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    I don't remember where it came from and when it started, I think I've always had it like this - I love collecting items. No matter what the items are! Simply the more the merrier! And the items in Diablo 2 are some kind of magic! If not for the items, I think the game would lose its charm in my eyes, but thanks to the fact that I can buy diablo 2 items, I am simply delighted with it. I buy diablo items every time I can afford it and I try to play the game so that I have as many items as possible. Diablo items are my favorite items!


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    12-0 hunter. I haven't played arena for days since I was playing constructed and got a 15 win streak to legend this morning with priest.. This is my 4th hunter run in a row that went 12 wins. Just as in my past experience in previous seasons, after playing higher level constructed, arena seems like casual/easy mode again.. Granted, this deck was insane, I definitely notice decreased pressure and ease when playing arena vs constructed.. I'm still averaging maybe 8 wins/run or maybe higher with all my 12 win lately in the last 50 arenas.. kinda stopped recording them except for posting here.

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    Very interesting thread actually. 

    I play on multiple consoles and on the pc. Right now it’s for honor on a daily base just like hearthstone. Not too competitive but I try to get all orders and quests done before they refresh. 

    And then I play every major or Indy release I am interested in. The next one is probably god of war 4. the last one was horizon frozen wilds. 

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