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    I guess 18 deck slots really were too much for him. Really sad to see him go. His enthusiasm for the game showed especially in the trailers. They were quite funny.

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    To start off I am very happy that they are taking arena into consideration with constant tweaks and changes. However, I have to side with ADWCTA. It should not be done on an arena run that you have paid for with gold you have had to grind to earn. I'm sure they feel we would be too confused by an arena option when you start a run that is a test realm type of option. It could be free or like 50 g to enter that tells you up from that they are trying some tweaks and the rewards will not be 300-400 g for 12 wins. For incentive to players give them the pack still for playing so that the player has something to show for being a guinea pig. This would be a win-win for Blizzard. The player gets to have fun with a new arena experience while Blizzard data to aid in their decision making.

    Just to reiterate. I should not have to wonder if I am being ripped off spending my hard earned gold by bugs or card rate drops. Team 5 works for a big enough company that acting as if they have no way to test  changes other than on live servers is bogus. And if they want to do it anyways make sure the player is aware of the fact and offer incentives to take part in the testing. Anyways Team 5 keep up the good work and please do keep experimenting with new ideas.


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    I'm guessing the new expansion that is coming out is causing many of the casual arena players like myself to save gold. Rather than get more packs of gadgetzan. The more hardcore players who buy packs with real money and infinite players are left. This increases the skill level quite a bit.

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    posted a message on Reno will be moved to clasic 100%


    Quote from Liam3Bucks >>

    One word: Wild

     Exactly. You can still play him. It's called wild.
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    It feels like this is going to be a way for Blizzard to get people to spend their gold that they have been saving up. At a 1000g a whack it will eat up peoples gold reserves if they are not smart or very good at the game. Then conveniently out will come a new expansion and now Blizzard gets people to spend more real dollars because the vast majority myself included will not be able to break close to even on their investment.

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