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    I asked, you replied, and I said there was no more reason to talk about it after that reply. Ergo, don't try to get a parthian shot in, just drop it,

     I don't understand to be honest, I mean you leave an incorrect remark on your replies, and expect me not to correct them?

    Just as a rule to stick by. If truly don't want there to be more conversation on the subject, it might be best to end the conversation on a remark that is unlikely to be replied to. Telling me I should be ashamed of playing Infinite Burn Mage, or that the deck is not challenging to pilot when it is easily proven otherwise, is probably not the best way to do it. Specially when the reply is directed at me, because those I will see and likely reply to.

    I really tried, but you've honestly completely beaten me there. The remark part, that is. Touché.

     A good tip for ending conversations.. avoid ALL sidenotes.  If it doesn't pertain to the actual topic, resist the urge to comment on it.  

    For all of how large my posts get, I've had a LOT of times when I've had to gut several paragraphs out beforehand because I talked about something beside the point and realized I didn't want to get into a discussion about it.  

    Alternatively, if you want to leave the comment, and someone replied and you don't want to get into it... hit the back button.  

    Myself I've saved myself A LOT of typing by just reciting in a superhero tone "Someone is wrong on the internet!"  It's a reminder that it's NOT THAT important to get into internet debates and that it's perfectly fine to let people be wrong or in a disagreement with you.  

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     I understand the HOF and see the point but I think it's a bit different because there are different classes that can play Malygos decks.  It's not just one group of cards like freeze mage and no single deck has been around for years.  Malygos plays much differently in its different class decks even if the end goal is generally the same.  but you could say the same for Leeroy and some other classic legendaries.  The classic set are old things that are for standard.  

    Maybe i'm just biased but I find a card like Malygos a lot more interesting to have in play than Mechathun or Hakkar, and I think more cards in standard is generally going to be better.

     There's been many classes that have played Malygos.  However, they do NOT play very much differently from one another.  It's always been a case of 1. stall with removal or taunts until you have Maly. 2. Find a way to acquire Maly+ cheap spells 3. Drop maly and nuke.  Maly is the CAUSE of the deck, and is always there looking for that combination to unleash itself.  

    You can say the same for Mechathun, and you should.  But remember, the issue isn't Maly's capabilities. It's Maly's location.  A Maly put out in Rumble or Un'Goro or any expansion set would be an awesome card.  

    But the fact that you wish to keep Maly around to keep playing.. that's proof of the problem.  Standard is meant to force you to give up your decks and move on to new things.  The entire concept of "I like it and I want to keep playing it" is exactly what Wild is supposed to be for.  You should NOT be playing with the same cards you did 2 years ago.

    I could say the same for Leeroy.  And Ragnaros.  And Sylvanas.  And Ice Block.  And you get what I'm hinting at.  The SECOND a meta revives Leeroy as a major lynchpin like he was in 2014, he's going to be pegged for HoF as well.  In fact, I'm sure blizzard will be having a discussion about Velen and whether he's too prominent in priest.

    If this feels like gutting Classic, turning it into a set of cards that are just stand ins with expansion cards being the real sources of a deck's power...that's the goal.  Trust me, it's the softer of options: there's a rather vocal community that wants the ENTIRE SET HoFed and replaced wholesale every few years.  If blizzard could pull it off without alienating F2P players and folks who leave the game and return later, they'll probably highly consider it.


    But the point is, Standard is not the place if you want to fall in love with a card, a deck, an anything and keep with it.  This is for the folks that are willing to scrap it all away and start from the beginning over and over.  This is the world of Chaos and permanent change, of the destruction of tradition and letting go of old flames.  

    The second that stops being appealing-once you find something you wish to keep-it's time to enter the world of Wild.  

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    Cool story:  I started playing Gallery Priest after my failed experiment to build a Warlock deck that would beat Gallery Priest.  I just finished a battle where my opponent played control lock built to beat Gallery Priest.  He had Gnomeferatus and Demonic Project like I did, but he also ran the card that destroyed half of each players deck.

    He burnt my Malygos with the card that destroys half the deck.  He transformed my Velen with Demonic Project.  But, I was able to win on the back of Liche King and Lyra anyway.  Even though his strategy executed perfectly it still wasn't enough.  I felt bad and tried to friend him, but denied.  (I usually don't accept friend requests either so I understand)


     what makes Cloning priest work is that it's not a one trick pony.  It LOOKS like one at first but, in truth, it has a lot of secondary win conditions.  Cloning-into-burn is just it's high roll insta-easy-win.  It can work just fine similar to odd rogue.  A late game version of one but still, same "scrap together 30 damage from somewhere" angle. 

