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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    ty all for all your dedication, i have been playing since beta and your site is always my go to when i want to see news, decks, even help on some heroic bosses!
    i wish you well

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    posted a message on [Lich King] [K&C] Easy Shaman Deck Win

    2nd try, thx!

    Now only pala and warr to go...

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    posted a message on Six Hearthstone Decks to Try After the Glorious Nerfs
    Quote from toasty004 >>

    Can't you guys be more creative than that? There's plenty of cool decks to try, it's not just about climbing ladder.

    Togwaggle Druid

    Mill/Taunt Druid

    Odd Thief Priest

    Quest Priest

    Even Handlock

    Murlock Warlock

    Quest Warlock

    Odd Spiteful Hunter

    Big Hunter

    Spell Hunter

    Dinomancy Hunter

    Even Mage

    Odd Mage

    Value Mage

    4x Lynessa Paladin

    Exodia Paladin

    Pretty much any Warrior or Shaman deck

    I started beating people up with Dinomancer Warlock just because I could. Why's it always gotta be about fast decks with no real cool combos? Try something new once in a while. I was excited when Even Shaman got popular cuz people finally made a fun deck viable and they made it better than I ever did.

     I play a tess rogue that works around the new weapon that has leech and increases duration with cards from other classes.

    When it works, its a lot of fun and i like playing rng...my fav was renounce lock!

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    posted a message on Blackrock Mountain

    Managed to defeat the last 4 just browsing by boss name and using decks people shared btw.

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    posted a message on Easy Heroic Maloriak

    I won cause he didnt play aberrations, lost every other game that he did

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    posted a message on Blackrock Mountain

    The boss guides are down...anyone has a working link for heroic tips and strategy?

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    posted a message on Storming Stormwind is this Week's Brawl, and it's.. Solo?

    if you play Animated Armor he doesnt remove it, and continues to go face and u take max 7 dmg per turn lol...
    the only ddodwnside is that when u have lethal, it doesnt do 1 damage, but instead finishes the game (i had 11hp and lost when he atacked with a 11 atack minion, even tho my Animated Armor was still alive.


    bugs, i see bugs everywhere :P

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    posted a message on Jason Chayes on Monetization and Card Backs in Hearthstone
     Arena awards the newest expansion pack, not random.
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    posted a message on The screenshots thread! Share your funny/awesome moments!

    renounce darkness » priest

    had 2 councilman and 1 voidwalker in the table, and got herald, so, full table, HUGE minions

    he does this play....(read after picture)

    he didnt heal from Reno...LOL...w t f! 2 awesome moments in one :P

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    posted a message on how many legendaries did you open?

    72 packs, 3 legendaries...

    Nzoth, the Corrupter

    Herald Volazj

    Ragnaros, Lightlord

    the extra 5 game me 1 more, Hallazeal the Ascended

    77, 4 leg...and this (i feel strong):

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