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    this card is actually pretty bad. it is a worse version of blood mage thalnos. it has 1 extra attack and health, but also costs 1 more mana. it does not liet you draw a card when you die or benefit immediately from spell damage. what it does do is allow you to play as many small 1 cost minions as possible during the turn it is summoned or 1 big legendary minion to have an extra copy next turn.  it's primary use would really just to be to spam babbling book until end of turn to fill hand with spells. but even then, you will only ever get 6 babbling books in play and your hand would basically have to be completely empty in order to gt the 6 spells and 1 extra babbling book. i see no real practical use for this card. it has a theoritically good effect but in reality it is just an effect that targets it for hard removal and the low healthb basically ensures it doesn't see play for another turn. at most you will get either a really good minion to have an extra copy or you will be able to fill your empty hand with spells from babbling book or spam your board with 1 cost elementals. i suppose their are other 1 cost minions you could play. like you could spam servant of kalmios to make all your elementals in hand very cheap. i do not really see how this is going to be very practical card however. i just think it is a weak minion with a very deceptive effeect.

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    RNG is always going to be a part of any TCG. In fact, online card games actually have less RNG than the paper ones, mainly due to the shuffling of cards, dents in cards and other things that effect proper deck draw. So, i don't think there is ever going to be a TCG in existence that has no RNG. that is a pipe dream, mainly because RNG is a natual part of any TCG and it always will be. like, what do you want? you want them to just give  you the proper hand every game? you wnt them to hand out free wins? like seriously. Hearthstone is actually pretty decent when it comes to RNG. like, opening 5 legendaries for $80 is pretty decent. You can spend that same amount on MTG cards and never see a single good card. like sure you will get rares and ultra rares, but you will hardly ever get anything that is remotely decent. In hearthstone you basically get a decent card every pack. 


    In fact, the only thing wrong with this game seems to be the negative toxic player base that make others want to kill themselves. If you are not happy with this game, please just quit. leave. go away. be gone. adios, saiyonara, avoir.  you are ruining the game with your depressing nonsensical attitudes, with your raging friend requests and borderline criminally harrasing pms. JUST LEAVE! YOU WON'T BE MISSED.

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    posted a message on Please stop and use your brains.

    when blizzard says "echo is not like unstable evolution. unstable evolution goes away end of turn - echo does not" 

    when blizzard says "charged devilsaur has a "battlecry can't attack heroes" and that is why it is not getting rush"


    please listen to them. But for the love of pete, stop your nonsense whining that unstable evolution is not getting echo keyword. stop your time wasting discussions on how echo is the same effect as unstable evolution. stop complaining that charged devilsaur is not getting rush. Just stop. you are very annoying. 


    How echo works - ACCORDING TO BLIZZARD

    echo cards do not go away from hand end of turn, it is a lasting effect

    echo does not create buffed copies of a card. only the origional stats are echoed

    echo cards when cast return to hand. these cards have echo. they stay in your hand permanently and can be replayed  as much as that turn or the following turns allow.


    this leads to two assumptions

    either : the echo cards lose their echo effect end of turn and even though the card doesn't disappear from hand, the following turn it loses the echo keyword (which makes 0 sense)

    or : echo cards allow you to play as many copies of them as you can per turn for the duration of the whole game.


    but wait : isn't that OP?


    no actually it is not my good sirs.


    wait, what?


    it is not an OP effect for multiple reasons:


    you can only ever have x amount of cards in hand. therefore the number of echo cards you want in your deck needs to be limited otherwise you always have a full hand of echo cards.

    since echo cards never go away, playing them becomes situational as you can't play them to get rid of extra cards in order to draw cards (except by discard) essentially meaning you have to strategize which cards to play first before you play the echo cards otherwise you could end up milling your deck.

    but wait : what about charged devilsaur again? i do not undestand. what about recruit. why does ysharaj not have recruit keyword.