    That's why the warlock deck fails.  It's entire purpose is to nuke the 'key card' to destroy the deck, beyond perhaps nuking both mindblasts, that's probably not going to cut it especialyl if you can't handle the big minions in the deck along with it.

    It's a pretty awesome deck all together, off the back of what was deemed one of the worst cards of Boomsday. Makes me wish I crafted Velens.. and really cared to run combo style decks (nothing against it, just never had much fun with those styles of decks)


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    posted a message on Will the loss of Radiant Elemental signal the welcome deathknelll of Mindblast Priest?
    Quote from lite0 >>


    I don't think Malygos should be hall of famed.  It's a fine card.  I don't think team 5 has anything against OTK decks, they just printed Mechathun.


     HOF isn't for trouble cards.  Trouble cards get nerfed.  They don't dump trouble to Wild.  Wild isn't a dumping ground of bad cards.

    The concept behind HoF is that deck archetypes aren't supposed to last more than 2 years in Standard.  Afterwards, they are supposed to critically change themselves or fall away completely.  

    This was the real crime behind decks like freeze mage.  The deck itself was not a problem.  If ice block was a Rumble card it would be a fine addition to the game with us experimenting with this 'freeze mage' thing.  However, after 2 years, that deck would go away from standard

    Freeze mage never left.  It would be less useful in certain metas, but every expansion there was the question of "will this revive freeze mage?" And if it does, if came back with basically the same game style: stall with whatever removal it can gather, hunt cards, find the win condition.  We've been overall playing that same deck for 4 years until ice block rotated.  That is the problem.

    If a card or deck is a problem, it's nerfed.  If it's NOT a problem but survives past 2 years, it's HoFed.

    That's the issue with Malygos.  He spawns the same deck archetype no matter what class or what sets we have.  We've been Malygos bursting for 5 years now.  He's not a bad card.  But he's an old card.  And Standard is NOT the place for old things.  That's what Wild is for.  

    So that's why people are saying Malygos is primed for the HoF.  He's served his time.  It's time we move on to other things, like Mechathun or Hakkar or..something else.

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    posted a message on Will the loss of Radiant Elemental signal the welcome deathknelll of Mindblast Priest?
    Quote from scorpyon >>

    I think it's kind of interesting how OTK Paladin was a literally terrible deck for every expansion until it finally got a small chance to shine in this one.
    I don't hate the deck - nor do I particularly like it - it's a bit of a 1-trick-pony show for me. But I like that it has at least had a good go before the DK leaves.
    I kind of wish some of the other Quests and DKs had been given a better chance (like Quest Hunter and Quest Shaman, etc).

     That, I feel, is how a deck should 'grow' throughout it's time here.  New deck concepts should be meme/tier-4 status when it comes in, then slowly grow over time.  Then given the final piece to 'bloom' on the expansion before it's key cards go away.  

    Honestly, the big issue with just about all of the decks since the Witchwood nerf, including all of those druid ones, is how #@*()$#*) long they survived.  We loved the mess out of them between the Nerf and Boomsday.  If that was, instead, between Rumble and Rotation then we would only JUST start getting bored of Kingsbanes and Druids when it was time for rotation.  That's also why I feel the Priest and Hunter decks are overall ok: they bloomed in Rumble, and will have time to shine before they leave.  And they will leave, HARD next expansion.

    Paladin OTK will soften but wont' go away, because what made it work was the combination of the DK combo and the Tiger Combo.  The DK combo will leave but the Tiger combo will stay.  But that combo alone isn't enough to carry the deck fully.  So it'll have to heavily adapt and perhaps accept, at best, tier 2-3 status.  

    As far as Quest hunter/shaman, I think the concept of Quest hunter, throwing masses of small fries at you, will have a shot, similar to how Taunt Warrior was first made in TgT and took all the way to Un'Goro to bloom.  

    Murloc Shaman just makes no sense and probably needed to go :P.  Some ideas just aren't meant to pan out.  

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    posted a message on Deathstalker Rexxar isnt OP

    He's bothersome but not game destroying for the few months we have left of him.  In Wild he'll be easy to deal with as the card pool is too big to rely on him.

    So he's an issue we can live with that will be fixed soon.  If they REALLY want to fix him by removing a few key cards then fine, but we're not exactly talking about the Pirate meta of old in bad metas.  

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    posted a message on Will the loss of Radiant Elemental signal the welcome deathknelll of Mindblast Priest?

    You're thinking of Radiant Elemental only as the issue?

    They are also losing Shadow Visions, their DK, Guilded Gargoyle, Psychic Scream, and Spirit Lash. 

