but I'll spare you my thoughts. I'm not that mean.

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    Not sure which one you meant but this one worked well:


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    Quote from Glax >>

    in a hand buff, you will never play an 8 mana 9/7 that does absolutely nothing ... (this is one of the worst cards seen so far) no interaction ... (this is the reason why a dragon-buff Pala never worked, it makes no sense to buff 8+ mana dragons that already have huge stats and no decent effect ... (better discount them than buff them)

     By "does absolutely nothing", you mean lacks Battlecry? It clearly does something - AOE of the enemy board. It also has the potential to heal for every 2 health enemy minion on board.

    Basically, quit being so dramatically incorrect.

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    Quote from GibreelFury >>

    Already hate the two coin-flip legendaries that whomever plays them on curve instawins the game.


     already played with 1 of them - no, not instawin. dont exaggerate and spread baseless negativity. 

    or did I just feed the trolls?

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    Quote from PetiteMouche >>
    Quote from reprisal >>
    Quote from xskarma >>
    Quote from tripzplash >>

    how about fixing innkeeper and not make events??

     Different teams, mate. Innkeeper is a dev thing. This is done by the content team. More time spent by the content team has no influence on the dev time and effort it takes to fix Innkeeper, sadly.

     Open source Innkeeper, it'll be fixed in no time and stay fixed.

     Those people that can fix it in no time can't make it from scratch ?

     You dont seem to understand the amount of work that requires - to build something from the ground up. It's not like putting together a 100 piece lego set with instructions.

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    Quote from Gryph >>

    I'm honestly so bored of this retort. Yes we all know Blizzard owes us nothing, gg1989 didn't suggest they did. 

    They merely made a case for how Blizzard conduct thier bussiness, and that it is poor, outlining problems and successes with it,  Yes Blizzard owe us nothing, and that's exactly how they behave. 

    Lawsuit not withstanding, there has been a massive decline in communication, quality, in their games which has translated into a decline in playership across all of their IPs. more than 30% and still declining.


     Except he did say Blizzard owes us something. He wants them to continue making or releasing content because we, the customer, shouldnt suffer due to their internal struggles. That is entitlement by definition.

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    Quote from gg1989 >>

     As a loyal cusyomer I feel that their responce as whole was very poorly executed.

    Blizzard or Activision is poorly paying employer and does not care for their customers as long as cash is pouring, so staff and players are not satisfied.

    However the risen problem is not the players fault. We pay for a product and have no other relationship with the publisher outside of paying for service / receiving the service, anything else is outside of the those boundries and anyone that wants to involve is making it on personal level not as the whole community.

    I refuse to get blamed for something I am not aware of and refuse to support the Blizzard staff as this issue has been 11 years old and nothing has been done so far. 


    You realize they, Blizzard, owe you nothing, right? They can release when they are good and ready. Right now, they have stated they are still releasing the expansion on time but currently they are doing what they havent done much of in the past 20 years and respecting and caring for their own. If they need more time, then so be it. You feeling entitled to something because you are a "loyal customer" is a terrible attitude. Entitlement is something earned.

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    Quote from Teuuun >>

    I know, but you pay the card aswell. So you pay 1 mana and a card to get 2 random onedrops.

    So basicly, you pay 1 mana and "no card" to get 1 extra onedrop. Since you could've just played a onedrop, paying 1 mana and 1 card for 1 drop.


     It's comments like these where I wish could spend some sort of Hearthpwn currency to slap a comment with -5 votes instantly.

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    Quote from irhmggg >>

    these cards are underwhelming, period.


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    Quote from vNihilism >>

    No one find it odd that Regis doesn't mention women at all in his entire personal essay? Just a vague representation for persons unknown. It's like a cookie-cutter inclusivity disclaimer, where you can insert whatever group you want to pander to later. People actually trust this goober.

     If you are looking to fault someone for not including/mentioning every demographic out there, you are doing a decent job. Not everything has to be about color or gender. Some people treat everyone equally and by dropping out, his intent was to get someone else in - regardless of their classification. There's no need to pinpoint a minority group like female, must have a disability like 1 eye, darker skin...preference for living in Wakanda, over the age of 60 because not enough older gamer females with 1 eye. Be realistic. 

    Yes, BLM and #MeToo but to nitpick a guy for not mentioning that in his explanation for dropping out? You're a gender and hair color away from being a Karen.....unless you are blonde already.

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