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    posted a message on Baleful Banker is one of the sleepers of the set

    This card is actually ridiculous, maybe it's just me but i've seen no love for this card. It's an absolutely amazing card that will drastically limit design space, as now every class can go infinite or make a sick OTK (looking at you rogue, priest, paladin). It's a huge buff to control paladin because you can add more Zolas or brewmasters to your to deck with it, or a horseman, or tirion, etc. In priest it makes wild OTKs possible in probably a huge amount of ways, im personally looking at embrace darkness squashing OTK in wild. I love this card because it opens up entirely new lanes of decks that people might not discover for months, and yet I see very little appreciation for it. at 2 mana it's so aggressively costed that you can put it in any deck pretty much and get insane value with extreme flexibility depending on the matchup. I think this card will be gamebreakinig in some way; thoughts?


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    posted a message on How can people complain about Hearthstone?

    Because we care about the game. Hearthstone is free, but that doesn't reduce the passion people feel for the game. I personally love this game, and want to see it get better and more balanced. People complain because they're frustrated sometimes, but out of love for the game too.


    Additionally as linkblade said, if we didn't blizzard would take advantage of us in every way they could, they want our money not our love lol.

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    posted a message on Cards that never should've been printed
    Quote from Rjomario >>

    Damn that Reynad video reminded me of Imp-losion.

    Now there's a card that just makes you go 'wft'

     implosion is by far the worst card ever made, i played old demon zoo old the time, and that card singlehandedly won or lost games
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    posted a message on Cards that never should've been printed
    Quote from DontFeedtheEmu >>

    LOL! I just realized almost all the cards you listed are pings. 

    Sooooo my question its....

    Do you main Zoolock, or Bubble Paladin?

     nope, random damage in the early game is simply an unhealthy mechanic, because it provides a huge amount of tempo that can snowball games
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    Quote from TheOmniDerp >>
    Quote from kkbubble >>
     The things with all cards mentioned here is that none of them effect the board in game winning ways on turns 1 and 2. Im fine with RNG, it's a card game so it inherently has random factors, but there shouldn't be RNG effects that effect the board that early in the game, and in such powerful ways.
     but they really don't! I mean, knife juggler is broken, but aside from that they're just 1 damage. 1 damage that almost never matters. Sure, when it does matter it ends up hitting your 4/1 azure drake, but that's just what will happen, and in no way  do they win the game on the turn they are played. (again, aside from juggler, firewalker (the knife juggler of spells), and totemic if he gets golem) 
     if you think that one damage on T1 2 and 3 don't matter i think you have never once played a game in which one of the decks was a aggro or midrange deck. Here;s an example
    Hunter plays [card[Fiery Bat[/card] on T1.
    shaman plays Tunnel Trogg
    hunter attacks the bat into the Trog, if the ping hits face the shame can play feral spirit and then the frog gets out of control and deals a huge amount of damage. Or it hits the Trog and the hunter gains a huge amount of tempo.
    or for example, if a Zoolock plays [card[Argent Squire[/card], then you play [card[Flame Juggler[/card]. if you hit face, the zoo lock can the Abusive Sergeant on the squire and kill the juggler for free, and then play another 1 drop on top of that. While if the ping hit the squire, the zoo has one less 1/1 on the board.
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    posted a message on Cards that never should've been printed

    Tuskarr Totemic

    Huge Toad

    Fiery Bat

    Flame Juggler

    Knife Juggler

    Arcane Missiles



    all of these cards are extremely unhealthy for the game, and unfun to play against. as early as turn 2 the entire game can be decided by a Fiery Bat 50/50. These are great examples of cards that have bad RNG, as opposed to cards like Netherspite Historian which is an excellent form of RNG, because it doesn't affect the board state. 

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    posted a message on The most tactical card I can think of

    Freeze mage says hi

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    posted a message on The sleeper OP deck
    Quote from Sherman1986 >>
    Quote from kkbubble >>
    Quote from Sherman1986 >>
    Quote from kkbubble >>

    The Nightbane Templar is the main card that put the deck over the tipping point, without it this idea is probably better in Warlock.

    LOL, this deck has only 4 dragons to trigger Nightbane Templar battlecry, which is a very low number. Just tell me you are joking.
      4 dragons is actually pretty consistent, seeing as people are saying that Tiger into Warden is Op and will happen frequently (and it will) there is no reason to believe that triggering the templar on turn 3 or 2 is unlikely.
    You probably have never played a dragon deck then.
     that is quite the assumption considering dragon mage and paladin are some of my favorite decks, no need to act that way.
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    posted a message on The worst moments in the Hearthstone meta.

    By far Undertaker Hunter

    that was the most ridiculous curve in the game. The only thing that comes close imo is old patron

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    posted a message on The three cards that killed priest when they cycled out.
    Quote from Davaretta >>
    Quote from kkbubble >>
    Quote from 4_Mana_2_7 >>

    I don't know why so much tears over Priest, it's not like Rogue and Paladin are Top classes right now. Paladin in Standard went to the trash can and Rogue has been there since TGT.

     Paladin will be top tier in ONIK meta tho. Dragon Paladin is the only class other than hunter which will be able to counter Tiger into Warden, (Hunter with deadly shot, and paladin with equality consecration). Also i predict that ZooBot Paladin will be strong.
    But yeah rouge is in a rough spot too.
    I'll believe it when I see it. Most Paladin players aren't too optimistic from what I've seen. Equality + Consecration is a combo just like Auchenai + Circle of Healing: it's great, but you need to have the right pieces in your hand at the right moment.
     Aucheni circle cam't kill three 5/5s, two with stealth
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