    The main reason priest burst decks even work is because they don't have to rely on ONE SPECIFIC combo to pull it off.  They can draw more burst with Visions, score some crazy blows with Lyra, and their DK lets them extend their reach.  

    Without that, the deck literally only has the OTK itself.  And they can't even pull coins or discount their spells to make THAT work.

    Even if Maly isn't HoFed, and I'm pretty sure it will be, the entire archetype is dead.  

    As for blizzard and OTK, Blizzard has been shown to be willing to change their design philosophy, so trying to lock them down permanently to old sayings really isn't going to work long term.  As far as THAT specific line, they have kept away from the old styled combo decks that kill you by turn 6, like Miracle Rogue.  Meanwhile, it's pretty darn clear that they are experimenting with Combo decks again by making them late game if not pure fatigue, like Mechathun and Hakkar. 

    And honestly I think they did a good job of it.  YES, they feel insane now but we're at teh end of the cycle. The decks should be 100% refined and at max power at this point, similar to how Reno decks became fully stable at the time of Mean Streets.  They do need some tweaking,  mostly in them needing to be vulnerable to aggro, as our combo decks seem to be more 'anti-control greed' rather than 'fast combo' like the old days.  We also need a stronger midrange that can deal with them.

    (no, they should still rock fatigue.  You should be afraid of something if you decide to not have a win condition of SOME type, similar to what happens if you don't have a minion above 4 mana on the aggro side)

    But yes, mind blast priest is dead, assuming the next expansion doesn't save it somehow, and typically decks that have been around a while don't survive rotation (decks made THIS expansion though will be around, so if you hate Paladin OTK..well, sorry)



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    posted a message on What you do when you are tired of HS but want to play more HS.

    Sounds like you like HS in general but dislike what you are currently doing in it.

    If you are playing Standard, play Wild.  Reverse if you normally play Wild.

    If you normally play with one archetype (i.e. a control player, or a priest player) go play something else.

    Do a '50% challenge'.  Find a card that currently isn't being used by a high tier deck, design a deck around the concept of it, then tweak it to get a 50% win rate against the opponents you are facing.  

    Play arena if you haven't in a while.  

    That sort of thing.  If none of those interest you then it just might be the meta you don't care for.  Go minimum: dailies then log out.  I know I always keep 2-3 games that I regularly play, at least at the minimum.  Right now it's Epic Seven (because hearthstone has too low of a Waifu count and I have a thing for progression systems), Hearthstone, and emulated Fire Emblem 7 when I don't have an internet connection.  Thus when I have that "I want to be 'in' this game but not interested in it now" I just jam the minimums. 

    It also helps to show your real interest in the game.  If doing the minimum is easy but you don't want to do more then it probably means you're "interested in general, but not now" and can just keep that until something new shows up (rotation, or just a new deck that's interesting).  If the minimums start to feel like chores then it might be time to consider taking a break or moving on. It's why I'm no longer playing Fire Emblem Heroes: I like the game but even the minimums feel like chores now.  

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    Quote from DadamE >>

    Does this game have anything similar to League of Legends as far as Animation Cancelling goes in order to boost your APM?

    I've played quest/otk Mage before, and it seems like the amount of time it takes archmage antionidas to generate the fireballs and have fireball animation go off, the rope begins on the last fireball just as I take someone from 30 -> 0 

    Just played against a Quest/combo/otk type mage who pulled out archmage, dropped all sorc apprentices hesitated for a "Hello" emote... then cleared my board of 5 minions, and still 30 -> 0'd me without any sign of the rope.

    EDIT: I know about clicking the large picture that shows what was casted on the left side of the board

     I don't nkow the details but, oddly enough, there are such things.  You'll mostly want to check out the folks who play Tospy priest.  That deck is known as 'AMP priest' for a good reason, and you might learn a thing about queueing cards from them.

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    posted a message on Why are many players still using these non interactive decks although the win rates below average
    Quote from Lycaon55 >>

    So combo players, what is it that is pushing you towards these decks considering the win rates?



     We hate playing them.  It's torture.  The only reason we do is because, deep down, we wake up every morning thinking of how much we made your day horrible.  That's the only thing that keeps our lives worth living.  


    Or...because people like playing the decks they play and like playing the game the way they play it.  


    Choose whatever makes you feel better.

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    posted a message on Can control be built to beat Combo?
    Quote from jazzfan27 >>
    Quote from Kaladin >>

    Sure, Mojomaster Zihi is a great anti-combo tool.  

     Might be worth a craft.  I guess.  I'm a f2p player so I have to spend wisely.  Not sure that it would fit into my deck with 2x voidlords and the 10 mana DK though.  Maybe?

