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    The 10 Suspects

    Each class will have a Legendary minion that is a prime suspect in Sire Denathrius’s murder. They all have the means and the motive, but it is up to you and Murloc Holmes to determine who is guilty.

    I dont get this. Is there really a story hidden in the game? And if I somehow solve the riddle who the murder is, will I earn something?

    Currently to me it looks like there are just 10 Legendarys, nothing more. What are your thoughts?

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    Thank you. At least I can now trace how it was solved.

    The flavour text of Tavish Stormpike is:

    "Hurry up, laddie, we're getting overrun! Serpents everywhere! They may look cute, but do ye see the fury in their eyes?!" —Tavish Stormpike

    And you have to play

    • Quick Shot
    • Overwhelm
    • Snake Trap
    • Adorable Infestation
    • Dire Frenzy

    Makes sence for the first stage of all four chracters.

    The 2nd stage to me is still a riddle, but someone was just lucky and wrote it down. I bet the maze-riddle can be easier solved by going left sometimes. Same for the trading riddle.


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    How, in the name of the devil, could anyone solve this four puzzles?

    First of all how did anyone find out what cards have to be played to access stage two and how was is possible to figure out the rules of stage two?

    It's "easy" for us to copy+paste the solutions, but I really would like to know where did Blizzard hide the hints/clues for this masterpiece of randomness. No one can tell me that a Chinese guy sat down and tried just everything, this is not possible! Does anyone know a explanation for this torture?

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    Does anyone know at what time the new patch wo go online? I need to plan my work-life-schedule accordingly ;-)

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    I am not familar with the WoW-Universe, but I read somewhere that Kel'Thuzad is some kind of a master in Scholomance.

    By listening to the sounds of the trailer, when it lifts up the upper card, it sounds like the resurrecting noise of Kel'Thuzad in the game.

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