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    posted a message on Bricking hard with CubeLock
    Quote from sxavalentine >>

    So, i finally got all the card necessary for the deck, but it feels quite disappointing. Ok, i need more time to master the deck but i noticed a few things:

    1) So many times you draw all your demons (2 doomguard and 2 voidlord). It immediatly turn your Possessed Lackey into useless bad cards. If you don't draw Skull of the Man'ari you are stuck with an hand full of unplayable cards (not gonna risk to discard my Guldan to play Doomguard).

    2) Spiritsinger Umbra is useful a match out of 10 maybe. Most of the time i play it as a turn four tempo play, knowing the will die miserably (4 health is nothing). The 9 mana combo: Skull of Manari into doomguard + umbra + carnivorous cube happens once every bluemoon

    3) Prince Taldaram (yes, i crafted even him)  is even less useful than Umbra

    4) The Spellstone is hard to upgrade, and using it just as a deal 3 dmg, heal 3 for 4 mana isnt exactly great

    5) More in general, every card comboes with another, but if you dont have the other one, it became a crappy card:
    the dark pacts without lackey/cube are bad, doomguard/voidlord without skull of manaari are bad, umbra without cube (and sometimes even with him) is bad, spellstone without kobold librarian is bad.

    Vs aggro so many times i found myself looking desperately for a defile without never drawing one (hellfire is just not enough, specially now that aggropally is played a lot and they are full of divine shield).
    I really don't know what im doing wrong or if mine is just a terrible streak of bad luck, the deck list is the same played by everyone on this forum.

     1) You're saying you draw 4 cards before you can play one of 3 cards? Even a legend player should realize the stats on that
    2) Umbra is an ultra greed card and isn't run in every list. If you don't want to use it take it out. It has way more uses than the OTK.
    3) Just no. I can't even begin to say how wrong this is. Taldarram is a 3 mana faceless, which is insane in a lot of matchups. You realize you can copy the opponents minions right? You realize you can copy something strong from a lot of different deck types
    4) It is hard to upgrade if you blindly play librarian
    5) Woah a combo deck requires combo cards who knew.
    Sounds like this deck isn't meant for you, your understanding of it is quite limited. Just play control warlock.
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    Quote from Castiel2222 >>
    Quote from Slain >>

    People here saying Defenitely no etc. have no clue how Hall of fame, game nerfs are used by team 5.

    Sure its not a 100% change but there is no denial that this is a potentiasl candidate for a change set rotation or nerf just for the fact that it has charge and thus is easy abusible to combo cards.

    But it reminds me of Fiery war axe discussion were people said that the card will never be changed or rotated and started to insult everybody who actually had a clue.

    While its definitely not a 100% nerf hall of fame, just come here and writing no in the chat shows little knowledge about this game.

    This is defnititely on Team 5`s list of possible fame cards. And i think it goes there wether or not there will be a problematic card in the next set that would otherwise break Cube/Combo, like Dreadsteed got nerfed because Deathspeaker and Defile were made.


     You say I know nothing about the game, for saying it wont go there for sure, but you can say it will go there "wether or not there will be a problematic card in the next set"... 
    Did you look at the minions in HoF? All of them are neutral. They took the mana slot  in EVERY deck, thus limiting the use of other cards with the same cost. They also had way too powerful abilities.
    Is any of these things true to Doomguard? No. Is cubelock as opressive as jade druid (before nerf), pirate warrior(before nerf), razakus priest (to name a few real cancer decks)? No. It's a tier 3 deck for god's sake, and no, doomguard isn't a staple in every warlock deck, thus it isnt limiting the use of other cards, which means it isn't necessary to move the card to HoF.  
    Oh yeah, and basicaly its not even an otk deck, cause it cant deal 30+ dmg from hand like razakus, or quest mage/antonidas combo...
     What sucks is I agree with almost all your points but stop with that Tier 3 shit argument.
    Patron warrior had an under 50% win rate and it was easily the best deck of it's time. Decks have different skill caps which drastically change win rates.
    Do you know what deck was most popular for the rat race yesterday? Raza priest, the "tier 3" deck.
    Cubelock is a really strong deck. No, doomguard shouldn't be hall of famed cause that's ridiculous since you shouldn't hall of a fame a classic card based on a new expansion, since you can just nerf an expansion card instead. Doomguard shouldn't be touched regardless, but come on man, make your own points as you did before, and stop relying on VS stats. They are terrible in a vacuum. 
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    Why would you rotate a classic card because a new card just got printed that makes it insane? Why wouldn't you just nerf the new card?

    It really makes no sense. We'd have to hall of fame the entire evergreen set if this was how they did things.

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    Quote from Lyconik >>

    I have a bit of experience with aggro paladin, and the deck I found the most difficult to win against is Tempo Rogue since they have many tools to counter your early game and then snowball on board easily.