    Right now my top craft want it Zilliax.  Then maybe the undertaker.  (that looks fun)  But, maybe mojomaster should move up the list?


     I can vouch against Unda.  Thankfully I found him instead of crafted him so I can can safely test him out and he....just doesn't work.  

    I mean I have quite a few slow decks that have 3 good deathrattles (and I mean mech egg and Tirion good) and STILL find him just...too slow.

    The only times I could find to play him were times when I was winning and could've won with, say, a faceless on an egg, or an avenging wrath: something that can be used in other situations as well.  


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    posted a message on Surprisingly, 13.1 patch made Hunters LESS (not MORE) popular
    Quote from RavenSunHP >>

    Are we talking about nerf patch?

    Because now Hunter is still MORE popular than it was pre-nerf, https://www.vicioussyndicate.com/vs-data-reaper-report-114/ 

    Despite the meta adapting to counter it.

    If it's not the nerf patch, why should a non-nerf patch change much about the meta?

     Click on the daily graph and look at the per day listing.  Hunter started it's rise up before the nerfs were even announced.  Since the nerfs, they've been on a slow but steady decline.  Meanwhile priest is nearly as common as hunter.



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    posted a message on Is paladin DK Hero power not RNG?
    Quote from TMRobinson >>

    I understand that their chances of getting a different hero on the first two is very likely. But by pulling the minions back into their hands they are leaving themselves with the same probability as the first time they hero power'd with DK active. 

    Not meaning to be rude but there is a difference between chance and probability. and the probability of 6 out of 8 paladins in my last 10 games getting 3 unique death knights in their first 3 tries is actually not that likely. That was my whole reason for this post because i've never seen such good rng. I'm aware it's better rng odds than most other scenarios in this game but still it shouldn't be that common.

    Also now this probably belongs on the salt forum because of all your fantastic responses.

    The first try is always 100% so it's all about hitting the 2 correct knights in 2 tries. 

    So it's about a %37 chance to get it right.

    Getting 6/8 of them doing that is rather rare, maybe about a 1% chance (going off of rough calculation to get an estimate so i didn't throw that number randomly. It's going to be about 1% to geta 6/8 paladins getting it perfectly)...which is the rate of getting a legendary.

    So basically seeing 6/8 paladins get it perfectly is the same chance of opening a pack and seeing a legendary.  That INCLUDES the concept of the pity timer, just to note.

    So yeah, it's uncommon.. perhaps even rare. 

    In fact,... the chances.. are Legendary!


    (yeah, it's just chance kicking in and nothing unusual. RNG is RNG)

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    posted a message on Which do you prefer?
    Quote from xX_Clerk_Xx >>

    people have complained about the excessive aggro in the year of the mammoth, people were asking for a control meta, then in catacombs, we got one. And then people asked for an aggro meta back. No matter what type of deck is dominant, people dont like it. But i wonder which one do you like more? aggro or control?

     Chocolate ice cream is good.  french fries are good.  Too much of either sucks.  


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    posted a message on Card BUFF Suggestions Thread
    Quote from Tzon_e >>

    Well , an idea that I had, possibly bad, is to have after X turns buff. 

    For example, after you play this minion, give the first minion that you play after 3 turns +2/+2 , or divine shield, or an effect that requires some planning ahead and not just throwing your resources mindlessly on the board. Or on contrary, you could have a minion that has a battlecry text "The first minion that your opponent plays after X turns has its Atk and Health minimized by 2. 

    I don't know if that's too bad, or if it proves to be broken, but I had this idea and wanted to share it. You can now unleash hell on me :P

     Firstly what you're proposing isn't a buff to old cards. It's a new mechanic, which is best put into a new expansion.  So it doesn't really 'fit' here.

    Which is a good thing given that I'm basically saying "All this negative stuff going on here, nothing to do withyou."

    THAT SAID.. it's a cool idea and probably easier to make work than handbuffing as you can throw it out, say, at turn 1, even if you have no cards you want to buff then have it buff the card at turn 4.  You can even do crazier things like have a legendary that "gives the card you play 6 turns later Echo".  It becomes a setup for an OTK, but something your opponent can plan as they know when it would come.

    A slight alteration I would consider is to have the keyword simply set the 'delay'.  Thus you can do things like have it affect ALL minions or ALL spells, or 'the second spell'. I'd also force it to be ONLY on that turn, so if you dont' play anything on the turn it's set for you just lose it.  

    So yeah, overall a VERY interesting mechanic.  I'd honestly would suggest sending it to Blizzard via Twitter (I would recommend reddit but i'm not sure if the Hearthstone reddit is a good environment anymore for that sort of thing..they seem...odd).


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