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    posted a message on An opinion: Zephrys is inherently problematic.

    I'm actually impressed with how strong zephyrs is, I'm shocked with how much I need the cards that pop up very frequently.  

    I think the main problem is his low cost.  You could increase it with his stats, even make him high value like a 4/5 for 4, and keep the mechanic so it isnt so disruptive to late game play by himself.  I've seen him played countless times with 9 or 10 mana followed up by the discovered card, which often costs 8 mana.


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    posted a message on Nerfs are not the solution- Buffs are.

    Buffs would be good to make synergies and expansion mechanics viable.  Currently a lot of mechanics basically get thrown out in favor of decks that consist of almost all classic cards.  

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    posted a message on Legendary Priest Card Reveal - Madame Lazul

     This is a good addition to the mind reading priest meta... if only it existed! Chameleos is legendary ready, so extra additions help to bulk up the deck.

    Hopefully we just havent seen the cards that go with it yet, but a pretty lackluster legendary for a mechanic that's not currently usable in standard.


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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows - Eight Revealed Cards, Expansion Information
    Quote from Muscle_Hustle >>

     I get the shaman one that basically works as a board buff, if you wanted those legendaries most people would have just put em in their deck


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