    But control warlock is a bad idea actually, some metasnapshot give control warlock vs aggro paladin a fair matchup, but I have a record of 15-7 against this deck, so I'm not totally sure that you should play warlock if you encounter a lot of aggro paladin.

     That's because control locks are all cubelocks now. The traditonal control warlock still stomps aggro paladin.
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    posted a message on paladin counter?
    Quote from Kasoda >>

    what are my options other than warlock?

    You asked what the best counter is, I answered. If you want to counter a top tier deck you need to play the best counter. Tempo rogue is also good against them, and so is aggro druid.
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    posted a message on paladin counter?

    Any type of control warlock. Defile just ruins their divine shield plan and they have limited answers to void lord.

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    posted a message on In my mind that should have worked...
    Quote from iandakar >>
    Quote from scorpyon >>

    Hmm - though that would imply that The Darkness is a spell rather than a minion - since it is played as a minion, I would expect the "play" part to still come into effect for Ixlid.

    Thats just my opinion of course - it is what it is, I guess.

     It's not a minion or a spell.  Apparently we have a new 'type'.  It's a "permanent" .
    Permanents are 'things' that can't be interacted with at all.  They just take up space.  
    The card itself is technically a minion so you could, for example, buff it with a handbuff effect.  Once it leaves your hand, it's a permanent similar to how 'Charge' and "Taunt' aren't battlecries but just exist on the creature. 
    something tells me that the Darkness is more of a proof of concept than anything else: a way to play around with the effect and get us used to it before it shows up in other cards later (say, a taunt minion that's dormant on the player phase, or a minion that's dormant if 2 or less minions are on the opponent's board).  
     Well we already had 2 dormant cards in un goro but it looks like the majority of the player base still has no experience with them.
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    Definitely about 5 classes that are popular right now with druid starting to pick up some steam. 

    Saying mage is unseen is actually crazy. Secret mage is really popular. 


    Oh, i just noticed you linked the popularity wheel from the front page, which has nothing to do with what's being played. You just found a pie chart, and assumed it told you the story of whats going on. Geeze how embarassing. Maybe they should take that off the front page so people like you don't get confused. Don't worry though, making stuff up is a great way to make a point.

    If you want to argue about class balance you might actually want to use facts to explain your reasoning. Like look at this



    That's actual data, showing what classes are actually common. Notice that your "unseen" mage, is the 3rd most popular from rank 5-1.

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    posted a message on Economy problem
    Quote from Legan1016 >>
    Quote from Mik441 >>

    To avoid bots earning 100+ gold in order to resell accounts. Vast majority of  players will never even get to the 100 gold a day mark - it's 30 wins, with the average win rate let's say 60% that;s 48 games. Let's assume you play hyper aggro games which last 5 minutes each: that's 4 hours of gameplay, which is a lot more than most people play.

     Well, I did not know about a bots
     Don't worry, not knowing things is one of the most prominent hearthpwn qualifications.
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    posted a message on Make Dirty Rat great again!

    Dirty rat doesn't need a buff and it will be out of standard soon so who cares.

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    posted a message on How would you make Temporus playable?

    Why would you want to make an easy OTK win card playable. If it was even close to good it would be dumb as hell.

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    posted a message on Good deck vs control warlock?

    Priest really crushes them. Both big and raza. Something aggressive is just not a good idea, they have one of the best early game removal AOEs, however secret mage can sometimes run over them.

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    posted a message on Deck Feedback (Newb)

    I would cut the macaws and add in Dire Mole 

    That way you have 2 minions for razormaw that are sturdy. Decks that do 1 damage easily will make it tough for you to land razormaw on the macaw anyhow and the random beast can be ok but in the long run you have rexxar to give you ultimate beast value.

    On 5 I find Tundra rhino to be a superior card because of how aggressive hunter is, so that might be a consideration for you instead of roc. Your build is fairly aggressive as you said so you might find the charge having more use than the taunt body.

    Otherwise you're running a fairly good build and midrange hunter is a great choice for a new player to get use to the game.

    I wouldn't take the advice of adding much in the way of secrets. Eaglehorn bow is a good weapon on it's own and running random secrets won't change much for you, that would be an entirely different build of hunter.

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    posted a message on How to enter the card name in threads?

    Click the little card icon and type the name where it says card name.  The deck button is right next to that. It's fairly straightforward

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    posted a message on In addition, it should be noted that: with the number of cards to increase the number of packages, players actually get high-qua
    Quote from MichaelSmetsers >>

    Dear Hearthpwn members,

    How should we read this ?

    In addition, it should be noted that: with the number of cards to increase the number of packages, players actually get high-quality card card probability will also increase.

    Opening 20 packs will increase the ratio of rare/epic/legendary? then opening each day 1 pack for 20 days ???

     Um...you can read that as the pity timer that has existed forever?
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