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    posted a message on New Warrior Epic Card Revealed - Remote-Controlled Golem
    Quote from H20-Melone >>

    A tickatus counter? 

     why would you wanna counter one of the worst winrate cards in a warlocks deck?

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    posted a message on The Duelist Burndown is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    this is proly the worst thing ever made in hs

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    posted a message on Patch 20.8.2 - Balance Changes for Priest and Druid - Bugfixes
    Quote from MrLisreal >>

    The Priest is dead, long live the aggro meta!

    Is this what you wanted? Welp, I hope you're happy.


    "a better match experience for both players", yeah, right. 

    Who wants to bet, that Priest is bottom tier now?

     you are insane if you think these nerfs will bring priest from tier 1 to bottom tier

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    posted a message on Magni Hero Set & Lunara's Garden Card Back Now On The Shop
    Quote from Inzan1ty >>

    "I will crush you!" is definetly infinitely better than "I did nothing wrong!" really disappointed with the voice lines for Reward Track Garrosh, although he looks better.

     ah man i love ''i did nothing wrong'',it works in so many scenarios hah

    i prefer valera ''i will be your death'' over crush you also

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    posted a message on Two New Golden Standard Bundles + Sparkles Card Back Have Appeared On The Shop
    Quote from PoisonedJack >>

    You know why this f***** bastards are adding so much stuff to the store lately?

    because of  The Completionist Syndrome

    theres TONS of whales and addicts who cant STOP buying this TIME ONLY EVENTS.

    Even if they dont need it..they still buy it BECAUSE IS THERE...they have to GET ALL THE ACHIEVMENTS....all the goals..EVERYTHING.----

    they are idiots that cant control their wallets.

    Theres no other explanation. these things are not needed. they are using ur addictions against u. what a pitiful and greedy azz company has become only my merging with thos activions f****ers


     yep,these people no hate literaly have mental issues and need mental care,and companies need to be held legaly accountable for these things,its gambling for kids,how is this legal?

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    posted a message on Still can't play with friend's decks

    still not fixed,it truly blows my mind how such a big feature can stay completly broken for this long....but what can you expect from a small indie multi dollar company

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    posted a message on Balance Changes Coming Next Week - Mage, Paladin, Rogue & Neutral
    Quote from Goozmania >>

    I like that they don't think Tickatus (or cascading disaster) is a problem, because it isn't meta... when it's only not meta because face face face is the meta. Tickatus stonewalls ALL midrange and control decks. If the meta is ever not aggro (unlikely, at this point), Tickatus becomes 70%+ win rate.

     I play control mostly,and have around an 80% winrate vs tickatus,its simply not that good if you dont play in to insane boardclears,the ony loses i had vs tickatus was when they got insane luck with cost reduction and played like 3-4 before turn 10,and with that kind of luck....you lose vs any deck anyways

    the problem with warlock is all the crazy and cheap removal,the new 3 mana legendery is also crazy,and the new jaraxus solves all their issues with lack of minions so they can play all those removal spels

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    posted a message on New Priest Legendary Card Revealed - Serena Bloodfeather

    yup,people are really underestimating this card,its a cheaper mind control  if you combo it and you get left with a decent body

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    posted a message on New Priest Legendary Card Revealed - Serena Bloodfeather
    Quote from schumagoo >>

    I'm hoping it does it independently like if they had a magma rager with 5/1, this becomes a 4/2 and kills it. A 2/2 deal 1 just seems super weak for a legendary. 

     Its going to depend on the meta,but this is basicaly a better  Natalie Seline  with the posibility to also steal the oponents card 

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