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    blizz devs are borderline retarded

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    posted a message on Book of Mercenaries: Tamsin Roame - Warlock

    HS is just a pile of worms and bugs, devs && their managers are just absolute worthless human garbage unfortunately

    THe most bugged expansion of all! Check youtube, all kinds of shit is beyond broken(game breaking bugs) not even talking about wild balance which went to total shit...

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    posted a message on Aggro Taunt Druid (early top25)

    Mage and shaman got so many good AOE spells this deck gets demolished pretty quickly and by turn 6-7 they always complete the quest and your face explodes to burn damage(while having absolutely no board because it gets demolished by spells every turn)

    HS went to total shit this days... oh yea and there's still quest warlock but he at least rarely survives due to lack of proper AOE in standard

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    posted a message on [x5 Legend] RIP With Patch 22.2

    This deck always falls short in something - draw, damage, mana... Feels like it neefs more "oomph" in general or a lot more "oomph" in one area to be viable...

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    posted a message on [x5 Legend] RIP With Patch 22.2

    lol this deck is hilarious

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    Finally, I can reliably draw the uther!

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    A card that completely obliterates the control?

    Well fuck this game definitely not buying anything from this expansion and probably getting out of this game all together.

    Even more outraging than divine favor which btw should have been nerfed years ago.

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    posted a message on SN1P-SN4P-M4DN3SS (Wild)

    I run a similar deck and it's far from being meme - viable competitive deck with otk as early as T5 which is pretty insane

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    posted a message on Leeroy is THE problem actually

    I'd go as far as to completely remove ALL charge mechanic and replace it with rush!

    Game would be in a much healthier state than it is right now.

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows Card Nerfs - What Do Pros Want To See Smacked?

    Playing vs rogue just feels broken - I run shitton of healing, remove most of his threats but endup dying anyway

    either due to weapon+leeroy bounce, or just due to leeroy shadowstep leeroy or because of edwin


    Right now the only semi-viable control counter to rogue is control warrior(with 2x weapon project and harrison) and even this fails sometimes because rogue can tutor his weapons and warrior can't tutor his removals...

    Playing just warrior stone is boring as fuck. And blizzard killed pretty much every other control deck with so many cards rotating out.

    edwin should give +1/+1

    raiding party should cost 4-5

    prep be at 1 mana

    leeroy should go to HOF

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