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    (As with all the other entries today, just pretend it has the Old Gods watermark.)

    It's not like Y'Shaarj was ever intended to be played competitively. But it's so slow, it's difficult to use even in a fun deck. As much as I'm enjoying the doubled end-of-turn effects and the negative battlecries, what I really want with my card is some good old-fashioned Rush. This card can bypass taunt too - but, sorry, no face damage - and if you summon a minion with charge, the random attack will count as their first-turn attack. Up to and including Y'Shaarj, here's just some of the ways this card could entertain and infuriate your friends:

    Bring back that Grim Patron synergy, with a little bit of RNG thrown in - but hey, if their board is full of 1-2 attack minions, you've got nothing to fear.

    Combine with clumsy minions. Who knows what will happen?

    Possessed VillagerTwilight Summoner, or Mounted Raptor, anyone? Maybe even a Harvest Golem? If you're playing wild, don't forget the Shredders. Actually, even Loot Hoarder or any other deathrattle could get utility out of this.

    Don't forget that the "after" means the battlecry happens first, allowing for a bit more control that way.

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    go buy a shorter horse

    (lower horse? idk man I tried)

    you can like a game more than another game without being the enlightened vicar of card games. as far as I can tell, it's hearthstone with different cards and an uglier (though very shiny) interface. the lanes are kinda interesting

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    hiya, how about we stop using the word r*tarded, I've really enjoyed this thread and wouldn't want to have to leave it because of an unnecessary slur.

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    Alright, here are the heroes I've decided to change:

    (whoops, just pretend Hanzo still has "Immune while attacking", he was supposed to keep that)

    Let me know what you think!

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    I really wish I had a recording of this because it was so weird, and so fun.

    So, I was playing my Renounce Darkness deck (not in ranked obviously), and I got Shifter Zerus from Dark Peddler some time before playing Renounce Darkness, which gave me random Druid cards.

    I ended up with a Dark Arakkoa, and I thought "well ok at least it's 5 mana for a beefy taunt". But then Shifter Zerus turned into C'Thun himself! I'm already thinking like "what is gonna happen here..." so of course I have to play Dark Arakkoa. The animation where C'Thun pops up on the side of the board didn't play, so I thought it fizzled, but when I looked in my hand, the buffs were there! Well, cool, so that happened, but it doesn't really matter since it's not like I'll be able to play this C'Thun.

    Next turn, Shifter Zerus turns into an Emperor Cobra... but a 5/6! It kept the +3/+3 buff that it got from Dark Arakkoa. And every minion it shifted into after that had +3/+3. I eventually played it as a 10/10 Obsidian Destroyer, which wasn't the best it could've been but I was losing tempo.

    It's a weird-as-hell combo that's almost completely impossible to replicate on purpose, and not really worth trying, but dude it was sweeeet.

    TL;DR: Shifter Zerus transforms into C'Thun. I play Dark Arakkoa and it gets +3/+3; and then every minion it transforms into after that keeps the +3/+3.

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    The zones aren't really the problem here. The problem is the long-lasting effect. In hearthstone, spells can't have continuous effects, only minions can. If you want a spell that has a continuous effect, it has to give a minion that effect. It's not like in MTG where we have Enchantments that stay on the board independent of minions.

    Also, let's look at your first spell, Ring of Frost. Say you cast it on the left side of the board, well then your opponent will just summon all their minions to the right side and completely ignore it! If you place it on the right side of the board, then it's totally OP against Paladin and sometimes Shaman.

    What I would prefer is to see more cards like Cone of Cold and Explosive Shot, but useful enough to get run more often.

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    Buffing health tends to be cheaper than buffing attack - compare to Power Word: Shield and Divine Spirit. Maybe this could help your minions survive the turn for Competitive Spirit to activate? Or at least make that mage use their Flamestrike instead of Arcane Explosion. Or if your deck is full of 1-health minions for synergy with Steward of Darkshire, now they've all got divine shield and 3 health!

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    I made a battlecry shaman a while back surrounding this exact idea, so it was cool to get some ideas from this thread. It's still not gonna be high-tier, but any deck with Brann in it is fun to play. Also Tunnel Trogg is still a great 1-drop, even with only a couple overload cards - I also recommend Sir Finnley Mrrglton, since Shaman HP isn't very useful for this deck (plus another battlecry).

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    I'm sure we all saw this coming - actually I'm sure I'm not the first person to do this, but I hope you all enjoy my take on this! Unfortunately I couldn't put the OW logo as the watermark, so instead have some hearts. (Some cards I may have additional comments about design or balance which I'll put under spoilers.)


    Pharah is very powerful, but like in OW, she needs to be defended. It's best to play her with a taunt on the battlefield, or better yet put her in a Rogue deck to give her stealth for a turn. McCree, well, it's High Noon somewhere in the world (compare to Rhonin for balance).



    I decided to let Turret Configuration keep the 6 mana cost because it is a legendary, and you already went to the trouble of transforming it. If it gets sapped, I think you should be able to play it again for only that much. But the Tank Configuration had to cost 10.


    Nothing, just Mei is really cute oh gosh. The light of my life. Protect her. Also hope you like them 7-drops. They're a bit more balanced than Dr. Boom I think.


    5 Mana for a 3/6 and a 3/4 is already damn good, which is why both have to survive for the effect to work. Widowmaker's battlecry is intended to be Recon Visor, btw.


    Just like in OW, it's pretty damn difficult to get your mech back after it's destroyed - so it's very satisfying if you do manage. Maybe windfury can finally be more useful.


    I imagine when Roadhog's ability activates there would be an animation with him hooking the enemy. Also, Zarya's ability includes herself - if you play her alone, that's a 6/8 with divine shield and taunt.


    Note that Mercy's and Zenyatta's abilities don't say "damaged friendly minion/character", meaning it's possible the ability will target a minion/character that's at full health and fizzle. I chose to do this not only because I ran out of room for text, but also because their abilities have 2 parts so you're still getting plenty of use out of it even if the healing fizzles.


    The damage from the turrets is dealt before the actual attack, meaning if your enemy attacks with a minion with 4 or less health, it will die before it deals damage. OP? Well, she's 9 mana, and there are plenty of ways to deal 2 damage to a minion without attacking.

    So, what do you guys think? These characters have lots of different abilities and plenty of different ways to represent them, and this is just my interpretation. I somewhat wish I'd given Mercy a resurrect ability, or had Mei put a Blizzard into your hand, but overall I'm pretty happy with the choices I've made. But of course, comments and criticisms are welcomed!

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    Intended to fill the hole in standard left by Deathloard. A beefy taunt for cheap, but used more for protecting your other minions rather than your face. Or, if you're a Priest, you can get plenty of utility out of this. Also realize that if they overkill this minion, it will still only deal 8 damage to your hero - and remember that attackers are taking 3 damage from this minion rather than 0 damage from hitting your face.

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