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    I want to make something clear here.

    I am very aware that 'nothing good is free'. But then again, why make something half-assed for free? I'm not gonna complain about the content in this here Rumble Run, I want to talk about replay-value.

    I would have enjoyed this expantions solo-content more if I had to work for it. I'm mostly disapointed that you only need to play (if you are lucky) once. Compared to Dungeon Run/Witchhunt (which I can still enjoy to this day, even if it was released a year ago), where they gave you motivation to play because you need to complete the scenarios with each class. If they made Rumble Run in the same way, I would have enjoyed it more, because it gave me a challange. The reward is the same, but the challange is (imo) ignored. The Dungeon Run didn't give you anything more in terms of rewards than this does, except motivation to play it again. This was like having a fun time, without the fun part.

    I have read alot about people that expected something totally different than the earlier solo-content, but that is hard to do onoa limited platform. If they find a good way for players to enjoy a mode, I don't mind getting the same enjoyable mode again.

    This time they gave us chickenbones with no meat.

    Edit: Even if the reward is the same, you want to feel good about how you achieved it.

    Edit #2: Everyone who play once every day will complete this in the first week, and that doesn't feel very speciall at all.

    Done with the edits...

    Edit #3: Actually just waiting for Fluxflashor to join the party :D

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    posted a message on Rastakhan's Rumble Run - A Hearthstone Single Player Experience

    I don't think we get any packs for completing the Rumble Run, just the cardback. But they usually throw in some new quests that allows players to win packs, pretty sure they did every other expansion.

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    Yeah, he had like 25+ HP and 25+  armor :P, just Druid things...

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    posted a message on Top Hearthstone Decks From DreamHack Atlanta 2018

     Orange's "Deathrattle Priest" looks interesting

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    posted a message on Cloneball is This Week's Tavern Brawl!

    I mean, someone actually get paid for delivering this?


    Edit: It's like:

    Dev: What to do?
    Bird: Crah.
    Dev: Kool, lets do it,
    Bird: *Sigh*

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    I think it's a shame that a person has no imagination on thier own and that they can't possibly think a card like this is good... Probably doesn't fit in that netdecked arsenal of yours. I think this is interesting. First off, even if you draw all the weapons you packed in the deck (Arcanite Reaper, Gorehowl), you might restack with Dead Man's Hand, and it might have synergy with Bladed Gauntlet, if it uses your armor when revealed, we don't know yet. Use some imagination, don't just discard a card because you can't find a deck for it yet. Make it work.

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    Jesus... To all of you who just can't get yourselfs to read the FIRST line after the card image:

    Card Clarifications

    • Any Feral Gibberers created by the effect and placed in your hand do not come with their buffs.
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    posted a message on Mike Donais on Frozen Throne's Impact on Hearthstone, The Final Design Team

    Go even further man, put only the mouse up your ass and go legend.

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