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    posted a message on Patch 14.6 Now Live! Card Art Updates, Dalaran Heist & More

    Im going to be in the minority i feel judging by these and reddit comments but, i really don't care about this stuff. 
    I'll agree some of the card art is worse, but that is prob just a biased opinion after knowing these cards for so long.

    I do prefer the mistre.... sorry, queen of pain's new art though, the name change is just funny to me.

    At the end of the day though, i dont play the game to look at the card art. Not anymore anyway...  Looking forward to the 100 petitions that will change nothing though.


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    posted a message on I don't get it. Why is RoS icon a bird?

    Next year. Year of the bird confirmed!!!

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    posted a message on Patch is here

    The patch is live.. even on EU.  Not a Troll.

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    posted a message on Whats your spicy tech in your pirate warrior list?

    I love pirate warrior because hearthstone has so many fun and unique mechanics.
    But we can ignore all them and just hit face.
    Adapt?  Elementals?  Quests?   Nahhh.
    Lets hit face and make the game boring for everyone!!! Yay!!

    My spicy tech is a rope to use around my neck at the end of the day.

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    posted a message on Discover mechanic and Quest Cards

    Wow..  Xuxazoo you just got roasted.

    Such a friendly forum. 

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    posted a message on New Hearthstone Mechanic: Quests.
    Quote from Crucinel >>

    Well, this is awkward.

     Yeah... I was going to put the same thing.  I know i had seen this same thing mentioned about a year ago.

    I was for it then, and I still would like to see it implemented now. 
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    posted a message on #2 Legend Loyans Jade Shaman

    Just to give my two cents on this deck.  Just played around 7-8 matches,  didn't lose one.
    Against some variants of pirate warrior, jade druid, renos etc.   (Mostly pirate warrior though).

    I tried with one change,  -1  White Eyes     +1  Bloodlust.
    I have White Eyes,  but it has never been that good for me in the past.
    Even though OP is quoted as saying  "stop putting bloodlust"
    It was the final blow everygame.    Not even in an aggro kind of way,  top decking mode with 2-3 totems out most of the time.

    So from my experience,  roll with the bloodlust.  White eyes wouldn't of won it for me in all of my games.

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    posted a message on MSoG Buffadin - Counter to Pirates!
    Quote from dangertrout >>

    pffffffffffffft "hey everyone" you sound like shaggyxlfdy

     reported for abuse
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    posted a message on Druid Card Reveal - Jade Blossom

    Jade lotus gang will use stealth and jade golem to crush their opponent

    A slightly better translation from blizzards page.

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    posted a message on Will Nat Pagle finally see play in Gadgetzan ? =)
    Quote from Dracula666 >>


    Discussion at it's finest. 

    Great use of that first post.
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    posted a message on A recent opponent would like to be your friend

    Sad thing is,  you would never get the chance to say a nice thing like that in reply.
    You are already off their friends list before you read the first word.

    Why are friends so hard to find :(

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    posted a message on A recent opponent would like to be your friend

    Everytime It's the same friendly greetings.  Such nice words.

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    posted a message on Playing an aggro net deck is fine... But have a little respect.

    In this thread,  aggro players get salty when losing.
    Wow confirmed best trigger 2016.
    Wow....  Face again? I would of never expected, Wow..

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    posted a message on What is dead may never die
    Quote from Ragneto >>

    Is WR my win record? Today, I'm around 6-2 with the deck, I believe. If not, then sorry, I don't know the term. As of now, I'm at rank 15. Priest of the Feast didn't make the cut because I want to try to keep the number of minions at a minimum to escape the jaws of feared cards such as Hex and Polymorph. PotF is a kind of taunt in that if the opponent sees it, they're gunning for it immediately. In addition, there's enough heals in the deck that PotF isn't needed. 

     But surely them targetting your 4 mana drop with a hex/poly etc is a hell of alot better, than them still holding onto it, and removing something you spend 10mana to take.   If you got no targets worth removing then the mind controls seem like huge tempo losses.
    I will try this and maybe something similar if i have time,  probably Tournament medics out in exchange for PotF. 
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    posted a message on Arcane Giants (Gang up/Mill Rouge)

    Well, Enjoy your 3 heal earthen rings.  No options for rouges.

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