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    I posted a combo deck like this before BRM release. This build is crying out for Wild Pyromancer, it is the ebst at self harming your team and works insanely well with commanding shout, allowing you to pyro as many times as you want in a turn (which is why i added inner rage...)

    I found the deck a bit too gimmicky when i tested it then... but axe flinger and grim patron have given it a chance.

    I think raging worgen can come out no prob. I find he always gets removed before he bursts, and warsong commanders can fill the 3 slot for way more synergy with the deck. 

    Unstable ghoul also should be a must add as the deck has very little early game stability and actually does better in to the late game where you can go combo crazy. the number of times i finished off with a charging 30+ dmg gurubashi was somewhat surprising...

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    Card draw is for sure the issue... a self admitted one in the original description. 

    I've been tinkering with the idea of jeeves... but he doesn't have the aggro attack that fits, or maybe a copy of battle rage (potential for 3-4 cards, but probably most often 1-2 with the way your board often clears)

    Thanks for the feedback

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    Had a nice little run with it this morning... a few win streaks that go interrupted again, similar to be before.

    Most matchups were against face hunters, and i usually outface them! which is so extra sweet. 

    I've had trouble against Wall druids (the ones that run 4-7 drop taunts), just tooooo many taunts, but havn't seen too many of them.

    I'm finding that the games I'm losing, I'm one turn away form lethal or I have them down to 2 life and they just manage to get out of it with healbots or massive armor pumps against control warrior. But for the most part, the games are pretty consistent and I'm not finding any of the cards dead in my hand thus far

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    I don't have a Leeroy, but think he fits nicely. 

    What's your main Rampage target?

    I like the juggernaut... a bit more boom/bust than greenskin (he normally only adds 4-6 dmg through weapons, but does have board presence). I'm curious to know how often the mine would factor in and if the math works in favour of it or greenskin... The other thing I would counter with is that ideally you want to hit the 6 mana raging combo at turn 6, rather than dropping Juggernaut.

    Let me know if the mines actually blow or not!

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    Shield slam has no place in here... add wild pyro. Great against meta and has tons of synergy with cards in your deck.

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    I've been playing a deck like this (and have posted two versions of it) for a few seasons now and have been toying and testing and tweaking. Axe Flinger is a huge addition to the build I've been playing, and can't wait for its arrival.

    A couple of notes on your version. I've found that playing the hyper aggro style was ineffective and often (at least in today's meta) lead to really bad trades and card advantage. I find that if the deck runs a similar early game to control warrior, it has a much better chance of exploding in the late game. I love the idea of random bombs all over, and potentially getting removal and potentially gaining, but the RNG factor of it bothers me. Wild Pyro is the alternative. Great in the meta, and combined with commanding shout can do wondrous things. 

    I've also found that the big time combo cards (bouncing blade, commanding shout, berserker) only need to be a one of, otherwise you can grind out games a la control warrior style. I found that running some taunts can really stabilize and protect your board. In the end, you want to control when your damage happy minions are hit, and the sludge and sen'jin are great for it. I also run battle rage, which the taunts often activate. 

    Another all star for this type of combo as a one of is gurubashi berserker, he can get very big, very fast and i actually like him much better than frothing berserker if you go for more control.

    I'll be interested to try the hyper aggro version once available though, I wish you luck. Hopefully you've broken something

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