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    Quote from Lamsednav >>

    Do you know what this patch will solve?


     He's right, there are 0 fuckballs.
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    Flavor Text:  Go big or go home. He's here to destroy everything so you'd better win quickly!

    Maybe set it to 15 damage to your hero each turn.

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    Quote from Alihst >>

    Except Miracle Rogue,Control decks are not fun.Why should people play control decks? to let quest mage draw enough and then AHA AHA !! or let jades become 10/10 ! or let quest rogue play 1 mana 5/5? or let your opponent mill you? or let DK priest deal huge damage with zero mana hero power!? and...

     Idk what you think a control deck is but miracle rouge and Jade druid aren't control decks. They're gimmicky. The Priest is broken anyways, hero powers should never cost 0 unless its for 1 turn or while a minion is active. Not Because there is a 5/5 card that permanently makes it cost 0 and a hero power that renews when you play cards.
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    I really don't know what's happened to hearthstone but I don't think I've played an enjoyable control/midrange vs control/midrange match up in the last two years. I think it started with Huntard or Warlock Zoo back in Naxx but everyone seems to just want to win or lose matches as fast as possible with super aggro based decks. I believe legendary ranks ruined the game. Instead of people wanting to try and create an unbeatable or fun deck, they want to create a deck that wins at a 51%-60% rate as fast as possible or use netdecks. Pirate Warrior/Murlocadin can dish out 30 face damage by turn 4 with a perfect mulligan and with a terrible mulligan loses before turn 7. I haven't really enjoyed playing standard because its all net decks. No one wants to be creative anymore. I prefer to play against my friends when possible with random decks we design from scratch. 

    Anybody else have thoughts on this? 

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    Starting at 10 mana and going down to 1 mana for the first 10 turns. It'd be fun to build on a reversed curve. 

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    Hey guys the other day I released a deathknight class idea but after some thought found it to be too mediocre. So I went through and revamped a lot of the cards and set up a brand new hero power that works with the cards. I have been noticing that many of the adventure bosses have Hero powers that change upon activation and realized that this type of power fits perfectly with the Death Knight from WOW. Previously the DK had specializations in Blood/Frost/Unholy and it came to me to give the Hearthstone DK a hero power that is similar.

    Your hero power starts as Frost Rune, and when casted it changed your hero power to Blood Rune, and once again when Blood Rune is casted, Your Hero power changes to Unholy Rune, Which when casted completes the circle and sets your hero power back to Frost Rune. 
    New Keywords: Frost/Blood/Unholy. The DK has spells that bonus effects trigger if the hero power is currently set to that Rune.

    For Example: the new spell Blood Strike will always deal 3 damage to a target minion when casted. However, if your Rune is set to Blood, It will also deal 1 damage to adjacent minions.
    Minions and weapons typically work the same way. I will try to explain each card in more detail below.

    For the Hero I chose Arthas, seeing that he is one of the most famous DK's in the Lore. I can't decide between these two portraits however.
    I'm leaning towards the one of the left because of his bad-ass smirk. 
    The Hero Power Portraits
    Hero Power: Frost>Blood>Unholy>Frost

    >> >>> 

    Now for the Class Cards.

    Basics (Everyone starts with these; Or earns them by playing the Innkeeper.)



    Commons (These can be from card packs or Crafted)



    Rares (Packs and Craftable) 




    Epics (Craftable and Packs)


    Spells:  Token: 


    Legendaries (Craftable and Packs)



    Card Explanations:

