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    Bonemare Meta! PogChamp

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    The most interesting hero card

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    The best card and card art in KFT.

    No Kappa

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    Dude, there is something we called 'mana cost'. You can play volcanic potion on 3 mana, which curves well in the early phase if it is in your hand. Meanwhile, the primordial drake is 8 mana, which means you cannot immediately play it in the early game (unless you are Druid and ramped so well).

    Plus, one is a class card, while the other is neutral. While you are at it, why don't you just play the drake in your mage deck instead of volcanic potion, no? I doubt you will, because of the mana cost.

    IMHO, the two cards are incomparable. 

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    Nicely designed card.  The Mana Cost, Stats and the Battlecry are well distributed and balanced. Plus, being only an epic is also a major bonus.

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    Very good deck! 

    My initial impression mas 'meh', due to how mish-mashed the deck looks like. But man, I was so wrong!

    The deck has almost everything to keep you going. Board control, taunts, heals, high-quality minions, etc.

    It's really hard to explain what makes this deck so good... Just play this one, and you'll see how good this deck is.


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    I badly hate this card in arena.

    When my opponents plays it, they easily gets windfury at its first attack. But when i play it, i can't seem to get windfury. RNGesus shits on me.

    I will never ever pick this card again in arena, as it also makes me feel dirty whenever i play it. That's how ridiculously strong this card is in arena.

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    I somehow miss this card... :|

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    with the rise of murloc paladin in the un'goro meta, this card is now being seen in constructed.

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    man... this quest... (NotLikeThis)

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    Does this card on dormant mode stay on the board when it loses on brawl?

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    sad River Crocolisk FeelsBadMan

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    Any slot for Gorehowl?

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    Thank you for this deck.

    It helped me reached rank 5, from rank 10. I've always been at rank 5 in every season, with no intention of grinding for more. But this MSoG meta has been so hard for me, as most of my favorite deck archtypes became somewhat obsolete (Zoo Warlock, Midrange Hunter, Tempo Mage, Dragon Warrior, Midrange Shaman) and I'm only an f2p player. I tried some MSoG deck available (Pirate Warrior, Dragon Pirate Warrior, Jade Shaman, Midrange Jade Shaman, Murloc Paladin), but they are somehow not working for me. They only make me switch ranks between rank 10 and rank 9, and cannot pass through.

    But this deck really helped me reached rank 5. Heck, i even only created an account just to say thank you for this deck. :P

    This deck has answers to almost any deck right now, aside from Pirate Warrior (which is ridiculously fast).

    Thanks again ;)

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