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    Mini set released about 3+ hours ago but has not released on mobile. I tried both Android and through Amazon app store. I don't understand why a release has to be this complicated to get right. Any ideas or updates?

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    Alright guys, great deck OP. I am currently 13-2 with a 87% WR. I removed Lurker below and 1 ooze and replaced them with fist and Phaoris. Phaoris comes in handy vs druids since they can't deal with big threats at once. Fist was put in for strait value. You get a lot of primes for cheap spells. It is slightly boring with OP's deck since if your opponent doesn't play anything then essentially you can't either but I vs 27% hunter, 13% Druid, Paladin, Rouge, and warlock. Take your time and you'll do fine. Also mentioned was card draw. You rarely run out of answers since you have a million clears.

    EDIT: Only games I lost was 1 to control warrior and 1 to galakrond rouge respectfully.

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    posted a message on Is Guardian Animals dead after nerfs??

    Alright guys so I started playing malygos druid again and SOTF (Survival of the fittest) druid with kelthas the last few weeks. I think GA (Guardian Animals) might be dead after nerfs. There's many games vs aggro where 50% of the time I don't even draw GA and when I do I survive by a hair. Yes I understand there's the high roll where you can cheat it out early but then you are using more cards to do it and if you don't get a taunt vs aggro or draw vs control you are most likely dead anyways. Not to mention you have to run 4-6 5 drop beats for it to be worth it and you end up drawing most of them before you cast the second GA. I think it would be better to give them taunt/rush or just taunt being it's "Guardian Animals". I'm kinda disappointed in this nerf. Maybe the 1 Mana difference won't be alot, I just feel it throws off the curve of the ramp and requires more cards to cheat early. Druids would need to run more lower curve cards to stay up with the game. What are your thoughts? Sorry for the long vent/post! Love ya!

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    posted a message on Is Mindrender Illucia worth it?

    Hey guys, I am just curious if Illucia is worth the spot in a priest deck. I have been playing a ton of priest since the expansion drop, mostly highlander and she usually ends up sitting in my hand for long periods of time. I feel shes very situational. Vs control you might get one or two good cards but just like when vsing aggro, you might play his 2-3 aggro cards and he turns around and plays your galakrond, zeph, kronx, etc. Usually highlander or thief priest are holding so much value that you don't want your opponent playing them. I get it, vs combo decks you just destroy them and they most likely concede.. but at diamond 5 i rarely see a combo deck.  In highlander i understand your card choices are limited but she seems more worth it for a tempo priest. I lost my sh*t when i first saw her released but unsure now. What are your thoughts? 

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