    • Crypt Fiend: This minions will freeze any minion that it damages while your hero power is Frost Rune.
    • Banshee: This minion first silences a target minion like a battlecry. Then if your hero power is Unholy Rune, it will then deal 1 damage to that minion.
    • Necroknight: This minion has a negative deathrattle-like effect that only triggers when your hero power is Blood Rune or Unholy Rune. If he dies while your hero power is Frost Rune however, no negative effect will occur. 
    • Skeletal Warmonger: Like the previous Necroknight, this minion has a deathrattle like effect that only occurs when your Hero Power is Unholy Rune. When it procs, it summons another 2/3 Skeletal Warmonger with the same effect. 
    • Unholy Might: When casted on an undead minion, it gives them +3/+3. If your Rune is Blood, then you will also draw a card on cast.
    • Grip of the Damed: When casted, will always destroy your opponents weapon. When Unholy Rune is active, will also deal 3 damage to your enemy's hero.
    • Blood Presence: Restores 4 life to a target character, If your rune is Blood, It will restore a bonus 1 HP for every damaged character on the board.
    • Frost Presence: Freezes all enemy characters. If your rune is Frost, It will deal 2 damage to any enemy character that is already frozen.
    • Unholy Presence: Always gives all your minions +2 Attack, If your rune is Unholy, It will at random (Similar to Enhanco-Mechano) give an extra +1 Attack OR +2 Life OR Taunt to your minions. 
    • Word of Blight: Always deals 2 damage. If your rune is Blood, Also draw a card.
    • Frozen Core: Always deals 2 damage to two random enemy Characters. If your rune is frost, It will also freeze those characters. 
    • Gargoyle: When your rune is Unholy and you play this card, Deal 4 damage to a target character like a battlecry. 
    • Runeblade: Typically this weapon costs 4 mana, however if your Rune is frost, It is only 3 mana.
    • Blood Strike: Will always deal 3 damage to a target minion when casted. However, if your Rune is set to Blood, It will also deal 1 damage to adjacent minions. 
    • Unholy Waraxe: The effect only triggers when your Rune is set to Blood.
    • Icy Torment: This is a powerful board clear that destroys ALL frozen minions. (This includes your own minions). 
    • Skeletal Dreadguard: If your rune is set to Unholy, deal 2 damage like a battlecry when you play this minion. However if your rune is Blood, Instead give this minion taunt. This minion will lose taunt if it is Rebirthed by a shaman.
    • Lich: This minion always has Spell Damage +1. However if played when your rune is Frost, This minion will deal 3 damage split randomly among enemy Minions
    • Corpse Explosion: This spell chooses a random minion that died this game (Tokens included), and then deals damage equal to the life of the chosen minion to all enemy characters. * I'm considering increasing the mana cost to 4 or 5 because its value can be manipulated by crafting your deck with high hp monsters. *
    • Dark Transformation: This spell targets a minion and destroys it (Activating deathrattles), and then summons a random minion that died this game in its place. However if your rune is Unholy, It transforms a target minion into a 3/3 Ghoul without activating the deathrattle. 
    • Death and Decay: When casted, this spell instantly deals 2 damage to all enemy characters. Then at the end of your turn it deals 2 damage again to all enemy characters. (This is designed as a weaker/cheaper flamestrike. It can clear the board of 2 HP minions but won't bring down any big taunts forcing trades regardless if it was casted) 
    • Chains of Ice: This always freezes a target character for at least 2 turns (Turn Casted, Enemies Turn, Your Turn, Enemies Turn, Your Turn: Unfrozen). If your rune is Frost, It will also deal 4 damage to that target.
    • Army of the Dead: Always summons three 1/3/3 ghouls (If the ghoul is returned to your hand, it will have no text). If your rune is Blood when you cast, The ghouls will gain taunt After they are summoned. 
    • Ghoul: This is the token for Dark Transformation and Army of the Dead. This minion never has text when played from the hand or if it is Rebirthed by the shaman spell.
    • Breath of Sindragosa: Always deals 8 damage to a target minion. When your rune is Frost, It also deals 4 damage to adjacent minions and will freeze the target and them.
    • Death Reaver: This weapon will deal +3 damage to heroes while your rune is set to Unholy.
    • Anub'Arak, the Traitor King: The Hero Power Synergized Legendary. When your Rune is set to Frost, this minion freezes any character he damages. When your Rune is Unholy, He reflects damage when attacked(Ex: A mountain Giant attacks him, the mountain giant will take 8 damage from his own attack and then an additional 4 damage from Anub'Arak). When your Rune is Blood, Any damage Anub'Arak deals is converted to life restored on your Hero.

    If any other class acquires these cards through their spells/minions (Thought Steal, Unstable Portal, Mind Control, Mind control Tech) they're rune Based abilities will not activate. 

    Well guys that's it for now. I plan to update this DK according to feedback so please post your opinions!
    Thanks for Reading!

    Imgur Gallery > http://imgur.com/a/9rqxW/all

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    Bildros brings all the void to the yard.

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    Fungal Giant is iffy. Minimum mana requirement for him is 4 mana.

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     This is the newest version. 

    Old 1 Drop Versions

     Updated from 1/1 to 2/1 

    EDIT: Should be Beginning of Turn

    EDIT: Should be Beginning of Turn

    I originally came up with this card a Death Knight class specific 1 drop, but seeing no new classes anytime soon, I may as well modify it for neutral.

    Orginally the effect for the DK spec 1 drop was: At the end of your turn, add a copy of this minion to your hand.

    As a class card, it's would be okay compared to other class 1 drops.

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    Quote from Equal1ty »
    Quote from CasmX »
    Quote from flacidturtur »

     Updated from 1/1 to 2/1

    I originally came up with this card a Death Knight class specific 1 drop, but seeing no new classes anytime soon, I may as well modify it for neutral.

    Orginally the effect for the DK spec 1 drop was: At the end of your turn, add a copy of this minion to your hand.

    As a class card, it's would be okay compared to other class 1 drops.

    You reinvented paladin hero power, only about 200% better. Every turn for 1 mana you get a 2/1, compared to a 1/1 for 2 mana. Pretty sure that's a bit too powerful.

    This can't be compared to the paladin hero power. The paladin hero power costs you 2 mana but in exchange you can cast it every turn, while you can only play this card once and it fills a card slot in your deck which you could fill with much better current cards. Even if it was a 1/2 (the 2/1 just totally sucks) I don't really see it being played much. On turn 2-3-4 your plan is to play very good drops and this card would interfere with your mana curve. Even with Hobgoblin this isn't as good as echoing ooze or haunted creeper. Expect it to be killed the turn it is played, but unlike clockwork gnome which gives you an important spare part, this card doesn't achieve anything. Maybe you can drop it once more in the game to fill your curve, that's all, but doesn't help with early board control.

    Actually now that I'm thinking about it, something stronger with the same effect may be more viable.

     Had second thoughts since Spider Tank is a 3/3/4 but realized he has Mech as race for synergy. This also costs mana to keep playing.

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