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    very scary with shaman's unstable evolution

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    posted a message on Sneed's Old Shredder

    Honestly, one of the coolest cards I've crafted in gold. Great in Shaman.

    First hand, this card shines when the meta relies primarily on silences, direct damage, or destruction removal. The fact that it is 7 health instead of 5 is relevant and avoids most clears and I put that for a premium. The deathrattle high rolls a few win conditions, hadronox, reno jackson, literally any death rattle, aviana, professor paletress, and kel. With the new legendaries and spirit echos, you can generally take advantage of anything.

    Sneed eats so many high quality removals that they generally don't have a good answer to what is inside. 

    This card is relatively weak compared to rag versus a similar midrange deck.
    It is slow and you can end up dying because you had to deal with the board first.

    Great beat down card, requires a lot of support in terms of clears and heal, but there is nothing in this game that fills it's role.


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    posted a message on Sated Threshadon

    in wild, for 1 mana more you can get sneed's old shredder

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    posted a message on Stonehill Defender

    a card that can tie together a shaman deck,

    capable of digging for an elemental card to set up for a strong conditional

    dig for a deathrattle for nzoth

    dig for a dirty rat vs quest rogue (all shaman decks have a 30% or less wr vs it)

    dig for burst (alkir)

    dig for heal (hot spring)

    works great with spirit echos (pain in the ass card to remove for its cost)

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    that flavur text LOL

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    posted a message on Shadow Visions

    design quality is day and night from this and primordial glyph

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    posted a message on Direhorn Hatchling

    substantially better than white eyes the shaman legendary

    you can run 2 of them, they have high health pools, and they or the momma can be pulled through curator

    nzoth walls are much easier to pull off compared to a ancestral spirit + manipulator or spirit echos combo

    definitely the backbone of taunt warrior, that and that drake

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    posted a message on Al'Akir the Windlord

    STILL way too weak, even for the elemental shaman package

     a shame

    it was a fun card

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    alot of draw mechanics being introduced in ungoro, seeing fringe play in other classes than warlock 

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    posted a message on Frozen Crusher

    Its good in the sense it can draw out removal without forcing out lifepoints, curves into blaze caller and using a silence.


     it plays essentially as a 4/8 for 6, and is weak to shatter. Cool card imo and great for f2p players.

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