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    posted a message on Decks to Play Before Hearthstone's Next Set of Nerfs Arrive

    Spiteful priest is better than raza ok then. How did that 1 one spiteful priest do in HCT?

    I guess someone is drinking the VS kool aid.

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    posted a message on The Future for Druids in Standard
    Quote from Baalercyti >>

     it's pretty rare that a new set creates its own archetype

    Quote from Baalercyti >>

    With jades rotating out of standard come april

     Oh bother
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    posted a message on WANTED: Straight forward deck to push for legend
    Quote from Krewger >>

    I would suggest malygos druid in wild. Very nice and I think tier 1 now. 

     He's posting this for standard and he's asking for a simple deck, what the hell.
    OP I highly recommend Murloc Paladin. It's very strong right now and fairly straightforward to play. It's mostly just playing good murlocs on curve and killing them through your huge board buffs.
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    posted a message on Advice on how to get from 5 to Legend
    Quote from Ruddaga69 >>


    I know you're supposed to "beat the meta" to get to legend, but I'm at a blank at how to do it. I know it's just a mental thing, but I swear every time I change to try and beat the meta, the meta I'm coming up against changes to something different.


     This is not true. Yes you should play a solid meta deck to climb but if you climbed to a high rank with a deck you're good with stick to that deck. You will find favored and unfavored matchups regardless.
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    posted a message on Fel Reaver Hunter

    I honestly don't see the advantage over Hydra since you can razormaw or houndmaster hydra for massive damage.

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    posted a message on Best Strategy to beat Highlander with Cubelock?
    Quote from DannyJi >>

    I'm playing Cubelock, and I want to find the best Strategy to Beat Raza Priest as much as possible.

    So, Let's assume that they draw perfect (they always do). 
    Raza on 5 and DK on 8. 

     You lose.  That's what happens when the best deck in the game gets everything they need.
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    posted a message on Warlock weapon should summon
    Quote from berat249 >>
    Quote from SpoonfulOfPB >>

    And you can just use silence / poly when they cube their doomguard...

    They are killing it with 1 mana heal 8 spell. So there is no way interact with this combo. 
     Gotta nerf 4 card combos right?
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    posted a message on Warlock weapon should summon

    You realize this is a buff right? Because now they can get out demons on turn 5 rather than turn 6. Weapon destruction would be useless then. Control locks will just run Skull and no doomguard.

    You're saying but then you can poly/silence etc, but you could also just use that turn to play ooze. Whats the difference?

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    posted a message on Bots can cheat
    Quote from Kaladin >>

    Druid - Was he running Prince Malchezaar?  And in Wild, maybe he equipped the Hunter weapon via Blingtron?

    Warrior - Also could be running Malchezar, and I'm sure there's a way to discover other cards.  

     There are but Malchezzar isn't one of them.
    OP last night I played against someone who was literally ragnaros he started the game and it was ragnaros and he did 8000 damage to me each turn.
    I didn’t think to screenshot it since people love to claim I’m making it up,
    Not sure why you think spells are the only way to get cards from other classes. Druid can easily get rogue cards through Lotus Agents. 
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    posted a message on New Jade Druid: insta-win against Razakus and OTK decks?

    Wow armor beats OTK decks. Who knew. Maybe people should of tried to play control warrior when freeze mage was a thing


    oh wait.

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