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    posted a message on I want some feedback on my astral tiger druid list

    Naturalize is a bad form of removal unless you plan to fatigue your opponent which you don't.

    You have 4 cards that Oaken Summons and Grizzled Guardian can pull. This means that if your Tiger gets silenced/stolen your entire strategy falls apart.

    You have Branching Paths. Why? You can't utilize damage (you';re not going wide enough), you don't need armor/card draw.

    I would rather run Witchwood Grizzly than Rotten Applebaum. It is a better card in general and it enables your Witching Hour (otherwise it is a dead card until an 8drop dies)

    You want x2 Ultimate Infestation just so that you actually draw it.

    I ended up with this:

    Hour of Cheese
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    posted a message on New Shaman Card Reveal - Cryostasis

    This is the worst card I've ever seen.

    If you use it to combo with Ice Breaker - it is a 2card combo for 4 mana that makes you take 3 more damage. You'd rather use Hex.

    If you use it on your own minion that is already on board - it is bad value and only an okay play if said minion was going to be value traded into and died for free. Note that you can't attack with it and then freeze it because then you'd have to skip an attack with a bigger minion.

    At least it is an epic so Shaman won't suffer from getting it in Arena.

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    posted a message on Expansion Creation Competition- [Phase I Discussion]

    I apologize if it was already asked (probably multiple times) but:

    Are we limited to the Warcraft Universe?

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    posted a message on Why isn't class balancing in arena a priority for Blizzard?

    Looking at the stats I can say that Warrior and Druid suck. Everyone else is more or less equal.

    Team 5 does some balance changes for arena. They give certain cards rarities exclusively for arena purposes. If the next expansion is not going to bring Warrior&Druid to par with other classes (47% winrate), we can expect some intervention from the dev side.

    Mage is more popular because it was historically the best class in arena. People are used to picking Mage if she is available. Even tho (according to stats) Rogue is better.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone: Mulligans | Episode 1 - Error 14

    Actually if they (Blizzard) are going to use this as their advertisement campaign it will do at least alright.

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    posted a message on How good is lyra?

    She is really good. She generates a lot of value and has SuperTaunt.

    I crafted a Golden Lyra and used her to reach Legend last season.

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    posted a message on Un'Goro Control Priest

    I will make some footage of playing this deck as soon as I start my ladder climb (and get to at least rank5 because showing how the deck works at rank15 is pointless).

    I've put the mulligan and general strategy into the description.

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    posted a message on Want the Heroes of the Storm Card Back? The Requirements Have Changed!

    If you play with a friend (or a random dude you added to your friend list) with a Stimpack active you can probably do it in ~3 hours.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place!

    Hi. I am a F2P player since the release. 

    I decided to grind my way to the 1st legendary in a pack before I pull the trigger on my 5K dust (so I don't open a duplicate). Well, I've opened 38 (fcking 38!!!) packs and finally opened a Tyrantus. FML

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    posted a message on New Hunter Card - Tol'Vir Warden

    People who are rating this card anything lower than "Very Good", are you insane? It is almost old Ancient of Lore level of good. You run this in every Hunter deck you ever build (unless you literally don't run 1drops).

    A 3/5 for 5 that draws 2 cards. Its broken.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Card - Call in the Finishers

    I haven't checked the entire thread however it will be important to know the manacost of tokens (for Evolve and Devolve).
    People are comparing it to Stand Against Darkness which is actually wrong. In Paladin your 1/1 tokens are at best targets for buffs however it is more likely that one minion with Divine Shield lives a turn than five 1/1 tokens (because unless you are Mage you're going to spend a lot of resources on it).
    In Shaman each token represents potential 4 damage (with Bloodlust) or 3 damage each for trading up (with Flametongue Totem). There is also Everyfin is Awesome that will cost 3 after this card for a 7mana 4 3/3 minions (2 card combo).

    TL;DR: In Shaman tokens are actually threatening unlike in Paladin.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition #4.19 - Discussion Topic

    I decided to make overbudgeted minions/buffs that will have the drawback of "After this minion attacks deal damage to it equal to its attack".
    The art is some little guy with a greatsword that is obviously too big for him. So when he strikes something he is very likely to injure himself in the process.

    The art for buff is a huge greatsword that you can't possibly weild safely unless you are Gruul.

    I am having trouble coming up with a name for the keyword. I'd like some suggestions.

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition #4.19 - Discussion Topic
    Quote from robwarrior62 >>

    Here is my idea. Feedback would be nice but I've already submitted.

    The general idea is that it promotes a more strategic and thought-provoking game, where you have to build your deck carefully and be mana-efficient in game to ensure the full value out of your cards. It functions as an extension to Battlecry (like Combo and Choose One) but lets you 'decide' the power of the effect. The Hero Power helps in getting the amount of mana you want left unspent.


    -X can still take the value of 0, but you won't get the FULL value of the card (or in Ethereal Harbinger's case, no value).

    -Note that you can still spend the unspent mana that you have left over. The effect only wants the amount of them you have left, but doesn't spend them.

