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    Cut 1 ironbeak Owl for tirion currently 10-1 pleasantly surprised with how well it is working.

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    Tried to beat this boss with mage and rogue always came up short. Read comments for this gave it a go finished in first attempt. 

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    Curb stomped boss on 1st attempt wasn't even close. One tip that I can offer is mulligan for equality completely makes the match lopsided in your favor.

    I thought this was suppose to be hard.....

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    Took this into consideration and didn't play ladder until yesterday warsong nerf went into affect. After playing several gamesi saw  a huge surge in aggro and midrange decks. And after 18 years of playing MTG I can't resist a solid control deck so i opted to craft Justicar Trueheart. As soon as she was crafted I put her into Control Priest, Control Warrior, And MIdrange Paladin, in these 3 decks the amount of value she produces is absurd she has helped me win games where previously i wouldn't not have even had a chance.  one Game i was down to 7 health against a Tempo mage and was in top deck mode with my paladin. I managed to stick a murloc knight turn 9. turn 10 drew justicar hero powered into a second murloc knight played justicar hero powerd again and from there steamrolled my way to victory.


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