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    posted a message on HearthPwn's 10 Year Anniversary!

    According to my email archives, I first subscribed on April 28th 2016 which is just 2 days after the release of Whispers of the Old Gods.
    I've been a consistent visitor ever since. I really appreciate all the hard work you put over the years.

    Congrats and here's to another decade!

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    posted a message on New Features, Improvements & Cosmetic Additions Introduced In 2022

    Great summary! The game has certainly improved significantly this year.

    I'm pretty sure I remember something from a few months ago about the in-game shop getting improved performance.
    Did I imagine that?
    I mean I might as well, since there are still annoying stutters whenever you enter the shop on PC.

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    posted a message on Upcoming Changes to HearthPwn Accounts & Community Card Pack Giveaway

    Favorite moment is the Patron Warrior golden days.

    Everyone! Get in here!

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    posted a message on Windows task bar showing up when decktracker is running

    This solution doesn't work. Tried alt-tabbing, changing application focus, minimizing, alternate between window mode and fullscreen, etc..
    There's nothing I can do to make the taskbar be hidden.
    Can confirm it happened after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

    Please fix asap! Thanks :)

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