    Ethereal Harbinger - A nice easy example of Expend. Compares to Avenging Wrath and C'Thun. On 10 unspent mana crystals you can unleash a 7 damage split onslaught. This card only targets minions so once all enemy minion's health has dropped to 0, the effect stops. Promotes board control.

    High-Seas Harrier - With 0 mana left over, the discovered pirate will still get Taunt but not any buff. Pirate support with a neat effect. Does not count as having a Pirate itself when you play it (you must have another pirate).

    Xuen, The White Tiger - This one may be a bit tricky to understand. The +2X on the attack means that it will double the value of (X) here. The resummon effect is treated as follows. If X is 0, the minion will be resummoned immediately on death. If X is 1, the minion will be summoned at the start of your next turn. If X is 2, the minion will be summoned at the start of your following turn after that and so on. If you target an enemy minion, they will get the resummoned minion. Interesting card that may see some experimenting. Compares with Ancestral Spirit and Reincarnate. The higher the value of X, the longer you have to wait for it to come back.



     I think it would be better to make it actually spend the unspent mana on the effect.
    The Ethereal Harbinger might be broken in Rogue. (on 10 mana, use Harbinger, get 7 pings, Shadowstep it, get 6 more pings).
    Just by itself without any combos it is an incredible topdeck.
    Could you please move the word "Deathrattle" in Xuen's text onto the next line? That way the effect will be in the same place as the type of the effect and those "(X) turns" won't feel so lonely.
    Quote from Hackergrad >>
    Decided to go with Braveheart:
    Basically, for Braveheart, your opponent needs a minion and, if it is in a spell or weapon, you need to control NO minions, or if it is in a minion, it has to be the only minion there.
    Is this better?


     Pacify is essentially a mass Humility.
    It is difficult to understand what the keyword does with spells and weapons.
    Samuro's text should probably be "Braveheart: At the end of your turn..."
    I am unsure if Braveheart is intuitively associated with the effect you designed. I think I would have gone with "Lonely" or something.
    Quote from CriticalGeek >>

    Aight, I'll get down to business right away:

         (For clarification: you get the card the first second the condition is met)

    So, the idea here is that you get a certain cards only under certain circumstances BUT that this doesn't thin the deck (as opposed to some other ideas), as that would create insane 25- card decks. You get a Saboteur, 'cause theme ('cause your desired reserves don't show), and because it's a mildly decent card that's not TOO punishing BUT doesn't see play in constructed by itself (why would you play X if you could play a reserve card and get it anyway).

    I'd love to get some feedback as to which cards you like the best, because there's just SO MUCH stuff you can do with this mechanic. The first two represent the rather obvious counter strategy. The second two demonstrate how the mechanic can be used to reward players with a tight game plan. The last two demonstrate the more extreme (some would say fun) angle, to be used in a more win-condition kinda sense.


    Aight, that's. I'd appreciate if ya could pick your three (or less I guess) favourites.

    PS: If any admins read this, I think I accidentally posted this in the submission topic first. I deleted it, ehr... Is that alright?


     First, I think it would be better to describe your keyword as "Add this to your hand when something happens. Shuffle a Saboteur into your deck".
    Second, only arena players know what "Saboteur" actually is. This means that people will not understand how your keyword works.
    Third, Last Shadow Word is broken beyond belief. Dealing 15 dmg for 6 mana is incredibly good especially for a class that is famous for having no *good* burst options.
    Fourth, the way your cards are worded means that when the conditions are met you will draw all copies of the card from your deck. If the condition is easy to achieve or control then cards like Gang Up in conjuction with yours can break the game.
    Quote from Fortify >>

    So I did some rethinking and I came up with a different idea. This is more based on WoW and the Warcraft TCG game, but with a Hearthstone twist. Anyway here's the keyword:

    And the cards:




     In the current iteration your "Request" is a "Battlecry".
    You could try to make it more like a quest or make it into an ongoing effect. Both of these options would force you to redesign your cards.
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    posted a message on We're Getting a Control Meta.
    Quote from Pmanda >>
    Quote from layrit >>

    Can someone who is not as lazy as I am find the literally same statement about the Naxxramas? "With the Deathlord and Sludge Belcher FaceHunter and Zoolock will stand no chance and we'll have a control meta."
    And then people figured out that Undertaker was a really good card...

     Nope, because it never was said. No one bu trump thought sludge was a good card, and death lord wasn't looked well upon. Zombie chow was also pretty underrated. Most people were talking about what would be played in the game, not the speed of it.

    Also, the game was pretty slow before Naxx, so no reason to say that.
     I'd like to point out that before Naxx (and after the UTH nerf) Miracle Rogue was the best deck and people tried really hard to counter it... with extremely aggressive decks (FaceHunter, Backspace Rogue, Shockadin). More adequate people used to counter Miracle Rogue with Handlock but it was a bad metacall in such fast environment.

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    posted a message on We're Getting a Control Meta.

    Can someone who is not as lazy as I am find the literally same statement about the Naxxramas? "With the Deathlord and Sludge Belcher FaceHunter and Zoolock will stand no chance and we'll have a control meta."
    And then people figured out that Undertaker was a really good card...

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