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    This deck is crazy good. If you get a Questing Adventurer or 2 to stick, you can pop off and finish the game quick.

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    Quote from Coriolisx >>

    Kind of a bad timing to host an actual competetive event in Battleground when balance is as off as it is currently...

    The Naga patch is the same level of broken that quillboar were on their release. This level of highroll potential is generally not what you want if you want to host an actual esports even where only skill should be the deciding factor.

     Im sure they planned this long before release. They rolled the dice and, as you like to think, lost in terms of how poorly balance went. "GG go next" is the mentality they take here. They cant just cancel the event because of a subjective balance issue upon release.

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    Quote from Shipmen >>
    Quote from Shipmen >>

    My issue is opposite. I am not talking about the general situation in HS now, but the approach.

    In general I would like to not see any balance changes after the releases. Game is out and it should be already tested. This approach is frustrating, why have we to always wait adjustments for something that should be already developed. 

    And also this cause me a lot of delays in playing this game.

    After every release I have always to wait the first balance changes to craft something because I already know that they will nerf everything in the first 1-2 weeks, than I have to wait the new meta and at this point I can craft. So, I have to wait nearly one month or more every time to craft something. Is this possible? Can team 5 simply test and stop this bullshit nonsense? They have to test not us. 


    It's easier to scale back the power of a card then it is the buff it. 

     :) I don't care what it is easier for them. I care about the result and it is terrible. I cannot and people cannot wait always more than one month to craft things because Blizz nerfs everything when they want. They sold expansions for the price of a Triple-A game and they even check the easier way to develop with less effort (with no care about the consumers)? What a fantastic world is this. 

     You have no clue how the real world works - just gonna flat out say it. 

    • HS team is hypothetically 100 people playing and testing. Compare that to the rest of the world with thousands/millions of people playing the game and essentially testing it out. Internal testing cannot catch every scenario the public will find. This goes with anything software related - not just friggin HS. Open your eyes.
    • You have to wait for adjustments because they need data to prove there is a problem and not just a reddit post saying X card is broken. Reality (read: data) may show otherwise. If they nerf cards, they have to refund dust. That's not a financially sound business model so they want to make absolutely sure nerfs need to take place. Lets also not forget there are typically big tournaments that happen after launch and pros need to get decks ready. How are they supposed to do that with nerfs/buffs to make you happy right after the launch? Open your eyes.
    • These "delays" in balance cause you delays in playing the game? Sorry, the game isnt created just for you. Open your eyes.
    • Your last paragraph is a big face palm. "They will nerf everything in the first 1-2 weeks" exaggeration to make you sound dramatic - check. The rest is just the limitations of F2P - you are not alone in this boat but not everyone makes a whiny post. Open your eyes.

    I may have been short with you but ignorance on your level is frustrating to deal with. You can only be young and naive with what you've said and, well, I hope you "Open your eyes" after this.

    Edit: didnt touch on your reply but I'll spare you my thoughts. I'm not that mean.

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    Not sure which one you meant but this one worked well:


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    Quote from Glax >>

    in a hand buff, you will never play an 8 mana 9/7 that does absolutely nothing ... (this is one of the worst cards seen so far) no interaction ... (this is the reason why a dragon-buff Pala never worked, it makes no sense to buff 8+ mana dragons that already have huge stats and no decent effect ... (better discount them than buff them)

     By "does absolutely nothing", you mean lacks Battlecry? It clearly does something - AOE of the enemy board. It also has the potential to heal for every 2 health enemy minion on board.

    Basically, quit being so dramatically incorrect.

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    Quote from GibreelFury >>

    Already hate the two coin-flip legendaries that whomever plays them on curve instawins the game.


     already played with 1 of them - no, not instawin. dont exaggerate and spread baseless negativity. 

    or did I just feed the trolls?

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    Quote from PetiteMouche >>
    Quote from reprisal >>
    Quote from xskarma >>
    Quote from tripzplash >>

    how about fixing innkeeper and not make events??

     Different teams, mate. Innkeeper is a dev thing. This is done by the content team. More time spent by the content team has no influence on the dev time and effort it takes to fix Innkeeper, sadly.

     Open source Innkeeper, it'll be fixed in no time and stay fixed.

     Those people that can fix it in no time can't make it from scratch ?

     You dont seem to understand the amount of work that requires - to build something from the ground up. It's not like putting together a 100 piece lego set with instructions.

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    Quote from SirJohn13 >>

    This expansion got me really hyped with so many cool and flavorful cards. So I ordered both bundles and I look forward to playing all the new archetypes on day 1. I also expect to be royally pissed when, 2-3 days into the new expansion, all these new archetypes will be scoring 20% vs Face Hunter 

     This is the way....for the first week or 3. Heck, face hunter still rolls. SMH

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    Quote from Teuuun >>

    I know, but you pay the card aswell. So you pay 1 mana and a card to get 2 random onedrops.

    So basicly, you pay 1 mana and "no card" to get 1 extra onedrop. Since you could've just played a onedrop, paying 1 mana and 1 card for 1 drop.


     It's comments like these where I wish could spend some sort of Hearthpwn currency to slap a comment with -5 votes instantly.

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    Quote from irhmggg >>

    these cards are underwhelming, period.


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    Thoughts on dropping both Dreaming Drake and Archspore Msshi'fn and add Living Seed (Rank 1) + something else? Played a handful of times and had a heckuva time corrupting the drakes since not a lot in this deck cost more than 3. Also, the Living Seed (Rank 1) add another nature spell with draw for any of the beasts. I feel Archspore Msshi'fn is too slow for this deck and needs to be subbed out. Mark of the Wild and Thickhide Kodo are on my shortlist to sub in.

    --edit: cant seem to get Living seed to link properly.

    --edit2: Not even completely sold on Guff. Not a lot of nature spells to cast.

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    Quote from Gosphor >>

    Youtube drops? First time i heard about this and i use Youtube every day...

     i believe they introduced it to Hearthstone just last week. Similar to twitch - have to link your account. If you watch the stream, there will be instructions on what to do but there's basically an icon that shows if you are "Connected" or not. 

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    Quote from Strongpoint >>

    I suspect that he is talking about having 3+ copies of rares in set X and less than 2 in set Y. Way more probable explanation than a rare bug.

     I dont think there's a bug either. I think it's working as expected and OP is just seeing things.

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    Quote from AnAlexOfHexagons >>

    Duplicate protection basically means when you open a pack, you can't find more than 2 copies of the same card IN THAT SINGLE PACK. From the wording and announcement, I also was under the impression that it will prevent duplicates all together, but no. In fact, you can get more of the same cards from future packs.


    Quote from joecreams >>

    Hi all,

    I have noticed I got 4 or more copies of some rare cards, having just one copy of other rare cards... Have they removed the duplicate protection??


    Quote from Elexxtron >>

    IMO it works only for Legendaries and Epics

     You are all wrong (except maybe OP...if there's a bug):


    You will not receive more than one copy of a Legendary card, until you have owned all the Legendary cards in that card expansion. Similarly, you will not receive more than two copies of any Common, Rare, or Epic card until you have owned two copies of all cards of that rarity in that card expansion.

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    Quote from clickypiggy >>

    will the weekly and/or daily quests reset when the expac comes out?


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