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    Quote from vNihilism >>

    come on, it looks like Olaf from Frozen. It's not even shaped like any of the other dragons or whelps in the game. It has the characteristics of a drake, but the stature of a fat gnome with an enlarged head. Plus it's holding a map... with its Dragon hands?

    I've always figured the "explorer" cards are meant to be particularly cartoonish compared to other pseudo-tribes.

    Look no further than their most notable two mascots, Reno and Finley, for example. Bronze Explorer fits right in with the mood those two set.

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    posted a message on is there an efficient way to launch Hearthstone + Deck Tracker in a single click?

    I know it seems like a minor thing but since I play so much and often forget to launch the deck tracker I was hoping I could pair them to a single icon somehow.

    Like I know there's a button in the Deck Tracker to launch Hearthstone, but even that's delayed because (like if you add the Hearthstone.exe shortcut) it actually launches the battle.net launcher instead meaning another click needed to launch hearthstone from there, so it's really 3 clicks every time w/ delays in between.

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    posted a message on HSreplay now useless unless you pay

    I don't see how this is 'useless'. I don't even pay attention to rankings, I primarily came for the decktracking stuff (pleasant bonus you can also read card fluff - good feature to pass time!) and it also logs replays which is cool.

     I don't even undertstand what other feature OP is saying is lacking, can someone summarize to me? What is the incentive to upgrade to paid?

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