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    I did the Greybough quest in wild, it was hard! I used a ramp deck (Breath of Dreams, Wild Growth) and a dragons package (Big Ol Whelp, Azure Drake, Emerald Explorer) and plenty of draw cards (Breath of Dreams, Branching Paths) with 1 Witchwood Piper and Lorekeeper Polkeit to reliably draw Greybough.

    Your combo is this: Greybough + Lightning Bloom + Germination. Try to get 2 or 3 Greyboughs on the board, and then attack them into enemy minions over and over. Do NOT attack the opponent hero. Otherwise if you are winning they will concede.

    If the opponent plays a board clear, use Hadronox or N'Zoth to get the greyboughs back. There is also a new 4 mana card that spawns 2 whelps, they can copy the effect.

    Although it's hard, this deck is fun. If you ramp early and well, play some dragons, and draw into Greybough, you should be able to spawn around 5 greybough per game. Once in a while you will play a game that goes long - one game I spawned over 50 greybough, but you need an opponent that is good enough to cooperative with you, keep playing and not concede.

    Priest "silence and destroy all minions" and the new mage card "Poof! All minions are gone" can ruin this deck but otherwise you can grind greyboughs quite consistently.

    This was the hard quest Ive done so far (Ive completed all quests 4 classes) but it's doable - good luck and have fun!

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    Great. So soon you can just buy yourself to a full collection and our hard earned card back collections will soon become worthless.

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    As long as I get a new card back, Im happy.

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    So December is 1. Kobolds 2. Star wars 3. Christmas


    In that order!

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    Millhouse Manastorm says Hi.

    nything else small with a negative battle cry?

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    Why not both. Arcanologist gets the 3 mana spells drawn before playing raven, have a higher chance to hit strike or portal.

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    The kobolds and catacombs one from this week has to be top 5.

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    No but theres a card back for K&C preorder

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    No shadow word pains? Turn 6 is a long time to wait for dragonfire potion, and if you cant curve through your early minions i am wondering how you can contest the early board from agro pressure?

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    This is a nice try to get dragon priest going again... but I think the deck falls flat for following reasons. Firstly you need a gluttonous ooze else weapon decks will run all over you. Second, I like the idea of shadow ascendent to buff early game minions, but for this reason you are usually playing cards on the first few turns, ruining the effect of Twilight Drake. I rarely get more than a 4/5 twilight drake out with a *tempo* oriented deck (and this is a tempo deck), so I suggest cut the drakes for Kabal Talon Priest. Thirdly the deck is way too slow. I dont know if Medivh is the right 8-cost legendary. I tried with the Lich King for better results. Forthly, Cobalt Scalebanes are very popular these days, and if your opponent plays one, you cant clear with dragonfire potion. Fifth - where the HELL is YSERA ?!?! She would be perfect in this deck. Thanks anyways and please analyse my comments (I'm a legendary player with dragon priest in 2016 meta).

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