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    I'm thinking of crafting and putting this card for my DK Hunter, since the hero power have the potential to generate lots of deathrattle beasts. And of course, the standard/auto -nclude Savannah HIghmanes, Kindly Grandmothers, Rat Packs and Infested Wolves are also there. It's the only deck i'm interested wherein I can put a N'zoth.

    So, is this card still worth crafting when it is about to rotate? And will be it decent/good on DK Hunter?

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    The most interesting hero card

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    The best card and card art in KFT.

    No Kappa

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    Dude, there is something we called 'mana cost'. You can play volcanic potion on 3 mana, which curves well in the early phase if it is in your hand. Meanwhile, the primordial drake is 8 mana, which means you cannot immediately play it in the early game (unless you are Druid and ramped so well).

    Plus, one is a class card, while the other is neutral. While you are at it, why don't you just play the drake in your mage deck instead of volcanic potion, no? I doubt you will, because of the mana cost.

    IMHO, the two cards are incomparable. 

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    Nicely designed card.  The Mana Cost, Stats and the Battlecry are well distributed and balanced. Plus, being only an epic is also a major bonus.

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    I badly hate this card in arena.

    When my opponents plays it, they easily gets windfury at its first attack. But when i play it, i can't seem to get windfury. RNGesus shits on me.

    I will never ever pick this card again in arena, as it also makes me feel dirty whenever i play it. That's how ridiculously strong this card is in arena.

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    man... this quest... (NotLikeThis)

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    sad River Crocolisk FeelsBadMan

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