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    posted a message on When to start competitive Hearthstone?

    Hi, i thougt the same a couple of months ago. Also been legend many seasons, the problem is. In "proffesional" tournaments, nearly every player has the same "skill". In most torunaments all players use the 5 best meta decks, and most games are a coin flip. Dont expect to make any money as a pro, you need to be very lucky

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    posted a message on Mike Donais on Hall of Fame - Malygos, Mind Blast

    Wanted to post the exact same thing. Unbelieveble they feed us bullcrap about class identity today, while they didnt care about class identity when they destroyed wild groth, nourish and innervate

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    posted a message on Should i craft Genn

    Yes, unless you dont want a free legendary.

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    posted a message on Dean Ayala Asks: What Would Get You Back Into Hearthstone?

    For me its literlly the costs.

    I bought some packs and adventures back in the day. When the rotation system staryed, and when blizzard killed decks with strategic nerfs that would render whole decks useless, i figured i needed to pay more and more money, or play daily to be able to keep making tier 1 decks. 

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    posted a message on So what is a good meta in your opinion?

    Starcraft 2 has a very nice meta right now. Also, no RNG involved, switch games if you want to play a skill game. Hearthstone is a casual game you play while enjoying your coffee.

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    posted a message on Should they change the Shaman heropower?

    Nah, shaman was top tier 1 a few times in the last 2 year. It will be again somewhere in the future, thats how it is and always will be.

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    posted a message on Dr. *&^%# Morrigan AGAIN O_o

    Hadronox saw no play when it came out

    You never know

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    posted a message on Why are many players still using these non interactive decks although the win rates below average

    This forums are getting pretty funny. Last week I learned that i can't play combo decks w/ low winrates, i cant play aggro smorck, i can play control decks with games that last 10 minutes or more, i cant play hunter, cant play otk and cant play decks that arent interactive with my opponent.

    I guess i should quit hearthstone

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    posted a message on [Legend] Cauldron Odd Paladin 63%W/R

    Fun deck, but the version without liam is better. I played about 20 matches (on legend rank) with liam, and maybe played 1 or 2 semi usefull legendarys. The problem is that most marches end before turn 10. If you play liam at 5, you might draw one or two random legendarys (which often suck) before the game will end. Its just not really impactfull.

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    posted a message on Does Animal Companion need nerf?

    Yeah lets nerf animal comp, prep, fireball, si7 agent, hunters mark, deathstalker rexxar, northshire cleric, zuljin, sea giant, zilliax, alexstraza, malygos, keleseth and any other card that is good, nerf all plz. 

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    posted a message on Somebody changed my username ?!

    Just a post to check my username

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    posted a message on Thoughts on the Upcoming Hall Of Fame Roation?

    You make a good point with the hyena, its a bit like mana wyrm, and now with the rush minions, its pretty insane. Then again, so are a lot of other cards. 

    I actually hope they do the opposite, and reintroduce some cards like rag and sylvanas. A lot of strong copying effects will leave standard, and i think its a great time to un-hof them. Dont it will happen, but one can dream. 

    Malygos might be hofed, just because it has been a staple in otk and combo for years now.

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    posted a message on Control is boring for everyone but control
    Quote from Smitty11 >>


    I want to try and bust the meta with something fast and viable but it feels like it doesnt exist.

    Decks i have tried to make work and have had success but ultimately just loses to control:

    Handbuff pally
    Heal priest
    Odd druid
    Bomb hunter
    Rush warrior

     1. You can ''bust'' the meta with something fast. Zoolock, even paladin, aggro hunter, even shaman, odd rogue, and many more are fast and viable. (maybe even pally and shaman are not super fast, but its high tempo decks that can win by turn 5 with sea giants or blessing of kings on corpstaker).

    2. Handbuff pally is viable. You should have no problem reaching at least rank 5 playing the valanyr/prelate pally. I faced them on rank 2 and 3.

    3. Heal priest, odd druid, and bomb hunter are meme decks. Odd druid is not even a meme, its terrible. Dont play these decks if you want to win.

    4. There are 20+ decks right now that can bring you to legend. You choose to play memes and tier 5 decks, come on.

    Edit, before you ask, here are 20:

    -Even pally
    -Odd pally
    -OTK pally
    -Bigspell mage
    -Odd mage
    -Spitefull/hand mage
    -deathrattle hunter
    -midrange hunter
    -Odd rogue
    -Dragon/control priest
    -Topsy Priest
    -Clone Priest
    -Odd/dragon warrior 
    -Odd quest warrior
    -Mech warrior
    -Even shaman
    -Mechathun warlock/priest/rogue/druid (Ill count these as 1)

    Half of these decks are not control decks. The other half are combo or control decks. There are even more decks, but dont really mind listing more.

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    posted a message on Do you even Track, bruh?
    Quote from scorpyon >>
    Quote from frankimahri >>

    Spellhunter is a super strong deck, but relies heavy om 6-10 cards that are strong, the rest are filler cards to survive and secrets. Without 2x tracking youre winrate will defenetly go down a few percent.

    Anecdotally, I've not found that to be the case for me. The only games I've usually won when using Tracking re ones I was already in good shape to win. And I've never won by finding the card I've needed from it. 
    Conversely, having removed it and replacing it with and Eaglehorn bow, I have noticed a substantial increase in wins where I would previously have struggled thanks to the bow finding me that extra damage for lethal a lot of times. 

    As said, this is anecdotal and your results may vary etc etc. But for now I am going to try continuing with the bow for a bit and see what happens. The only time I lost hard recently was against another hunter who got 2 secrets and 2 spellstones in his mulligan. I couldn't really keep up the damage and I dont think a Tracking would have helped much there! :-P

     So, youve never had tracking in your starting hand and found a spellstone?
    You have never played tracking on turn 7 and found a to my side?
    You have never played tracking to find a removal like hunters mark, kill command or flanking strike?
    Never the explosive trap you needed to survive against odd pally?
    You never realised the tracking you played early game that deleted 2 useless cards made you win in the end because you drew better cards now?
    Never ever needed something to play and found an animal companion?
    Never a turn 8 tracking into Rokdhelar?

    Are you sure youre playing spellhunter ;')?

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    posted a message on Played Win Rate or Drawn Win Rate?


    Maybe a fun way to understand it even better. Check this:


    Ticking abomination has a crazy played winrate, because its only played at the end of the game to secure the victory. The drawn winrate is waaaaay lower. Mechathun has the worst played winrate because its not meant to be played, the drawn winrate is way higher offcourse.

    It really depends on the card (is it a comeback card, a combo piece, a value card, etc...) and on the deck (are you aggro, midrange, control, OTK?). Good luck on your HS endeavours!

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