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    Am I crazy or does this card seem broken?

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    Quote from SlydE >>
    Quote from chottomatte >>
    Quote from fusilli >>

    Owned after the duplicate protection rule and disenchanted counts as owned. They did that not long after introducing it to stop people easily farming nerfed cards for bonus dust.

     >easily farming

    I mean, yes, putting your credit card number is easy. But having to pay money to "easily farm" dust not so much.  

    You understand what the trick would be, right? It would only work when a card is nerfed and you get a full refund.

    By DEing the nerfed cards, you would 100% get them back in packs before any other with the same rarity. I was an obvious exploit, and not a fun one to do either. Now you need all other cards of the rarity first, and then you have an equal chance to get your missing card as any other.

    Oh, not long ago I completed my Classic collection, I am kind of looking forward to opening my first duplicate legendary in years!


    In regard to the Classic set, I also have every card.  However, I was wondering if the rule still applies to legendaries?  What I mean is, I would like to try and attempt to get a specific legendary to pop in gold.  I assume you can no longer disenchant a legendary, say Archmage Antonidas, with a full set and then to expect to get it with your next legendary, correct?

    I have lots of Classic packs saved up in case they introduce more cards like they did in the past and additionally haven't opened them in case it's still possible to 'pick' the next legendary you open.

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    I'm seeing both.  In the game engine, the exclamation point over the Shop icon led me to the 35 packs for $29.99.  However, within the Battle.net app Shop tab, I'm offered the 20 packs for $19.99 (which is preferable to me).  Make sure you check out both places if you want one over the other.

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    Quote from czapejro >>
    Quote from Krishno_NL >>

    if there are 4 legendaries in the miniset then buying it for 2000 gold is much better then buying packs... packs will give you only 20 packs, and 1 legendary is a chance of 1 in 40 packs... so 4 legendaries in 20 packs is 1 in 5 packs... thats huge... 

    I still doubt blizzard will be that... euh...  (whats the opposite of greedy?)

    no, get your facts straight before posting please

    the chance of getting a legendary is 5%, so 1 in 20 packs

    it's the pity timer that is raising the chance of getting a legendary by some amount with each pack you open and getting to around 99% by 40th pack(i'm saying 99% as there have been very  rare cases of people getting their guaranteed legendary in as far as 43rd pack)

     "get your facts straight" says the guy spouting off inaccurate numbers.

    --It's not 5% after a pity timer reset; the incremental chances are unknown, but becomes 100% chance after 39 packs.

    --Nobody has ever gone 43 packs unless they were mistaken or they were dealing with a patch released with a glitch with new expansion (but mostly people were getting exceeding amounts of duplicates the one time something happened)

    --I have dedicatedly tracked two accounts for every expansion beginning with Witchwood and have never gone over 40.  I have a slightly better legendary percentage than 1 in 20 (though this could be because I included the guaranteed legendary within the first 10 packs of a new set).

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    I got it first try and I assume that's because I beat her fast.  She didn't summon her first 5/8 until I had lethal lined up, but don't ask me the strategy as I was zoned out while simultaneously watching football.

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    Well am I not allowed to level it up?  I don't think I'm even level 40 and only 100 ranked wins or so.  Please sir let me play DH occasionally?

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    I have 80k+ dust plus a bunch of extras of cards I anticipate could be nerfed on my main account.  I also have a f2p account that has 60k+ dust.  Just do your dailies relentlessly and it's easy to get there.  Occasionally when I'm super bored, I knock out the weekly Tavern Brawl/dailies on my Europe and Asia regions and both have 70+ unopened packs from assorted sets and 15k+ gold.

    I've been playing since 2015 without missing dailies so that helps.

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    Track your pity timers.  I would also be unlikely to open any legendaries with this bundle.

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    Quote from Andrei2007 >>

    I wish we got something fresh in arena and not just standard forever. Makes it boring.

    Blizzard is intentionally killing arena, hence no word on updates (or lack thereof) in regard to the format.

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    Nobody plays it because they refuse to update it and have instead chosen to push people toward Battlegrounds.  I much prefer Arena, but not with the current meta.

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    Quote from Inzan1ty >>
    Quote from InfernalDark >>

    Bg's are the worst crap in this game right after adventures imo

     And to that I say "Amen", I've touched this Gimmick of a Gamemode exactly ONCE, and never looked back. That ridicolous high Time Pressure / Decision making is just not my cup of coffee at all, but I'am sure it fits younger folks / nerdy kids.

    Annoyingly this is getting way more attention than it deserves, now even making it into the Hearthstone General Discussions.

    I agree with all of this. I'm ready to quit Hearthstone because the mode I like most (arena) gets zero attention in favor of the complete shit show that are BGs.  Nothing about the mode appeals to me so it really sucks they abandoned working on the other aspects of Hearthstone to promote this crap. To each his own I suppose, but I've played Hearthstone nearly since the beginning and BGs are just awful.

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    Battlegrounds are a cesspool. Downvotes incoming, but I hate the mode and think it's just awful. I am, however, all for trial and error nerfs and un-nerfing, including the Hall.  More than anything, it's refreshing that they consider reverting cards and "admitting" mistakes (or at least recognize that within certain metas some nerfed cards aren't that powerful).

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    I love Open the Waygate but unfortunately the OP may be correct.  I typically only play a super-meme mill highlander version with Vargoth, Drakkari Enchanter and Violet Illusionist and it still gets the job done nearly half the time.

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    Quote from woolong >>

    why would you people level dh........... you get no rewards or cards......... noobs

     You would receive the golden class set cards as you level up.  Some people like golden cards.  Too complicated?

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    Quote from Moonunit001 >>

    PW:S is there dude, it costs 0 now! So I think they must be axing DS or IF, else the combo is too much too fast.

     Perhaps you didn't notice, but it no longer draws a card.  Pretty huge nerf without the draw.

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