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    This deck was really good, but with all those nerfs and changes, beware everyone (like me) that came here since the deck have lots of upvotes. I don't see too much synergy on this deck. Looks like it was filled with some random good hunter cards.

    Desert Camel and  Injured Kvaldir is the only combo that I can think of. Without it, Desert Camel will probably help your opponent if you don't use this way. Using it for dropping Fiery Bat is worthless. Also, you should replace your Fiery Batx2 if you are going for it.

    Eaglehorn Bowx2 is not good as well without any traps on the deck.

    So everyone should wait for a solid update before going after this deck.

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    Not really, having 2 call of the wild is really awesome. It is really a must since you have a chance to discard it while using tracking..

    Stranglethorn tiger is a replacement for cards like ram wrangler or princess huhuran, you really should consider crafting the missing call of the wild, 2 of those made me won lots of games.

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