    charged devilsaur does not have rush because it's effect is charged but it's battlecry is "can't attack heroes this turn". this means if it is recruited by a spell or a minion it can attack heroes that turn. if it had rush it would not be able to.

    ysharaj does not have recruit because of two reasons : 1 it is rotating out of standard so there was no point giving it a recruit tag. 2 : it's effect is not technically recruit? 

    wait, yes it is recruit


    no it is not recruit. all recruit cards revealed happen during the turn they arer played. ysharaj's effect occurs end of turn. this is an END OF TURN tag line. end of turn falls into the same category as deathrattle,battlecry. it is an effect that triggers when an action ends. you play card - effect happens. minion dies effect happens. turn starts, effect happens, turn ends effect happens.

    recruit is a secondary mechanic : it is an effect that is triggered by the initial effect:


    you play battlecry card - it recruits

    you play spell - it recruits

    your minion dies - it recruits a minion

    since ysharaj has a prebuilt "at the end of your turn do this" mechanic, that is technically the mechanic it is following. all other things it does are irrelevant to the card text. it could read "at the end of your turn pick your nose, fart then say the alphabet backwards you immediately win the game" and only the AT TEH END of your turn  effect is the technical effect. all other effects are secondary. 


    secondary effects are not required to be tagged. they just are not.

    charged devilsaur could indeed read "charge, battlecry: rush" but that is not necessary. rush is a secondary mechanic like recruit. the only thing that is necessary is that the initial mechanic is clarified.

    so there will never be "pick your nose, fart then say the alphabet backwards, you immediately win the game" in bold text. even if this was a mechanic, and said mechanic was given the label ACT A FOOL, the text would not need to be changed because the act a fool mechanic was released. blizzard just shouldn't have to reword cards because irrelevant secondary effects are spelled out differently. IT does however always change cards when  a initial effect is changed/released

    lifesteal, charge, rush, echo, battlecry, end of turn, beginning of turn, deathrattle. these are initial effects. 

    but when one effect proceeds another - only the initial effect matters


    battle cry : rush 

    only the battlecry effect takes precedence, the rush effect is just an effect of the battlecry.


    wait, why is unstable evolution not an echo card? i still, despite this lengthy explanation and blizzards concise to the point explanation in a video i obviously never bothered to watch do not understand

    a: not my problem

    b: because unstable evolutions effect is "repeatable this turn" and then it goes away out of the hand. blizzard has stated quite bluntly, quite factually, by a game developer, during a reveal video, when asked this question, in response to said question - that unstable evolution is not an echo card because it's effect ends and it goes away end of turn. ECHO CARDS DO NOT!


    so please just stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


    that is all.

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    posted a message on Blessing of the Raven is This Week's Brawl!

    what  a load of crap. none of these keywords have anything to do with the yera of the raven.

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    posted a message on Two New Rogue Card Reveals - Mistwraith & Pick Pocket

    he specifically states that echo cards will not go away end of turn. 

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    posted a message on Two New Rogue Card Reveals - Mistwraith & Pick Pocket

    Peter Whalen said in the reveal stream that echo cards don't disappear at the end of the turn (I thought it worked as unstable evolution, but guess I was wrong).

    So basically this means that I will have an echo card for the rest of the game in my hand? I could essentially play the same card every turn right? Essentially infinite value!



    Here minute 38:21


    i realize that what this guy said is what was said and that what was said is not what you are saying.

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    posted a message on Two New Rogue Card Reveals - Mistwraith & Pick Pocket

    omfg. no. cuz it is not an ehco card. they have already clarified this. unstable evolutions effect ends at end of turn. echo cards create copies of themselves that stay in hand and carry over to next turn. so no, they will not be changing unstable evolution as it is a totally different effect than echo. stop downvoting my comment and then making a statement which only clarifies exactly what my comment was saying. 

