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    Gurubashi Chicken!!!!!

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    Wait am I actually alone on this or what? Cuz I like both their arts. 

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    Here. Close enough right?Image result for i speak for the trees the trees say fuck you

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    You mean summoned minions summoned from eggs after this is cast? Highly unlikely.

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    So if he had both arms, he would deal 4 damage instead?

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    I was twitching to give this a meta-defining rating, but I thought I'd rather hold back and give it a stricter Very Good rating, which still says a lot. The best comparison is easily Shieldmaiden, and if we recall that card was bonkers. Not deck defining (in Classic Control Warrior) but bonkers nonetheless. The modern day Control Warrior which we know as Odd Warrior was high tier 2 pre-nerfs and high tier 3 post-nerfs. Maybe Emberscale Drake can bump the deck back up to tier 2 or optimistically, tier 1.

    Taking into account Smolderthorn Lancer being a thing now, I am positive Odd Warrior wouldn't mind exchanging some cards in the current lists for some good dragons and dragon synergies. Some that come to mind right off the bat are Sleepy Dragon, Ysera, maybe even Deathwing. Even better for Wild since we haveBlackwing Corruptor, Chillmaw, and The Curator. Of course Control decks will never take off in Wild because turn 3 Molten Giant Paladin is now a thing LUL. All we need now is to see more good Warrior or Neutral dragons off of Rastakhan for Odd Warrior to really swing full force.

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    This gives the opponent this dilemma though, play no minions and die, or give your opponent a lot of minions and die harder. Of course there are always non-minion removals but the opponent probably won't have more than 2 left. And like you said, infinite DMHs and Rhinos. 

    Though I'm sure this deck will never ever take off, it's still a sweet interaction and idea to work with.

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    Any spell is good with Zentimo

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    In standard, there will only be two 12 cost minions, so there is a 1 in 16 chance in this case (replacing Lesser Sapphire Spellstone with Greater Sapphire Spellstone cuz I'm sure that's what you meant) to get ALL Grave Horrors, and a 1 in 16 chance to get NO Grave Horrors. In other words there is a 15/16 chance to get AT LEAST one Grave Horror, so you'd have to be Kripp to not get any. The optimal strat obviously is to play 15 games with this deck and then never ever play it again. 

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    Maybe I'm missing something but why in the world would you run this and Subject 9 in Spell Hunter?

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