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    Not at all. It’s just to show I have a long understanding of the game and have seen every meta. No point in being rude. 

    People seem to be missing my point. This deck type was toxic before. Why print it again? I also can’t believe they put it in hunter of all classes and in a quest which is drawn every game. 

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    I have been playing Hearthstone since beta. The most brutally insufferable deck of all time has to be machine gun priest. Fast forward to today. Someone thought it would be a good idea to make machine gun hunter which is much faster… why on earth?! 

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    Sorry for the negativity, but I have been playing since Nax, 20,000 wins and have never been more disappointed in the meta for both standard and wild. 

    I have always been a staunch defender of the game and routinely told people to build decks if they want to counter certain things. I was surprised the first iteration of secret Paladin and secret mage was not nerfed but here we are again years later and it’s worse than ever. 

    I am not saying this to bash the game or the players or anything like that. I am simply begging Blizzard to gain awareness of how terrible the game is right now. I have hope it can be fixed but I need to take a break for a while and cannot return until it is. 

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