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    blizzard purposefully allows you to be unlucky. I swear by this. i spent years not even being able to reach rank 10. i also culdn't beaet warriorr dungeon run. after almost 500 downed bosses i was ready to just quit. then i spent $500 ont he game. mysteriously that same day i beat the warrior dungeon run on the first attempt for that day. i also went from rank 13 to rank 5 without losing a single game. that whole week, every free pack i received through gold had a legendary minion. about 3 of them also had golden epics and 2 of them had golden rares. then, eeven thouigh i suck at arena and can never get past 3 wins, i somehow miraculously hit 7 wins, 8 wiins. thiiniing this was a big mystery and must be coincidence i stopped spending money on the game for about a month. a week went by then mysteriously all cards i got from free packs were just normal commons and rares, i started losing in arena with only 2 wins and i coudlnt' get past rank 12 for the following month. i also went on to lose repeatedly trying to beat shaman dungeon run. even the  unranked games i lost repeatedly (despite playing the so called OP SECRET MAGE DECK every one complains about) i got mad. so i again spent money on the game, spending almost $150. then mysteriously i was able to hit rank 5 again, get back to 5 arena wins and opened  a lot of legendaries.. i also ended up beating the shaman dungeon run.


    i am not lying. i am telling the truth. unless you spned money on this game, blizzard will literally curse you with bad luck.

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    posted a message on Two New Rogue Card Reveals - Mistwraith & Pick Pocket

    u could have one echo card in your whole deck and that one card is basically worth the total number of cards in your turn exponentially times by the max number of turns playable and mana. u will see.

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    posted a message on Two New Rogue Card Reveals - Mistwraith & Pick Pocket

    you people are still not undrstanding echo. sure it only works with echo cards..but you only need one echo card to make it work because echo cards are infinite. so you can play a freakin 1 cost echo card and turn this guy into a 9/14 the turn it is played. it then would gain 7/7 the next turn .. i don't think it will really  hit people how powerful echo is until the expansion is live. i think people are looking at echo as the same effect as unstable evolution...when it is not the same effect. unstable evolution only allows you to play up to 10 copies of itself and than vanishes the next turn. echo allows you to play as many copies of the card as possible before the 30ish turn limit expires. get with the program. this is how echo has been explained. but you guys do not understand it. just like how people don't understand the obvious differences beetween "charge, battlecry : can't attack heroes this turn" and "rush". you are not understanding the mechanics, and your misunderstanding of the mechanics is causing you to underrate obviously OP cards.

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    posted a message on Two New Rogue Card Reveals - Mistwraith & Pick Pocket

    it is an infinite hallucination for only one extra mana..but ok.

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    posted a message on Three New Cards Revealed - Swift Messenger & More!

    wow..a 4 mana 6/2 that doesn't summon minions for your opponent..too bad it is rush and not charge. 

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    posted a message on Yu-Gi-Oh inspired expansion

    i'm sorry, but my hatred for americanized japanimation tells me otherwise. you can watch the show subbed legally all seasons on crunchyroll. you can play the game in it's origional language with translated textboxes on the side not ruining the card in multiple free to play yugioh online games. please burn your yugioh tcg. if it's  not yu-gi-oh ccg then please just burn it. do not support it. can you not notice by my username why i feel this way? 

    if you can read english then you should not be supporting dubs of any sorts. they are a disgrace and 99.9% of the time inaccurate. complete cultural references are often destroyed, white washed characters. death to funimation!!! 


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    posted a message on Yu-Gi-Oh inspired expansion

    those are not yu-gi-oh cards.  

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    you are very confused. the bundles are different on pc versus andriod and iphone. it used to be that you could only purchase 40 pack bundles on iphone and android and the 60 pack bundles were only available to the pc players. i believe this has been changed recently, though it may not have been. what also used to be the case was that canadian players paid the same price for cards as US players. that is the most frustrating change for me. so, imo the extra packs offered is more of a coverall so that both mobile and pc players get the same offer and not because the company needs to save face.

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