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    posted a message on C'thun interaction with Entomb

    Allright seems i'm the only one with the correct information here.

    Mechanically speaking, all c'thun buffs are applied to your hero. Hence, if you steal his c'thun, it will have your c'thun buffs (much like doomcaller reviving c'thun).

    This was mentioned by ben brode (not in last week's stream, in another video. The winter champ i believe), so it should be accurate.

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    posted a message on 53 WOG Packs = 0 Legendaries

    i opened about 100 and got 3 legys

    plus dust to craft 2 more

    +9 am'gam rager meta.

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    posted a message on WOG First Impressions?
    Quote from rudeteenager >>
    Quote from DrDoom77 >>
    Quote from vionicesca >>

    I was super excited but that quickly turned to huge disappointment after a few matches. I face tons of decks that I have no chance of beating. I got virtually nothing good out of the free packs I got and being a relatively new f2p, I don't have enough dust or gold to have enough cards from the expansion to be able to build a deck with it. The decks I used to enjoy playing don't work agaist anything I meet in either mode now and Standard is a nightmare. 

    I'll wait till the meta stabilizes a bit but right now it looks like I will be uninstalling the game soon because I can't play it anymore. 

     I'm not a new player, but I rarely try to go higher than 15 on ranked, and didn't pre-order packs.  I was excited going into yesterday, but now I feel similar to you, in that I got nothing good in my WoG packs and have thus been struggling to win games in Standard without my GvG and Naxx cards...it was very frustrating to drop from rank 14 to 18 before winning a measley two games (with priest, granted - maybe I would've been better off with a different class).  I'll probably switch back to Wild so I can keep using GvG cards, after I finish winning seven more Standard mode games.  Once I've gotten a larger pool of cards from WoG, I'll try this again.
     i hear ya. I wish there was a way to match against other f2p players or something. It seems like today it's either a same-old shit aggro shaman deck or it's some druid who purchased 900 packs and has a complete set of new cards. it's made standard almost unplayable for anyone who was f2p from the start and doesn't have a full set of standard cards and plop down $100 for WOG cards. 
     If you had saved gold before the expansion you might have something now. My friend saved just 2k and he got golden yogg saron. (i got yogg 2 but it's not golden so i'm jelly).
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    posted a message on New Card - Scaled Nightmare
    Quote from almabrds >>
    Quote from hillandder >>
    Quote from almabrds >>

    Omg, this is so shitty!

    I'd rather use Sylvanas for 6 mana, than to put this garbage in the deck.

     In a dragon oriented deck is more useful than Sylvanas, the problem is priest.
     I'd still use Sylvanas over this.
    Gahz'rilla has a similar effect, and nobody uses it. It's crap.
    This new card is cheaper in mana cost, but the effect is even slower than Gahz (which is already too slow, IMO. You rarely can attack the opponent with the buffed minion. With this new minion, you're limited to increase the attack 1x per turn, unlike Gahz, which can grow an insane amount of times in one single turn).
    If I get this in an Unstable Portal, I'll be smiling from ear to ear, otherwise, I'll not use this.

    1- Gahz'rilla is a hunter card. A class that cannot build a decent combo deck. And he cost's more.

    2- You can run 2 of these. And giving it stealth should be more than enough.

    3- This is horrible from an unstable portal. A 2/8, which will become a 4/8 next turn, it's amongst the worst 6-drop you could get from a portal, on a deck not build around it.

    4- Saying you would use sylvanas over this means you'll use it on turn 6, means you have 0 clue what makes a good card. Not all cards have to be good on their own.

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    posted a message on New Card - Scaled Nightmare

    People say cabal... yet this is a combo card and not to play on curve. Use your brains sometimes. It may still work.

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    posted a message on Best use of DOOM!


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    posted a message on Counter to Grim Patron Warr?

    control hunter

    turn 7 after thaurissan ou turn 8?

    play snipe

    problem solved

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    posted a message on July Chest

    let me explaint it to you child

    if you claim a ranked season reward from any give past month, you get chest

    "oh but i was playing hard and i don't get shit"

    well, they will get a reward accorging to their rank in that month, and it is split in 20-16, 15-11, 10-6, 5-legend (thoose are ranks if you are that slow)

    "but i get nothing and i'm hardcore pro mlg" 

    well they didn't play in over a month right? they lost shitloads of gold and dust

    it's an incentive for new players to not give up on the game, and to get easyer to get cards. example:

    brawl's reward will never change, it's a new player catch up method. so is watch and learn, and so will be the rank 20-15 chest (i think, something like a rare, some dust idunno :P

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    posted a message on Card Treasure Hunt

    this is NOT easy


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    posted a message on RIP Priest

    flash heal aucehnai?

    light's champion?

    0 mana heropower with the class legendary turn 7?

    are you a retard?

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    posted a message on Hunter Legendaries

    bad your ass face hunter

    the days of me go face are counted and acid maw and dread scale make the thing magic

    i can actually see tournament docor being played

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    posted a message on New Priest Card - Wyrmrest Agent

    it doesn't matter how slow the game is, if you have no early game, you die

    all decks need early game, and this is just lovely

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    posted a message on Hunter double legendary, how does it work?

    you clearly have no knowlege of wow lore, they are twin bosses

    they fixed hunter and shaman, now we have more than 1-2 archetypes

    deal with it

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    posted a message on Hunter double legendary, how does it work?

    exactly, besides, acidmaw unleash the hounds is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more powerfull than the combo play

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    posted a message on Everyone says legendary doesn't matter ?

    you need no legendaryes to pass rank 20, what you dont have is skill

    that comes with time

    dont you dare play mechmage/mechshaman/facehunter/patron warrior

    every single player will hate you

    besides those decks have their days counted up to the release of tgt

    so just wait, then you ask again

    edit: grind to 500 wins is not gonna happen, i have over a year playing hearthstone  and im not even close

    granted i'm not a competitive netdeck win win guy but i am good

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