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    posted a message on Reckoning is too strong

    Just because something has an effect that does something that can be strong does not mean it's OP.

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    posted a message on Your favorite game of all time?

    A big "western" fan, so RDR2 easily.

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    posted a message on New Ranked Season - June 2021 & Card Back
    Quote from M0res >>

    what a nice card back! They must have spent days designing it… such a reason to play standard, spend 5 hours trying to get 5 wins with the rock papers scissors matchmaking and then proudly use it like it’s anything special 

     You sound really bitter, is everything okey?

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    posted a message on Wailing Caverns Mini Set - New Cards
    Quote from sunbox92 >>

    So no new reveals? Never understood why they reveal a few cards and then disappear for days. Makes no sense. Well, actually must be some marketing strategy to keep people pending or something. Whatever. 

     It's usually during the weekend that the reveals stop. It's the same with mtg. 
    Guess people are not working, but should be possible to schedule anyways right?

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    posted a message on Tavern pass bonus after finishing LVL 100
    Quote from Plahtica >>

    Hi people,

    Wanted to ask what you think about the current situation and the tavern pass only giving 20% for the first 100 levels and after that it's capped to 50 gold per level like if you didn't have the pass.

    To me this looks like it should have been 60 gold for people with the pass

     I think the current situation is fine. Of course, I would like to get more for having the pass, but I see no reason for why pass holders should get 60 gold, the pass already contains a lot of stuff.

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    posted a message on People who usually rope for no apparent reason; why?
    Quote from rasmusm20 >>
    Quote from poirieralex >>

    Yeah, but you share that time with someone else, it's called respect. You don't arrive 1 hour late at a meeting because "it is your time and you do what you want with it". 

     It's not really comparable. Its more like you are given an assignment and two days to do it. Then you can absolutely use two days to do it. 

    In my experience ropers really aren't a problem either. I almost never face the, but when I do I'm doing something else to do so. I only rope myself on difficult or turns with a lot of moves you have to get through. But if someone else ropes it's their game given right to do so


     It's more like an assignment you are doing with another person. It still comes down to respect.

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    posted a message on Even Highlander

    He only leaves negative feedback. All his posts is just saying decks are bad.

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    posted a message on Incoming buff predictions (post for your fav class in bad need of them)
    Quote from Saber_L >>
    Quote from fabjx71 >>

    I will start with shaman

    Mana Tide Totem > 3 mana 0/4 or 2 mana 0/3. No brainer

    Tidal Wave > down to 7 mana? Maybe a bit too busted but it is way to slow at the moment.

    Vashj Prime > down to 6 mana. You want to have more impact on the turn you play her. 



    " shaman player above. btw you must be stupid to"

     What a nice way to argue with someone. 

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    posted a message on New feature idea - auto "skip" (lose) matchup
    Quote from Ecperlux >>

    are you stupid? this is just plain dumb

     How constructive

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    posted a message on If people complain about a card, even when it isn't good, that's more of a sign that it's bad for the game
    Quote from Pythonproduct >>

    I've seen in response to nerf suggestions people say something like that card isn't even good. But people request nerfs because the card causes them to not have as much fun. Most of the time what causes people to not have fun is losing, because no one likes to lose, which is why powerful cards are often called on to be nerfed. But on the rarer occasions where people consistently request a nerf on relatively weak card, that tends to show that something is off with the design of the card, rather than the power level. While there will always be people complaining about some card being too good, what should be avoided if possible are cards that upset players even when they win.

     This is true, but you still have to be careful since just because some people make a lot of noise, that does not mean their views represent the majority of players. 

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